Durham startup Bivarus raises $1.9 million

Durham start-up Bivarus said Wednesday it raised $1.9 million in the 7-employee company's first round of venture capital funding. Excelerate Health Ventures in Research Triangle Park led the round.

Bivarus, founded in late 2012, sells a digital tool that allows patients to fill out patient-satisfaction surveys by email or text message after a hospital visit. The company doesn't disclose its customer total but CEO David Levin said the product is used by hospitals in North Carolina, Delaware, California and Maryland.

N.C. Heart and Vascular, owned by Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, is cited in the Bivarus announcement as a customer. "We're now able to measure the patient experience with much higher response rates," cardiologist Joel Schneider said in the release.

The Bivarus Platform tool automatically contacts patients who have undergone an emergency, catheterization, gastrointestinal or other procedure within 24 hours of discharge. The tool asks 10 questions, such as "Did your doctor wash her hands when entering your room?" or "Did your doctor show you respect?"

The Bivarus Platform is a cloud-based analytics platform that collects and analyzes patient responses. The company says the tool is effective because it reduces patients' "response fatigue" and improves response rates.