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Cash back on your Ghirardelli chocolate purchases

Sweet news for consumers of Ghirardelli Chocolate.

You may be due a refund for all those bars and bags of chocolate you’ve eaten since 2008.

Taken to task over wording on its packages, the candy company has decided to settle a class-action lawsuit without admitting it did anything wrong.

That means cash back to consumers.

Ghirardelli customers have until March 19 to file a claim for a piece of the $5.2 million settlement, which is scheduled for a final hearing on Feb. 19.

How much cash back are we talking about? And how exactly does one go about proving the amount of Ghirardelli chocolates purchased since 2008?

Thankfully, settlement negotiators are not expecting you to have saved your candy wrappers or receipts.

Without proof of purchase, claims are capped at $24, though you could receive less if Ghirardelli customers come forward in greater-than-expected numbers.

To read more about the settlement and find a link to an online claim form, go to http://www.whitechipssettlement.com/