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Triangle small-business owners monitoring education, digital privacy issues

Alice Osborn
Alice Osborn

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners which federal and state issues they are monitoring and why. This is what they said.

• “As a writing educator and arts advocate, I’ve been paying close attention to the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind) so that our young people have as much opportunity to take classes in the arts, history, foreign languages, advanced math and science,” said Alice Osborn, owner of Write from the Inside Out, a Raleigh company that provides editing, writing, workshops and author mentoring services. “All of the work I’m doing right now in the community for reading and writing will be for naught if our students come out of school having never been exposed to a strong arts education. And in order for arts education to be successful, schools need more money and teachers need more resources and better support. Teaching to the test is not the answer.”

• “I am monitoring both corporate and individual digital privacy and data security regulatory changes on a state level very closely,” said Steve Toth, owner of Your Web Image and Clayton NC Web Design, businesses that provide Web development, graphic design and marketing services. “A current movement is being introduced to implement additional measures on the state level to bolster digital security and privacy regulations. It has never been more crucial for businesses of all sizes and individuals to protect personal, financial and health information to ensure they are adequately protected against the increasing threat of cyber fraud.”