Health Care

Fort Bragg soldiers to join Ebola effort in West Africa

Soldiers from several Fort Bragg units will leave Saturday for West Africa, where they will help in the fight against Ebola.

Most of the soldiers are from the 50th Signal Battalion, which began deploying forces earlier this week as part of what the U.S. military has dubbed Operation United Assistance.

The Pentagon has said it may send up to 4,000 personnel to help contain the deadly Ebola outbreak. That could include about 120 people from Fort Bragg.

Staff Sgt. Charles Crail at Fort Bragg said Saturday’s departures will bring to just over 100 the number of soldiers for Fort Bragg now on their way.

The military will set up medical labs, a hospital to treat infected medical personnel, and treatment facilities across six African countries. U.S. troops eventually may train health care workers, but plans do not include their staffing the treatment centers or working directly with patients.