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Small-business owners split on minimum wage increase

Terry Walser
Terry Walser

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners if they support an increase in the minimum wage. This is what they said.

• “I do support the increase. It would bring a stronger economy and ... a better quality of life for the average American,” said Ginny Johnson, president of Ginny O’s gourmet cheese straws in Raleigh. “We need to bring jobs back to the U.S.A.”

• “No. Increasing the minimum wage will cause inflation by increasing the cost of lower-cost goods and services, primarily in grocery and department stores. So all you will be doing is making staple items even more difficult to buy for the lower-income families you would be trying to help,” said Keith Johnson, president of Carolina Reprographics, a design studio in Raleigh. “The only thing that will allow minimum wage families to get more goods and services for their money is to put value back into the dollar, relative to the world market, by paying down the national debt and allowing businesses and families to keep more of their income by reducing tax rates significantly.”

• “I support increasing the minimum wage. (It) will give that needed income to the women who are not receiving equal pay and to the single parents,” said Terry Walser, president and CEO of TriMetro Security Services, a security guard and patrol company based in Wake Forest.