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New Publix in Charlotte: No double coupons

The Publix supermarket chain, a favorite of many deal shoppers, opened its first store in North Carolina on Wednesday.

The 56,000-square-foot store is on Providence Road West, off Johnston Road, in the Ballantyne section of Charlotte.

Click HERE to check out this story written by my Charlotte Observer colleage Ely Portillo. There’s also a link to a video of the store’s sneak preview and related stories about what’s different about Publix and the ins and outs of the Publix coupon policy, which varies from region to region depending on competition.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Publix will be doubling coupons in North Carolina -- at least not initially. But they are offering store coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. (I put a call in to the store to verify this.) With Harris Teeter as its major competitor, it’s puzzling why they aren’t doubling coupons.

A couple of big pluses about the Publix coupon policy in Charlotte:

The store will accept competitor coupons, including those for store-brand items. The chain views it as an opportunity to introduce you to its store-brand.

The chain also accepts an expired coupon with a rain check. This is a great perk that I’ve never seen offered by another chain.

Click HERE to read the full coupon policy and click HERE to read a Q&A about the coupon policy.

Is anyone planning a road trip to Charlotte to check out the new store?