You can already buy an “I (heart) Covfefe” T-shirt from this NC retailer

Raleigh’s House of Swank Clothing is already capitalizing on the late-night tweet from President Donald Trump that caught fire early Wednesday on Twitter.

Just after midnight Eastern time Trump tweeted: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." The apparent typo instantly went viral and became one of the president's more popular posts before it was taken down after almost six hours online.

Many spent most of the night on social media joking and puzzling over the meaning of the mysterious term. One of those people was House of Swank Clothing owner John Pugh.

“No one seems to know, but yeah, I settled on ‘coffee,’” he said.

Wednesday morning, Pugh posted a photo of the company’s newest shirt which says, “I (heart) Covfefe” and features a drawing of a steaming mug. The words are stacked like the iconic “I (heart) NY” logo.

“I <heart> #covfefe This will be available at the shop at 11am TODAY! 315 S Bloodworth St. Raleigh. House of Swank Clothing Company,” an 11 a.m. Facebook post from the company said.

The company is known for its quirky T-shirts and has in the past created T-shirts that riff on current events. The company has sold T-shirts joking about the DrunkTown ad campaign and one that says “Keep Raleigh Boring,” inspired after Charlotte Observer columnist Mark Washburn wrote a column titled “Boredom takes flight in Raleigh.”

Pugh said he wanted to make “covfefe” shirt for himself, figured others may want one too and worked quickly before the public’s attention is drawn elsewhere.

“We like jumping on things pretty quick because they have a short lifespan, but we like doing it,” he said. “It breaks up the day a little bit.”

So early Wednesday morning, Pugh went into his shop, poured himself a steaming cup of “covfefe” and got to work making 25 special-edition shirts.

About a half-dozen shirts have already sold, he said. The rest can be purchased at its Bloodworth Street shop or online for $25 each, or $40 for two.