Shop Talk

Owners use varying social media channels to connect with customers

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners which social media channels they use and why. This is what they said.

▪ “We primarily focus on Instagram with Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter as our alternative social media outlets (we recognize that not everyone is on every social media platform),” said Julie Cox, owner of The Doodling bug, a jewelry, clothing and home decor boutiques with locations in Apex and Raleigh. “Instagram has a high level of engagement and it allows us to connect with our targeted customers freely. Additionally, our customers are able to purchase products they see just by leaving their email address.”

▪ “LinkedIn (is) the most effective and efficient way to build and maintain my professional network,” said Moni Singh, founder and CEO of STEM For Kids, which offers camps, after school sessions and other programs for kids. “Facebook Business Page (is) an effective tool to connect and engage with our customers in a (business-to-consumer) model.”

▪ “I spend most of my time on Facebook,” said Kenneth Combs, owner of Durham-based remodeling business CQCHome. “Many of my clients are my friends on Facebook and love to follow our job progress. My clients also love for the world to see their project develop.”

▪ “I start the day on and keep it open all day,” said Olalah Njenga, CEO of Raleigh-based marketing strategy company YellowWood Group. “It’s where I spend most of my time because it is the primary platform used by my existing and potential (business-to-business) customers.”