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Flu killed 15 more in NC last week, but new cases tapering off

There were 15 new deaths across North Carolina last week from complications of the flu, but the number of apparent new cases continued to taper off, according to figures released by the state Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday.

The new deaths brought the total for the current flu season to 114. That already exceeds the number who died from the flu last season, 107.

Older adults are generally more vulnerable to the H2N3 strain of the virus that is most prevalent this season; 91 of the victims so far were above the age of 64.

The number of patients showing up in clinics and emergency rooms with illnesses exhibiting the symptoms of flu has been falling since the last week in December but remains well above normal, according to the new state data.

Health experts continue to urge that people who haven’t been vaccinated for flu should be, in part because new infections are still occurring and often there is a second peak late in the flu season.