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Lower gas prices lead to hiring, expanding

Kenneth Combs
Kenneth Combs

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners how lower gas prices have impacted their companies. This is what they said.

“Lower gas prices has afforded CQC the ability to put more trucks on the road, complete more jobs, and in turn hire more employees,” said Kenneth Combs, CEO of CQCHome, a remodeling and construction business in Durham. “Last year alone we added 10 new team members.”

“With gas prices lower, Errand Girl saves tons of money in fueling the company cars,” said Tina Travis, owner/operator of Errand Girl of Durham Concierge. “I take the savings and grow other parts of my business. This will lead to hiring more staff and expanding our market.”

“North Hills has certainly benefited from having lower gas prices like everyone; however, it’s been a minimal impact because of our sustainability practices,” said Bonner Gaylord, general manager of North Hills, a mixed use shopping, dining, residential and entertainment district in Raleigh. “We have two electric vehicles that our Public Safety officers drive to keep surveillance on the property and transport guests to their destinations throughout North Hills. We also see a decrease in vehicle usage because of the walkability and density of North Hills with every need or want within footsteps.”