Centsible Saver

Food Lion deals, Feb. 5-11

Look for nice coupon deals at Food Lion this week on yogurt, Keebler crackers, Kellogg’s cereals and Jif peanut butter. Without coupons, there are good buys on chicken breast and London broil.

Also, be on the lookout for good deals with the new Gold Medal Savings promotion, which starts this week and continues through Feb. 25. The promotion will shave as much as 66 cents off per item when you buy 15 participating products.

Keep reading for all this week's top deals and coupon match-ups.

Gold Medal Savings promotion: Save $5 instantly at check out when you buy 10 participating items...OR...Save $10 when you buy 15 items. That’s a 50-cent per item savings when you buy 10 and a 66-cent per item savings when you buy 15. There are LOTS of participating brands, including Coke, Keebler, Kellogg’s, Kashi, Smuckers, Jif and more. Be sure to check shelf tags.

Gift card promotion: Spend $50 on iTunes or Outback Steakhouse gift cards and receive a coupon for $10 off your next shopping trip. Valid through Feb. 18.

Promotion and coupon match-ups:

Del Monte canned vegetables (14.5-15.25, select): $1

$1/3 Harvest Selects 1/12 RP

.75/1 Seasoned 1/12 RP

= as low as 25 cents, if included in sale.

Yoplait yogurt cups: 50 cents

.40/6 1/5 SS3

= 43 cents each out of pocket.

After .40 credit on SavingStar.com = 36 cents each.

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks: BOGO or $1.40 each

$1.10/2 printable coupon on BettyCrocker.com

= 85 cents each out of pocket.

After .50/2 SavingStar.com credit = 60 cents each!

Dannon Greek yogurt cups: $1

Buy 2, Get 1 Free 1/5 SS1

$1/3 1/19 SS or 1/26 SS

= 66 cents each. Good price for Greek.

Barilla pasta (12-16 oz., select): 99 cents

$1/3 Barilla Plus, Whole Grain, Veggie, White Fiber or Gluten Free pasta 1/5 SS3

= as low as 66 cents each.

Lipton Recipe Secrets: $1

.60/2 1/26 RP1

= 70 cents each.

Keebler Town House or Club Crackers: BOGO or $1.75 each

$1/2 1/26 RP2

= $1.25 each.

After Gold Medal Savings: as low as 59 cents each!

Jif peanut butter (15.5-18 oz.): $2

After Gold Medal Savings: as low as $1.44 each. Very nice price.

Kellogg’s Mini Wheats: BOGO or $2 each

$1/3 2/2 RP

After Gold Medal Savings and coupon = as low as $1.01 each wyb 3.

Thomas’ bagels: BOGO or $2.25 each

.55/1 1/19 SS

= $1.70.

Coke brand 6-pack bottles: $2.50.

After Gold Medal Savings = as low as $1.84.

Pepsi brand 6-pack bottles: $3.33

$2/2 1/26 SS

= $2.33 each.

Gorton’s frozen fish sticks or filets (18.2-24.5 oz.): $2.99

.50/1 1/5 SS2 or 2/2 SS

= $2.49.

No coupons required:

Red, green or Romaine leaf lettuce: $1.29 each. The 20% SavingStar.com coupon should work on the red leaf lettuce. Check for PLU#4075.

Gala apples: $1.29 per pound. An OK price, though I don’t like to pay more than 99 cents per pound.

Bellafina sweet baby bell peppers: $1.29 for three.

Tomatoes: $1.49 per pound.

Mini cucumbers 4-pack: $1.69.

Mushrooms (8 oz.): $1.69.

Yukon Gold potatoes: $2.99 for 5-lb. bag. That’s 60 cents per pound.

John Morrell smoked sausage (9 oz.): 99 cents.

Boneless chicken breast: $1.99 per pound.

Top Round London Broil: $2.99 per pound.

Hormel bacon (12-16 oz.): BOGO or $3.30 each.

My Essentials sour cream (8 oz.): 87 cents.

My Essentials frozen vegetables (32 oz.): $1.97. Terrific price for this larger bag.

Nestle hot cocoa mix: 99 cents.