Database: NC personal services contracts

From Staff Reports

NC agencies' practice of using personal services contracts to hire professionals on a short-term basis has come under scrutiny by the state legislature for its lack of oversight, excessive pay and lengthy employment.

This database from the NC Program Evaluation Division shows contracts reported to the Office of Budget and Management in 2012-13.

A sampling by The News & Observer found in a few cases the data was incorrect: hours were understated or the contracts incorrectly classified. In some cases, contractors are shown receiving more than the amount of their contract. PED says the data reflects what was reported to OSBM; it didn't confirm the numbers with each agency.

▪ Some contracts do not list the total award amount.

▪ A few contractors appear more than once due to multiple contracts.

▪ The equivalent full-time salary is based on the hourly rate for work already performed and prorated for a 40-hour week for 50 weeks.

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Source: Office of State Budget and Management as reported to the General Assembly, Program Evaluation Division

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