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Favorite swag includes flash drives, paper airplanes, fabric-covered pins

Dave Gephart
Dave Gephart

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners to share their favorite piece of branded swag. This is what they said.

▪ “Our clients love our custom-shaped USB flash drives and custom-shaped phone and pad chargers,” said David Gephart, CEO of Gephart Marketing Solutions, a Hillsborough company that provides promotional products and apparel. “Some of our flash drives allow you to update the drives utilizing Cloud Technology – great for speakers and people with changing prices or data.”

▪ “Our company’s favorite piece of swag at trade shows, expos and conferences are paper airplanes that have a certain coupon or discount off our services when they unfold it,” said Michael Georgiou, chief marketing officer and co-founder at Imaginovation, a Raleigh based agency that offers Web design, mobile development, software and digital marketing solutions. “We had this swag at our last event at the Digital Marketing for Business Conference in downtown Raleigh, and everyone seemed to really love them, as they were all being flown around the event.”

▪ “As a company focused on eco-conscious fashion and textiles, we have to be careful that any products match our values so we don’t have a lot of ‘swag’ these days,” said said Beth Stewart, strategic director of Redress Raleigh, which connects and champions eco-conscious designers and companies through event planning, marketing and an active membership network. “However, a couple years ago, we created fabric-covered pins with our nine mantras screenprinted on them and I still have those on all my jackets and bags and often get compliments on them.”

▪ “Power banks,” said Olivia Scott, owner of Promotional Partners in Apex. “Ready to go. Ready to charge. Don’t sit by an outlet. Be ready for any meeting and call and video anytime.”