Centsible Saver

Kroger deals, Feb. 2-8

Kroger is promoting its digital coupons this week with deals on Keebler cookies, Ritz crackers, Eggo waffles, Jif or Smuckers products, Lays or Tostitos, Coke, Minute Maid orange juice and Hillshire Farm lunch meats. Without coupons, look for nice deals on apples, pears, tomatoes, chicken, celery and ice cream.

If you’re a fan of Kroger’s gas rewards program, you have the chance to earn quadruple gas rewards when you purchase restaurant gift cards. Timed for Valentine’s Day, the offer is valid through Feb. 15.

And finally, the digital Friday freebie this week is a free cup of Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt.

Keep reading for all of this week's top deals at Triangle-area Kroger stores.

Digital Friday freebie: Download a digital coupon on Friday, Feb. 7, for a free 5.3 oz. cup of Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt. The coupon is valid through Feb. 22 but you must download it on Feb. 7.

Fuel Rewards Bonus: Earn quadruple fuel points Feb. 2-15 when you buy restaurant gift cards.

This week's coupon match-ups and promotion deals:

Barilla pasta (12-16 oz.): $1

$1/3 Barilla Plus, Whole Grain, Veggie, White Fiber or Gluten Free pasta 1/5 SS3

= 66 cents each.

Keebler Cookies (6-15 oz.): $1.99

.50/1 Kroger digital coupon (one use only)

= $1.49.

Eggo Waffles or Pancakes: $2.19

.50/1 Kroger digital coupon (one use only)

= $1.69.

Nabisco Ritz Crackers (7.5-15.1 oz.): $2.49

.50/1 Kroger digital coupon (one use only)

= $1.99.

Jif or Jif Whips peanut butter (15-16 oz.) or Smuckers Fruit Spread (17.25-18 oz.): $2.49

.50/1 Kroger digital coupon

= $1.99.

Alexia frozen potatoes (13.5-28 oz.): $3

$1/1 1/19 SS

= $2.

Ruffles or Tostito chips: 2/$5

$1/2 Kroger digital coupon (one use only)

= $2 each.

Coke brand 6-pack bottles or 8-pack cans: 4/$10

$2/4 Kroger digital coupon (one use only)

= $2 each.

Oreos (10-15.35 oz.): 2/$5

.75/2 Nabisco cookie or cracker 1/26 SS

= $2.12 each.

Minute Maid Pure Squeezed or Simply Juice (59 oz.): $2.99

.60/1 Kroger digital coupon

= $2.39.

Hillshire Farm lunch meat (7-9 oz.): $3.27

.75/1 Kroger digital coupon (one use only)

= $2.52. Nice deal.

No coupons required:

Gala, Granny Smith, Red or Golden Delicious apples: 99 cents per pound.

Anjou pears: 99 cents per pound.

Avocados: 99 cents per pound.

Roma tomatoes: 99 cents per pound.

Romaine, Red or Green lettuce: 99 cents per head.

Celery: 99 cents per bunch.

Greens: 99 cents per pound.

Organic mini peeled carrots: $1.50 for 1-lb. package.

Asparagus: $1.99 per pound.

Organic broccoli: $2 per bunch.

Red seedless grapes: $1.99 per pound. Wait for a 99-cent per pound sale.

Blueberries (6 oz.): $2.50. A bit pricey.

Organic yellow onions: $2.99 for 3-lb. bag.

Tyson boneless chicken breasts: $1.99 per pound.

Center cut pork chops: $2.49 per pound in value pack.

Gwaltney bacon (12 oz.): $3.

Kroger frozen vegetables (10-12 oz.): $1.

Turkey Hill or Kroger ice cream (48 oz.): $2.50. Nice deal.

Kroger cottage cheese, sour cream or dip (16 oz.): $1.25.

Kroger cheese (6-8 oz. or 16-count singles): $2. I don’t like to pay more than $1.50.

Kroger saltine crackers (15-16 oz.): $1.