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How to build a team you can trust

Richar Averitte
Richar Averitte

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked local small-business veterans and experts about their advice for building a trusted team. This is what they said.

• “It all starts with a shared and clearly defined vision of success – both individually and as a group. Individuals being rewarded based on collectively meeting group goals,” said David Chapman, CEO and founder of 919 Marketing in Holly Springs. “Building a team you can truly trust hinges on open communication, accountability, honesty and a fix-it (mentality) versus a deciding-who-to-blame mentality.”

• “Hire people who chase opportunity and not money. Be transparent, sharing the triumphs and tragedies. Empower to make decisions, praising the right decisions and learning from the wrong ones,” said Richard Averitte, marketing director of ShiftZen, a restaurant scheduling software company in Durham.

• “Try to select people you know and trust or come highly recommended by someone you know and trust,” said Chris Exton, chapter chairman for SCORE Chapel Hill. “Always do background checks and get references. Be sure that you are clear about your expectations of the team members and be as transparent as possible with them so they feel they can trust you.”

• “Understand what the goals of the team are to achieve success,” said David Grant, chairman for Raleigh SCORE. “Make sure each member of the team understands what each other person has as a responsibility. Meet often to share what the issues are and to share successes.”