Centsible Saver

Aldi deals, Oct. 9-15

Aldi stores in the Triangle have some nice deals on sweet potatoes, butternut squash and Honeycrisp apples. Carving pumpkins are also a terrific deal at just $2.99 each.

Keep reading for this week's top deals.

Aldi shopping tips:

Aldi does not accept coupons or provide bags. Bring your own reusable bags and a quarter to rent a cart. Your coin will be returned when you return the cart to the corral near the front door.

This week's top deals:

Bananas: 39 cents per pound.

Sweet potatoes: $1.19 for a 3-lb. bag.

Red grapes: $1.29 per pound.

Butternut squash: $1.29 each.

Honeycrisp apples: $2.29 for a 2-lb. bag. Great price on this variety.

Pumpkins: $2.99 each. Great price!

Halloween confetti cake mix: 99 cents.

Baking powder (8.1 oz.): 99 cents.

Corn starch (16 oz.): 89 cents.

Marshmallow creme (7 oz.): 89 cents.

Halloween frosting: $1.29.

Baking cocoa (8 oz.): $2.19.

Vegetable oil (48 oz.): $2.39.

Tomato sauce (8 oz.): 27 cents.

Condensed cream of celery soup (10.5 oz.): 59 cents.

Canned pumpkin (100% pure, 15 oz.): 89 cents. Great price.

Cranberry sauce (14 oz.): 89 cents.

Turkey gravy (12 oz.): 99 cents.

Beef, chicken or vegetable stock (32 oz.): $1.89.

Corn chips (9.25 oz.): 89 cents.

Saltine crackers (16 oz.): 95 cents.

Cashew halves (8 oz. can): $2.59.

Wednesday Fresh Meat Special:

Beef pot roast kit (2.75 lb.): $7.99.