Durham’s Bright View Technologies is expanding

Bright View Technologies, which designs and manufactures components for LED and fluorescent lights, has added a half-dozen workers over the past year and is continuing to hire.

“We will be adding people, primarily in the manufacturing area, but I can’t be specific on how many,” said Jennifer Aspell, vice president and general manager. In addition to manufacturing, the company also has functions such as sales and marketing and research and development at its Durham headquarters.

Last week the company moved from Morrisville to 50,000-plus-square-feet in Durham to accommodate its growing business.

LED lighting companies are Bright View’s biggest customers.

“It’s a good market to be in,” Aspell said. “The market is growing anywhere from 20 percent to 30 percent” a year.

Bright View was founded in the Triangle in 2002 as a venture-capital-backed startup; it has been a subsidiary of Tredegar, a publicly traded company based in Richmond, since it was acquired in 2010.