Job-hunter promises $10,000 and 2 plane tickets to anyone who lands him a good gig

Karol Gajda of Morrisville posted the offer on his personal website Thursday morning.
Karol Gajda of Morrisville posted the offer on his personal website Thursday morning. Screenshot

Wanted: a job. Reward: $10,000 and two plane tickets to anywhere in the world.

Karol Gajda of Morrisville wrote a blog post Thursday morning that challenges the internet to find him gainful employment. He’s hoping to work remotely and stay in the Triangle.

That $10,000 reward? That’s if you land him a job with a salary of $120,000 – otherwise, he’s promising a month’s worth of pre-tax salary.

“I’ll also gift you 2 roundtrip economy class tickets from any major city in the world to any major city in the world,” Gajda wrote. “You choose the dates you want to travel and I’ll book your flight for you and a friend/spouse/enemy/neighbor/dog.”

Karol Gajda, 36, is offering a month’s salary and two plane tickets anywhere in the world to anyone who finds him a job. Karol Gajda

Gajda, a 36-year-old marketing freelancer, has been job-hunting for months with little success. After starting a business at 19, Gajda said he’s ready to work for someone else.

But as a recent transplant to the Triangle – he and his wife have been here about six months – Gajda’s job network was quickly exhausted. So he decided to take unusual measures to expand it.

“Even though I have the skills necessary for many available jobs, it’s difficult to get past the first hurdle,” he wrote. “The gatekeeper, so to say. My résumé isn’t packed with 17 years of employment history and all the cool kid keywords that entails. And that’s where I hope you come in. Get me past that first hurdle, and I’m pretty good at interviewing and selling myself.”

Gajda published the post on his website.

“I’ve been in marketing for my whole life, so I thought I would do something that would get people to talk,” Gajda said in an interview Thursday morning. “Since you’re calling me, it seems like it’s working already.”

Gajda was born in Poland and grew up in Michigan, where he attended Wayne State University and earned a degree in computer science. He and his wife, a business analyst, moved from Austin, Texas, for her job and didn’t expect to enjoy the Triangle as much as they have.

Gajda said the area’s parks, easy access to the beach and mountains, mild weather and relatively progressive politics have convinced him he wants to stay here for at least the next five years.

“I can’t really look farther than five years out, and I think anyone who says anything else is lying,” Gajda said.

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