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Broughton Hospital said ready for reinspection

Broughton Hospital Director Dr. Art Robarge said in a press release today that theMorganton hospital is ready for federal inspectors to return, following a failed inspection inAugust that brought a denial of federal funding to patients there.

Robarge said staff at the state mental hospital have accomplished a great deal in the past few months, making sure that the hospital is meeting federal standards that will allow it to billMedicare and Medicaid for services. In a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Dr. Robarge saidthe hospital staff had worked "diligently" on a corrective action plan that wasrequired after it failed an August inspection. Robarge's letter asks federal inspectors to re-inspect the facility as quickly as possible. Robarge said that the hospital has made significant improvements in a numberof areas, including:

-- Reduced use of emergency restrictive interventions

-- Reorganization to ensure clinical supervision of all clinical staff.

-- New policies and additional education on prevention of falls.

-- Realignment of existing nurses and contracts with additional nurses

-- Improved infection-control policies.

In August, CMS denied Medicare and Medicaid funding for Broughton patients.The denial stems from a February 2007 incident in which a patient died while atBroughton. CMS had ordered Broughton to devise a corrective action plan toavoid similar incidents.

When CMS inspectors went to Broughton to check out that plan, they found another patient incident that led them to recommend denial of Medicare and Medicaid funding.