School performance grades

State education leaders released Wednesday the school performance results for the 2014-15 school year. The General Assembly requires every North Carolina public school to receive an A through F performance grade.

The grades are based on standardized end-of-grade tests in reading and math for grades three through eight, science in grades five and eight and end-of-course tests in three high school subjects. High schools are also evaluated on their graduation rate, ACT and ACT WorkKeys results and percentage of students who complete Math III.

What do the numbers mean?

School NameSystemSchool Grade - ScoreGrowth StatusGrade Level %Free/Reduced Lunch %
Alamance-Burlington Middle CollegeAlamance-Burlington SchoolsA - 86NA42.951
Alexander Wilson ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 69Exceeded63.246
Altamahaw Ossipee ElemAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 69Met68.444
Broadview MiddleAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 45Exceeded33.692
Career Technical Education CenterAlamance-Burlington SchoolsI - NANANANA
Highland ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.835
E M Yoder ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsB - 73Exceeded68.141
Eastern Alamance HighAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 66Met53.837
Eastlawn ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsF - 31NotMet21.599
Edwin M Holt ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 62NotMet60.236
Elon ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 60Met54.835
B Everett Jordan ElemAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 58Met54.057
Garrett ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 63Met60.656
Graham HighAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 50NotMet31.170
Graham MiddleAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 43Met33.481
Grove Park ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 45Exceeded34.881
Hawfields MiddleAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 61Exceeded54.152
Harvey R Newlin ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 40Met28.891
Haw River ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 42Met32.394
Hillcrest ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 50Met41.785
Hugh M Cummings HighAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 60Exceeded40.780
Marvin B Smith ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsB - 75Met72.743
North Graham ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 53Met46.490
Pleasant Grove ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 60Exceeded53.584
R Homer Andrews ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 42NotMet37.495
Ray Street AcademyAlamance-Burlington SchoolsNA - NANA10.490
South Graham ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsD - 45Met36.282
South Mebane ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsB - 72Exceeded67.043
Southern HighAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 64NotMet51.537
Southern MiddleAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 60Met54.640
Sylvan ElementaryAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 58Met53.661
Turrentine MiddleAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 57Exceeded49.766
Walter M Williams HighAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 69Exceeded51.153
Western Alamance HighAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 63NotMet51.126
Western MiddleAlamance-Burlington SchoolsC - 66Met61.233
Woodlawn MiddleAlamance-Burlington SchoolsB - 70Exceeded65.145
Alexander Central HighAlexander County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded61.446
Bethlehem ElementaryAlexander County SchoolsC - 66Met64.840
East Alexander MiddleAlexander County SchoolsC - 60Met54.364
Ellendale ElementaryAlexander County SchoolsC - 67NotMet67.157
Hiddenite ElementaryAlexander County SchoolsC - 62Met58.369
Stony Point ElementaryAlexander County SchoolsC - 63Met59.966
Sugar Loaf ElementaryAlexander County SchoolsB - 74Met71.652
Taylorsville ElementaryAlexander County SchoolsC - 57NotMet56.878
West Alexander MiddleAlexander County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded58.744
Wittenburg ElementaryAlexander County SchoolsC - 63Met60.059
Alleghany HighAlleghany County SchoolsB - 71Met59.234
Glade Creek ElementaryAlleghany County SchoolsB - 70Met66.477
Piney Creek ElementaryAlleghany County SchoolsB - 80Met79.348
Sparta ElementaryAlleghany County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded58.683
Anson Co. Early College HighAnson County SchoolsB - 70Met56.462
Anson AcademyAnson County SchoolsNA - NANA<575
Anson High SchoolAnson County SchoolsD - 50NotMet18.575
Ansonville ElementaryAnson County SchoolsB - 70Exceeded65.266
Anson MiddleAnson County SchoolsD - 42NotMet37.280
Wadesboro PrimaryAnson County SchoolsF - 35NotMet27.782
Lilesville ElementaryAnson County SchoolsD - 43Met34.477
Morven ElementaryAnson County SchoolsD - 45Met35.193
Peachland-Polkton ElemAnson County SchoolsC - 59Met55.265
Wadesboro ElementaryAnson County SchoolsF - 36Met26.392
Anson New Tech HighAnson County SchoolsD - 46NotMet21.472
Ashe County HighAshe County SchoolsC - 68NotMet58.856
Ashe County MiddleAshe County SchoolsC - 66Met63.780
Blue Ridge ElementaryAshe County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded58.371
Mountain View ElementaryAshe County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded67.168
Westwood ElementaryAshe County SchoolsB - 72Met69.160
Asheboro HighAsheboro City SchoolsC - 65Exceeded45.464
South Asheboro MiddleAsheboro City SchoolsC - 64Exceeded55.464
Balfour ElementaryAsheboro City SchoolsC - 56Exceeded47.792
Charles W McCrary ElementaryAsheboro City SchoolsC - 58Exceeded49.491
Donna L Loflin ElementaryAsheboro City SchoolsC - 55Met48.583
Guy B Teachey ElementaryAsheboro City SchoolsB - 70Exceeded65.562
Lindley Park ElementaryAsheboro City SchoolsC - 59Met54.272
North Asheboro MiddleAsheboro City SchoolsC - 62Exceeded53.187
Asheville HighAsheville City SchoolsC - 66NotMet57.044
Hall Fletcher ElementaryAsheville City SchoolsD - 51NotMet46.078
Isaac Dickson ElementaryAsheville City SchoolsB - 75Met73.441
Claxton ElementaryAsheville City SchoolsC - 64NotMet67.042
Ira B Jones ElementaryAsheville City SchoolsB - 71Met68.040
Asheville MiddleAsheville City SchoolsC - 62NotMet62.752
Vance ElementaryAsheville City SchoolsB - 75Met75.249
School of Inquiry and Life SciencesAsheville City SchoolsA - 87Exceeded81.626
Avery County HighAvery County SchoolsB - 70NotMet51.254
Banner Elk ElementaryAvery County SchoolsC - 64Met60.049
Cranberry MiddleAvery County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded77.067
Crossnore ElementaryAvery County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded80.452
Avery MiddleAvery County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded58.062
Freedom Trail ElementaryAvery County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded62.976
Newland ElementaryAvery County SchoolsC - 61Met55.872
Riverside ElementaryAvery County SchoolsC - 61Met55.869
Blue Ridge AcademyAvery County SchoolsNA - NANA11.876
Avery High STEM AcademyAvery County SchoolsB - 80NotMet78.840
Avery High Viking AcademyAvery County SchoolsF - 32NotMet23.060
Eastern ElementaryBeaufort County SchoolsI - NANANA80
Bath ElementaryBeaufort County SchoolsC - 65NotMet66.840
B C Ed Tech CenterBeaufort County SchoolsNA - NANA<5100
Beaufort Co Early College HighBeaufort County SchoolsA - 93Met94.049
Chocowinity MiddleBeaufort County SchoolsC - 59NotMet57.573
Chocowinity PrimaryBeaufort County SchoolsB - 81Met81.678
John C Tayloe ElementaryBeaufort County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded55.776
John Small ElementaryBeaufort County SchoolsD - 49NotMet46.770
Northeast ElementaryBeaufort County SchoolsC - 56Exceeded48.873
Northside HighBeaufort County SchoolsC - 62NotMet47.252
P S Jones MiddleBeaufort County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded44.771
Southside HighBeaufort County SchoolsC - 62Met42.171
S W Snowden ElementaryBeaufort County SchoolsF - 38Met29.499
Washington HighBeaufort County SchoolsC - 57NotMet39.158
Bertie Early College HighBertie County SchoolsB - 80Met76.459
Bertie HighBertie County SchoolsD - 47Met21.374
Bertie MiddleBertie County SchoolsD - 44Met36.079
Aulander ElementaryBertie County SchoolsD - 47Met38.693
West Bertie ElementaryBertie County SchoolsD - 46Met38.096
Colerain ElementaryBertie County SchoolsD - 44Met37.498
Windsor ElementaryBertie County SchoolsD - 50Met43.693
Bertie AcademyBertie County SchoolsNA - NANA<534
Bertie STEM HighBertie County SchoolsA - 86Met78.753
B T Washington PrimaryBladen County SchoolsD - 45NotMet40.183
Bladenboro MiddleBladen County SchoolsD - 43NotMet36.753
Bladenboro PrimaryBladen County SchoolsC - 60Met57.568
Bladen Lakes PrimaryBladen County SchoolsD - 54Met49.062
Clarkton School of DiscoveryBladen County SchoolsC - 58NotMet57.038
Dublin PrimaryBladen County SchoolsC - 66Met62.762
East Arcadia ElementaryBladen County SchoolsD - 43Met33.257
East Bladen HighBladen County SchoolsD - 51NotMet31.846
Elizabethtown MiddleBladen County SchoolsF - 31NotMet26.265
Elizabethtown PrimaryBladen County SchoolsD - 51Met43.480
Plain View PrimaryBladen County SchoolsD - 48NotMet43.078
Tar Heel MiddleBladen County SchoolsD - 45Met37.655
West Bladen HighBladen County SchoolsC - 55NotMet35.841
Belville ElementaryBrunswick County SchoolsC - 61NotMet59.391
Bolivia ElementaryBrunswick County SchoolsC - 59NotMet60.2100
Brunswick County Early CollegeBrunswick County SchoolsA - 95Exceeded94.142
Brunswick County AcademyBrunswick County SchoolsNA - NANA10.3100
Cedar Grove MiddleBrunswick County SchoolsD - 54Met48.6100
Jessie Mae Monroe ElementaryBrunswick County SchoolsD - 46NotMet42.3100
Leland MiddleBrunswick County SchoolsC - 55Met48.9100
Lincoln ElementaryBrunswick County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.0100
North Brunswick HighBrunswick County SchoolsC - 63Met44.059
Shallotte MiddleBrunswick County SchoolsC - 60Met56.5100
South Brunswick HighBrunswick County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded60.547
South Brunswick MiddleBrunswick County SchoolsC - 61Met55.285
Southport ElementaryBrunswick County SchoolsC - 58NotMet57.690
Supply ElementaryBrunswick County SchoolsD - 47NotMet44.3100
Town Creek ElementaryBrunswick County SchoolsC - 55NotMet53.295
Union ElementaryBrunswick County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded71.899
Virginia Williamson ElemBrunswick County SchoolsC - 63Met58.6100
WaccamawBrunswick County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded58.7100
West Brunswick HighBrunswick County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded59.854
Community High SchoolBuncombe County SchoolsNA - NANA14.387
Reynolds HighBuncombe County SchoolsB - 77Met67.041
Reynolds MiddleBuncombe County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded60.260
Barnardsville ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 67Met64.670
Black Mountain ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 62NotMet62.949
Black Mountain PrimaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 70Met66.854
Early CollegeBuncombe County SchoolsA - 91Met90.746
Middle CollegeBuncombe County SchoolsB - 74NA33.349
Candler ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 59NotMet56.565
Cane Creek MiddleBuncombe County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded74.640
Bell ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 73Met71.658
Owen HighBuncombe County SchoolsC - 67NotMet54.946
Owen MiddleBuncombe County SchoolsC - 60Met55.064
Erwin HighBuncombe County SchoolsC - 62Met46.062
Erwin MiddleBuncombe County SchoolsD - 52NotMet49.170
Emma ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsD - 51Exceeded42.387
Enka HighBuncombe County SchoolsC - 63NotMet53.752
Fairview ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 70Met66.647
Glen Arden ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 76Met76.334
Haw Creek ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 70Met67.250
Hominy Valley ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 73Met70.146
Johnston ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsD - 46Met38.398
Leicester ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 61Met57.169
North Buncombe ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 65Met59.460
North Buncombe HighBuncombe County SchoolsB - 75Met62.339
North Buncombe MiddleBuncombe County SchoolsC - 66NotMet65.650
North Windy Ridge IntermediateBuncombe County SchoolsC - 67Met63.254
Oakley ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 56Met49.977
Pisgah ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 80Met80.268
Enka MiddleBuncombe County SchoolsC - 58NotMet57.764
Sand Hill-Venable ElemBuncombe County SchoolsC - 58NotMet57.473
Avery's Creek ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 61Met56.865
Williams ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 66Met63.073
Roberson HighBuncombe County SchoolsB - 73NotMet66.238
Valley Springs MiddleBuncombe County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded68.151
Estes ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 71Met70.752
Weaverville ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 70Met68.649
Weaverville PrimaryBuncombe County SchoolsI - NANANA46
West Buncombe ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded67.068
Woodfin ElementaryBuncombe County SchoolsC - 68Met64.592
Koontz IntermediateBuncombe County SchoolsC - 63NotMet62.549
Eblen IntermediateBuncombe County SchoolsC - 56Met52.075
Nesbitt Discovery AcademyBuncombe County SchoolsA - 94Met>9528
Chesterfield ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 57Met52.988
Hallyburton AcademyBurke County SchoolsNA - NANA19.289
Burke Middle CollegeBurke County SchoolsA - 99NANA39
Drexel ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.867
East Burke HighBurke County SchoolsC - 64NotMet53.556
East Burke MiddleBurke County SchoolsB - 70Met67.459
Forest Hill ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 68Met64.865
Freedom HighBurke County SchoolsC - 68Met58.358
George Hildebrand ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 63Met58.370
Glen Alpine ElementaryBurke County SchoolsB - 70Met67.073
Heritage MiddleBurke County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded66.054
Hildebran ElementaryBurke County SchoolsB - 73Met70.265
Mountain Crest ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded48.298
Icard ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded63.670
Jimmy C Draughn High SchoolBurke County SchoolsB - 73NotMet65.047
Liberty MiddleBurke County SchoolsC - 66Met65.150
North LibertyBurke County SchoolsNA - NANA48.069
Mull ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded61.067
Oak Hill ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded58.259
Ray Childers ElementaryBurke County SchoolsB - 76Met73.973
Robert L. Patton High SchoolBurke County SchoolsB - 73Met56.248
Rutherford College ElemBurke County SchoolsB - 84Met83.253
Salem ElementaryBurke County SchoolsB - 72Met69.157
Table Rock MiddleBurke County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded61.463
Valdese ElementaryBurke County SchoolsB - 72Met70.056
W A Young ElementaryBurke County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded53.672
Walter R Johnson MiddleBurke County SchoolsC - 64Met60.173
A T Allen ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 58NotMet56.566
Cox Mill High SchoolCabarrus County SchoolsB - 78Met70.820
Bethel ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 56Met51.539
Beverly Hills ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 64Met59.368
Central Cabarrus HighCabarrus County SchoolsC - 69Met53.751
Coltrane-Webb ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 63NotMet62.952
Harrisburg ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsB - 78Met79.312
Concord MiddleCabarrus County SchoolsF - 38NotMet33.472
Concord HighCabarrus County SchoolsC - 59NotMet46.452
J N Fries Magnet SchoolCabarrus County SchoolsA+ - 91Exceeded92.621
Jay M Robinson HighCabarrus County SchoolsC - 69Met53.142
Cabarrus Co Opportunity SchoolCabarrus County SchoolsNA - NANANA73
C C Griffin MiddleCabarrus County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded45.861
Cox Mill ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsB - 84Exceeded82.78
Harris Road MiddleCabarrus County SchoolsB - 81Exceeded76.518
Carl A Furr ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 60NotMet58.050
Mount Pleasant ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded63.640
Mount Pleasant MiddleCabarrus County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded62.143
Mount Pleasant HighCabarrus County SchoolsC - 68Met56.838
Charles E Boger ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsB - 71Met68.636
Northwest Cabarrus HighCabarrus County SchoolsB - 72Met56.646
Northwest Cabarrus MiddleCabarrus County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded54.052
Royal Oaks ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsD - 40NotMet33.198
Rocky River ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsD - 50NotMet46.365
R Brown McAllister ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 56NotMet52.751
Pitts School Road ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsB - 72Met69.232
Hickory Ridge HighCabarrus County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded74.819
Performance Learning CenterCabarrus County SchoolsC - 67Met40.249
W R Odell ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsB - 78Met76.421
Weddington Hills ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded61.066
Winecoff ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsD - 48NotMet45.272
W M Irvin ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsD - 50NotMet45.970
Wolf Meadow ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded52.8100
Patriots ElementaryCabarrus County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded74.533
Hickory Ridge MiddleCabarrus County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded67.621
Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early CollCabarrus County SchoolsA - 89Met84.445
Harold E. Winkler MiddleCabarrus County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded51.951
Baton ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsC - 61NotMet59.269
Caldwell Career Cen Mid. Coll.Caldwell County SchoolsB - 81Met73.639
Gateway SchoolCaldwell County SchoolsNA - NANA21.387
Horizons ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsNA - NANA17.984
Collettsville SchoolCaldwell County SchoolsB - 70Met69.462
Caldwell Early CollegeCaldwell County SchoolsA+ - 90Met86.719
Davenport A+ SchoolCaldwell County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded60.768
Dudley Shoals ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsB - 70Exceeded64.254
Gamewell ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsC - 57Met51.371
Gamewell MiddleCaldwell County SchoolsD - 51Met45.479
Granite Falls MiddleCaldwell County SchoolsC - 65Met62.848
Granite Falls ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsB - 72Met68.950
Happy Valley ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsC - 63Met58.262
Hibriten HighCaldwell County SchoolsC - 66NotMet48.450
Hudson ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsC - 64Met59.158
Hudson MiddleCaldwell County SchoolsC - 61Met58.055
Kings Creek ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsC - 60Met57.768
William Lenoir MiddleCaldwell County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded59.761
Lower Creek ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsB - 70Met66.943
Oak Hill ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsD - 52Met45.757
Sawmills ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsC - 56NotMet54.156
South Caldwell HighCaldwell County SchoolsC - 65NotMet54.536
Valmead ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsD - 53Met46.191
West Caldwell HighCaldwell County SchoolsC - 63NotMet46.562
West Lenoir ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsD - 44Met34.898
Whitnel ElementaryCaldwell County SchoolsC - 56Met49.580
Camden County HighCamden County SchoolsB - 75Met66.028
Grandy PrimaryCamden County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded82.040
Camden IntermediateCamden County SchoolsC - 69Met67.535
Camden MiddleCamden County SchoolsC - 61NotMet59.933
CamTech HighCamden County SchoolsB - 79Met62.331
Atlantic ElementaryCarteret County Public SchoolsB - 71Met70.057
Bogue Sound ElementaryCarteret County Public SchoolsC - 67Met63.057
Beaufort ElementaryCarteret County Public SchoolsB - 72Met69.270
Bridges SchoolCarteret County Public SchoolsNA - NANA11.978
Beaufort MiddleCarteret County Public SchoolsC - 60Met57.556
Broad Creek MiddleCarteret County Public SchoolsC - 68NotMet68.631
East Carteret HighCarteret County Public SchoolsB - 75Exceeded63.541
Croatan HighCarteret County Public SchoolsA+ - 90Exceeded82.526
Harkers Island ElementaryCarteret County Public SchoolsB - 73Met70.959
Morehead Elem at Camp GlennCarteret County Public SchoolsC - 58NotMet55.953
Morehead City MiddleCarteret County Public SchoolsB - 70Exceeded66.236
Morehead City PrimaryCarteret County Public SchoolsC - 69Met65.956
Newport ElementaryCarteret County Public SchoolsB - 80Exceeded78.563
Newport MiddleCarteret County Public SchoolsC - 63Met58.755
Smyrna ElementaryCarteret County Public SchoolsB - 72Exceeded68.958
West Carteret HighCarteret County Public SchoolsA+ - 85Exceeded75.241
White Oak ElementaryCarteret County Public SchoolsB - 78Exceeded74.331
Bartlett Yancey HighCaswell County SchoolsD - 53NotMet35.457
North ElementaryCaswell County SchoolsC - 64Met59.887
N L Dillard MiddleCaswell County SchoolsD - 45NotMet40.865
Oakwood ElementaryCaswell County SchoolsD - 42NotMet37.4100
South ElementaryCaswell County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded51.582
Stoney Creek ElementaryCaswell County SchoolsC - 63Met59.097
Harry M Arndt MiddleCatawba County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded59.859
Balls Creek ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded66.553
Bandys HighCatawba County SchoolsB - 76Met64.832
Banoak ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded64.862
Blackburn ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 66Met63.852
Bunker Hill HighCatawba County SchoolsC - 64Met47.358
Catawba Rosenwald Education CenterCatawba County SchoolsNA - NANA6.880
Catawba Elementary SchoolCatawba County SchoolsC - 57Met52.264
Challenger Early College HighCatawba County SchoolsA+ - 97Exceeded94.846
Charles H Tuttle ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsB - 70Met66.744
Claremont ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded50.358
Clyde Campbell ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 66Met62.040
Fred T Foard HighCatawba County SchoolsB - 74Met60.836
Jacobs Fork MiddleCatawba County SchoolsC - 63NotMet62.342
Lyle Creek ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 56Exceeded48.769
Maiden ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 55Met50.259
Maiden Middle SchoolCatawba County SchoolsC - 63Met59.546
Maiden HighCatawba County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded60.048
Mill Creek MiddleCatawba County SchoolsC - 64Met62.139
Mountain View ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.143
Oxford ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded57.360
River Bend MiddleCatawba County SchoolsD - 53NotMet49.262
Sherrills Ford ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded73.929
Saint Stephens ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsD - 50Met41.685
Saint Stephens HighCatawba County SchoolsB - 72Met58.346
Snow Creek ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsB - 70Exceeded64.944
Startown ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded62.246
Webb A Murray ElementaryCatawba County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.168
Northside ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsC - 65NotMet66.440
Carrboro ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsC - 68NotMet67.537
Carrboro HighChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsA+ - 87Exceeded79.521
Chapel Hill HighChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsA - 85Exceeded77.022
McDougle MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 80Exceeded77.427
Seawell ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 80Met79.725
Ephesus ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 78Met77.530
Estes Hills ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 72NotMet73.528
East Chapel Hill HighChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsA+ - 90Exceeded82.521
FPG ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsC - 65Met60.448
Glenwood ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded85.527
Culbreth MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 75Met75.024
Phillips MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 76NotMet78.226
McDougle ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 77Met76.330
UNC Hospital SchoolChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsI - NANANA0
Scroggs ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 80Met79.427
Morris Grove ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 77NotMet80.424
Rashkis ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 78Met78.131
Smith MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsB - 80Met79.226
Phoenix Academy HighChapel Hill-Carrboro SchoolsNA - NANA18.279
Albemarle Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 47Exceeded36.293
Albemarle Road MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 50Exceeded39.588
Ardrey Kell HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 93Exceeded89.011
J M Alexander MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 57NotMet58.543
Allenbrook ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 46NotMet44.596
Ashley Park PreK-8 SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 33NotMet27.695
William Amos Hough HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA+ - 89Exceeded81.417
Bailey MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 82Exceeded79.720
Bain ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 87Exceeded86.424
Barringer Academic CenterCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 60Met57.957
Whitewater MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 47Exceeded35.387
Whitewater AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 54Met47.286
Berryhill SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 59Exceeded51.391
Beverly Woods ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 80Met78.715
Barnette ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 73Met71.321
Briarwood ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 45Met37.695
Carmel MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 78Exceeded73.641
Cato Middle College HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 96NANA37
Billingsville ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 52Exceeded42.695
Chantilly MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 79Met78.919
Clear Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 69Met67.157
Cochrane Collegiate AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 44Met33.388
Collinswood Language AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 77Met78.854
Community House MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 89Exceeded86.215
Cornelius ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 73NotMet76.330
Cotswold ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 70Met66.339
Coulwood MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 50Exceeded39.183
Crown Point ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 73Exceeded69.659
Crestdale MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 75NotMet79.324
Davidson ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 84Exceeded83.613
Butler HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 81Exceeded69.544
David Cox Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 45NotMet40.867
Military and Global Leadership AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 55Exceeded44.380
Devonshire ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 48Met40.696
Dilworth ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 81Met83.121
First Ward Creative Arts AcadCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 60Exceeded53.281
Berewick ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 59Met52.556
Druid Hills AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 34NotMet26.798
East Mecklenburg HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 78Exceeded63.462
Eastover ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 72NotMet74.024
Eastway MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 39NotMet34.492
Elizabeth Lane ElemCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 88Exceeded88.610
Elon Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA+ - 89Exceeded88.97
Elizabeth Traditional ElemCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 70NotMet70.245
Endhaven ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 79Exceeded75.928
Hawthorne HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 64Exceeded59.588
Polo Ridge ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA+ - 89Met90.95
Francis Bradley MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 77Exceeded72.834
Garinger HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 53Exceeded30.087
Greenway Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 52Met46.582
Alexander Graham MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 74Exceeded69.536
Harding University HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 45NotMet26.082
Hawk Ridge ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 81NotMet83.613
Hickory Grove ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 55Exceeded46.789
Highland Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 71NotMet71.324
Hidden Valley ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 45Met38.597
Highland Mill MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 73Met70.934
Highland Renaissance AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 60Met54.292
Hopewell HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 68Met48.346
Hornets Nest ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 59Exceeded52.079
Croft Community ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 61Met57.541
Huntersville ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA+ - 85Met85.927
Huntingtowne Farms ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 49Met41.886
Idlewild ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 68Exceeded62.183
Independence HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 78Exceeded65.654
James Martin MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 44Met34.881
Morehead STEM AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 77Exceeded75.459
Jay M Robinson MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 92Exceeded90.712
Joseph W Grier AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 69Exceeded63.683
J.V. Washam ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 73NotMet76.919
Kennedy MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 46NotMet42.367
Trillium Springs MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsI - NANANA23
Lake Wylie ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 63Exceeded57.460
Ballantyne ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded84.016
Lansdowne ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 67Met62.850
Turning Point AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsNA - NANA10.386
Lebanon Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 60Met55.179
Blythe ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 66Met63.348
Levine Middle College HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 98NANA33
Long Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 63Met57.654
Mallard Creek HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 77Exceeded61.546
Mallard Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 63Met59.049
Matthews ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 82Exceeded79.431
Martin Luther King Jr MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 34NotMet27.493
McAlpine ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 73NotMet75.025
McClintock MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 48Met39.386
McKee Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 83Met83.716
Merry Oaks ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 47Met38.193
Metro SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsNA - NANA24.280
Mint Hill MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 76Exceeded71.346
Rocky River HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 64Exceeded42.570
Montclaire ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 45Met35.993
Lincoln Heights AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsNA - NANA<579
Mountain Island Lake AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 60NotMet59.253
River Oaks AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 57Met50.872
Myers Park TraditionalCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 71Exceeded67.133
Myers Park HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 87Exceeded77.931
Nathaniel Alexander ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 56Exceeded47.379
Nations Ford ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 43Met33.293
Newell ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 48Met41.391
J H Gunn ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 55Exceeded46.881
Northeast MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 49NotMet45.268
North Mecklenburg HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 66Met48.860
Northridge MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 45NotMet39.882
Northwest School of the ArtsCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 84Exceeded77.342
Oakdale ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 48Met39.486
Oaklawn Language AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 70Met66.777
Bruns AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 28NotMet20.194
Olde Providence ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 78NotMet82.315
Park Road MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 79Met79.812
Palisades Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 78Exceeded73.639
Paw Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 57Met50.981
Phillip O Berry Academy of TechnologyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 77Met70.768
Piedmont IB MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded83.740
Performance Learning CenterCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 71Met47.141
Pineville ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 61Exceeded53.359
Pinewood ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 55Met50.682
Piney Grove ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 56Met49.979
Providence Spring ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA+ - 93Exceeded94.14
Providence HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA+ - 95Exceeded90.810
Quail Hollow MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 53Met46.370
Rama Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 52Exceeded43.182
Randolph MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 79Met80.544
Ranson MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 55Exceeded44.384
Reedy Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 68Exceeded61.172
Reid Park AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 34Met24.394
Ridge Road MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 66Exceeded57.952
Sedgefield ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 48NotMet45.196
Sedgefield MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 36NotMet31.085
Stoney Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 54Met50.168
Selwyn ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 85Exceeded83.720
Shamrock Gardens ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 59Met52.778
Sharon ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 81Met83.317
Waddell Language AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 78Met77.331
Smithfield ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 73Met69.747
South Mecklenburg HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 82Exceeded70.646
South Charlotte MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 90Exceeded87.116
Southwest Middle SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.958
Statesville Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 60Exceeded52.788
Steele Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 53Met45.773
Sterling ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 33NotMet25.993
Thomasboro AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 42Exceeded31.494
Torrence Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 80Exceeded77.821
Grand Oak ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsA - 85Exceeded85.27
Tuckaseegee ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 43Met35.285
University Park Creative ArtsCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 57Exceeded48.582
University Meadows ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 57Met52.274
Charlotte Engineering Early College-UNCCCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 81Met80.654
Irwin Academic CenterCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 78NotMet84.226
Walter G Byers SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 36NotMet27.893
West Charlotte HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 51Met28.887
Westerly Hills AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsF - 33NotMet26.195
West Mecklenburg HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 53Met32.278
Winding Springs ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 52Exceeded42.786
Windsor Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 60Met57.089
Winget Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 71Exceeded67.042
Winterfield ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsD - 42Exceeded30.494
River Gate ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 69Met65.941
Vance HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 62Exceeded39.878
Olympic High - Renaissance SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 70Exceeded55.448
Olympic High-Math Eng Tech ScienceCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 80Exceeded70.239
Olympic TEAM High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 64Met58.965
Olympic High-Leadership and DevelopmentCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsC - 60Met33.865
Olympic High - Biotech Health Pub AdminCharlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsB - 73Exceeded53.854
Pine Lake PreparatoryCharter SchoolsA+ - 85Met84.31
Sterling Montessori AcademyCharter SchoolsA+ - 87Exceeded87.11
River Mill AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 72Met68.624
Clover GardenCharter SchoolsB - 71Met65.733
The Hawbridge SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 81Met80.52
Grandfather AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 23NA25.6100
Williams AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 46Met34.093
Washington MontessoriCharter SchoolsC - 65Met61.90
Heritage Collegiate Leadership AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 38NotMet31.088
Paul R Brown Leadership AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 31Met17.899
Charter Day SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 70NotMet71.336
South Brunswick Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsI - NANANA50
Evergreen Community CharterCharter SchoolsB - 71NotMet72.439
ArtSpace Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 73Met70.149
Invest Collegiate - ImagineCharter SchoolsB - 72NotMet75.68
The Franklin School of InnovationCharter SchoolsC - 69NotMet69.133
Francine Delany New SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 77Exceeded74.748
New DimensionsCharter SchoolsC - 67Exceeded62.127
Carolina International SchoolCharter SchoolsC - 59NotMet56.20
Cabarrus Charter AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 77Exceeded75.18
A.C.E. AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 44Met37.343
Tiller SchoolCharter SchoolsA - 86Met87.025
Chatham CharterCharter SchoolsB - 77Exceeded73.912
Woods CharterCharter SchoolsA+ - 89Met89.35
Willow Oak MontessoriCharter SchoolsB - 72Met70.210
The Learning CenterCharter SchoolsC - 56Met51.772
Pinnacle Classical AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 73Met69.926
Flemington AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 33Met17.993
Columbus Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 70Exceeded64.242
Alpha AcademyCharter SchoolsC - 62Met58.585
The Capitol Encore AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 43NotMet38.641
Water's Edge Village SchoolCharter SchoolsC - 55NA52.226
Maureen Joy Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsC - 64Exceeded55.288
Healthy Start AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 39Met28.398
Carter Community CharterCharter SchoolsD - 47Exceeded36.081
Kestrel Heights SchoolCharter SchoolsC - 67Exceeded60.39
Research Triangle CharterCharter SchoolsC - 62Exceeded53.261
Central Park School For ChildCharter SchoolsB - 71NotMet72.314
Voyager AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 71Met66.810
Global Scholars AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 39Met30.5100
Research Triangle High SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 76Met73.920
The Institute Development Young LeadersCharter SchoolsD - 47Exceeded36.972
Reaching All Minds AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 23NotMet12.594
North East Carolina PrepCharter SchoolsF - 37NotMet30.087
Quality Education AcademyCharter SchoolsC - 56Met47.3100
Carter G Woodson SchoolCharter SchoolsD - 40Met25.583
Forsyth AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 44NotMet40.171
The Arts Based SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 70NotMet70.918
The North Carolina Leadership AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 77Met76.710
Crosscreek Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.722
Piedmont Community Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 71Met67.311
Mountain Island Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 74Met71.421
Falls Lake AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 70Met67.37
Oxford PreparatoryCharter SchoolsC - 59NotMet56.920
Greensboro AcademyCharter SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded84.17
Guilford Preparatory AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 51Met43.481
Phoenix AcademyCharter SchoolsC - 56NotMet52.59
Triad Math and Science AcademyCharter SchoolsC - 69Exceeded64.064
Cornerstone Charter Academy-CFACharter SchoolsB - 71Met69.05
College Prep and Leadership AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 40NotMet35.370
Summerfield Charter AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 79Exceeded74.813
KIPP Halifax College PrepCharter SchoolsC - 58Met50.786
Anderson Creek Club Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 72Met68.88
The Mountain Community SchCharter SchoolsC - 60Met55.87
American Renaissance SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 76Exceeded69.527
Success Institute CharterCharter SchoolsD - 42Met31.179
Langtree Charter AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 75Met73.79
Summit CharterCharter SchoolsB - 71Met71.225
Neuse Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 76Exceeded72.413
Children's Village AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 46Exceeded35.7100
Lincoln Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 82Met80.82
Bear GrassCharter SchoolsC - 59NotMet54.212
Community Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsF - 39Met29.356
Sugar Creek CharterCharter SchoolsC - 62NotMet60.688
Kennedy CharterCharter SchoolsF - 33NotMet18.592
Lake Norman CharterCharter SchoolsA - 86Exceeded83.03
Metrolina Reg Scholars AcademyCharter SchoolsA+ - 94Met>950
Queen's Grant Community SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 73Met69.217
Crossroads Charter HighCharter SchoolsF - 33Met18.890
Community School of DavidsonCharter SchoolsA+ - 86Met83.93
Socrates AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 83Met83.119
Charlotte SecondaryCharter SchoolsD - 53NotMet51.840
KIPP CharlotteCharter SchoolsC - 61Exceeded54.476
Corvian Community SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 78Met77.72
Aristotle Preparatory AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 48Met38.678
Charlotte Choice CharterCharter SchoolsF - 34NotMet26.452
Invest CollegiateCharter SchoolsD - 51NotMet49.918
Bradford Preparatory SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 71Met70.316
Commonwealth HighCharter SchoolsNA - NANA23.571
Charlotte Learning AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 38Met26.683
Pioneer Springs Community SchoolCharter SchoolsD - 51NotMet47.82
Thunderbird PrepCharter SchoolsC - 65NotMet66.42
United Community SchoolCharter SchoolsI - NANANA36
The Academy of Moore CountyCharter SchoolsB - 79Met81.042
STARS CharterCharter SchoolsC - 62Met56.229
Rocky Mount PreparatoryCharter SchoolsD - 40NotMet31.475
Cape Fear Center for InquiryCharter SchoolsB - 72NotMet75.814
Wilmington Preparatory AcademyCharter SchoolsC - 57Met51.961
Douglass AcademyCharter SchoolsI - NANANA84
Island Montessori CharterCharter SchoolsD - 52Met46.97
Gaston College PreparatoryCharter SchoolsB - 78Exceeded74.172
Z.E.C.A. School of Arts and TechnologyCharter SchoolsF - 29Met17.980
Orange CharterCharter SchoolsB - 77Met76.311
The Expedition SchoolCharter SchoolsA - 85Met85.23
PACE AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 45Met16.335
Arapahoe Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsC - 66Exceeded60.161
Bethel Hill CharterCharter SchoolsC - 68Met64.238
Roxboro Community SchoolCharter SchoolsA+ - 85Exceeded81.617
Uwharrie Charter AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 53NotMet49.334
CIS AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 48Exceeded36.873
Southeastern AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 80Exceeded77.10
Bethany Community MiddleCharter SchoolsC - 61NotMet59.319
Thomas Jefferson Class AcademyCharter SchoolsA+ - 86Met84.313
Lake Lure Classical AcademyCharter SchoolsC - 58NotMet56.441
Gray Stone DayCharter SchoolsA - 91Met94.312
Millennium Charter AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 72Met69.814
Mountain DiscoveryCharter SchoolsB - 74Met72.153
Brevard AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 75Met73.965
Union AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 77NotMet76.83
Vance Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsC - 65NotMet65.720
Henderson CollegiateCharter SchoolsA+ - 88Exceeded84.992
The Exploris SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 80NotMet83.32
Magellan CharterCharter SchoolsA+ - 93Met>950
Franklin AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 83Exceeded79.50
East Wake AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 78Exceeded73.917
Raleigh Charter High SchoolCharter SchoolsA - 98Exceeded>950
Torchlight AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 33NotMet26.696
PreEminent CharterCharter SchoolsD - 50Exceeded40.771
Quest AcademyCharter SchoolsA - 90Met94.90
Southern Wake AcademyCharter SchoolsB - 71Met63.18
Hope Charter Leadership AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 37Met25.794
Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 74NotMet75.315
Endeavor CharterCharter SchoolsA+ - 91Exceeded92.22
Triangle Math and Science AcademyCharter SchoolsA+ - 85Met88.48
Longleaf School of the ArtsCharter SchoolsB - 79Met76.016
Wake Forest Charter AcademyCharter SchoolsC - 68NotMet70.818
Cardinal CharterCharter SchoolsB - 73NotMet78.010
Dynamic Community CharterCharter SchoolsF - 22NA21.57
Envision Science AcademyCharter SchoolsA - 86Met88.12
Haliwa-Saponi Tribal SchoolCharter SchoolsD - 47Exceeded30.880
Two Rivers Community SchoolCharter SchoolsB - 78Met77.439
Dillard AcademyCharter SchoolsF - 36Met26.696
Wayne Preparatory AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 47NotMet44.029
Bridges AcademyCharter SchoolsD - 53NotMet50.883
Sallie B Howard SchoolCharter SchoolsC - 60Exceeded53.286
Wilson Preparatory AcademyCharter SchoolsC - 60Met56.140
Bennett SchoolChatham County SchoolsC - 67Met63.140
Bonlee SchoolChatham County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded56.057
SAGE AcademyChatham County SchoolsNA - NANA5.171
Chatham MiddleChatham County SchoolsD - 45Met35.389
Chatham Central HighChatham County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded63.735
Horton MiddleChatham County SchoolsC - 56NotMet52.446
J S Waters SchoolChatham County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded60.850
Jordan Matthews HighChatham County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded46.069
Margaret B. Pollard MiddleChatham County SchoolsB - 74Met71.329
Moncure SchoolChatham County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded61.440
North Chatham ElementaryChatham County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.940
Northwood HighChatham County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded66.828
Perry W Harrison ElementaryChatham County SchoolsB - 74NotMet75.125
Pittsboro ElementaryChatham County SchoolsC - 65NotMet64.643
Siler City ElementaryChatham County SchoolsD - 53Met46.278
Silk Hope SchoolChatham County SchoolsB - 71Met68.340
Virginia Cross ElementaryChatham County SchoolsD - 47Met39.286
Andrews ElementaryCherokee County SchoolsC - 61Met55.7100
Andrews HighCherokee County SchoolsC - 62NotMet48.453
Andrews MiddleCherokee County SchoolsD - 51NotMet46.669
Hiwassee Dam Elementary/MiddleCherokee County SchoolsC - 65Met60.677
Hiwassee Dam HighCherokee County SchoolsC - 67Met44.352
Marble ElementaryCherokee County SchoolsD - 49NotMet44.487
Martins Creek Elementary/MidCherokee County SchoolsC - 67Met62.3100
Mountain Youth SchoolCherokee County SchoolsNA - NANANA100
Murphy ElementaryCherokee County SchoolsC - 68Met64.888
Murphy HighCherokee County SchoolsC - 65NotMet46.063
Murphy MiddleCherokee County SchoolsC - 55NotMet51.971
Peachtree ElementaryCherokee County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded74.094
Ranger Elementary/MiddleCherokee County SchoolsC - 60NotMet58.176
Tri-County Early College HighCherokee County SchoolsB - 80Met70.539
Hayesville ElementaryClay County SchoolsC - 59NotMet57.360
Hayesville HighClay County SchoolsB - 70Met54.846
Hayesville MiddleClay County SchoolsC - 59Met53.960
Bethware ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded75.166
Boiling Springs ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsB - 78Met76.553
Burns HighCleveland County SchoolsC - 69Met49.858
Burns MiddleCleveland County SchoolsC - 55NotMet52.967
Casar ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.865
Cleveland ECHSCleveland County SchoolsA+ - 85Met81.564
Crest HighCleveland County SchoolsC - 67NotMet53.849
Crest MiddleCleveland County SchoolsC - 56NotMet55.258
Turning Point AcademyCleveland County SchoolsNA - NANA5.788
East ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded74.576
Shelby IntermediateCleveland County SchoolsC - 57Met50.771
Fallston ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsC - 64Met60.165
Graham ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsD - 53Met45.694
Grover ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsB - 70Exceeded65.777
James Love ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsD - 50Met44.392
Jefferson ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsC - 68Met63.560
Kings Mountain HighCleveland County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded64.949
Kings Mountain IntermediateCleveland County SchoolsC - 63NotMet63.662
Kings Mountain MiddleCleveland County SchoolsC - 58NotMet58.960
Marion ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsC - 60Met54.670
North ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsB - 79Met80.371
North ShelbyCleveland County SchoolsNA - NANA63.480
Shelby HighCleveland County SchoolsC - 62NotMet46.861
Shelby MiddleCleveland County SchoolsD - 46NotMet43.371
Springmore ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded69.452
Township Three ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsC - 57Met53.281
Union ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsC - 62Met56.572
Washington ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsC - 68Met63.683
West ElementaryCleveland County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded78.851
Butler Avenue ElementaryClinton City SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.078
Clinton HighClinton City SchoolsC - 62NotMet48.751
Langdon C Kerr ElementaryClinton City SchoolsI - NANANA78
Sampson MiddleClinton City SchoolsC - 68Exceeded61.469
Sunset Avenue ElementaryClinton City SchoolsC - 58NotMet56.873
Acme Delco MiddleColumbus County SchoolsF - 39NotMet33.579
Acme Delco ElementaryColumbus County SchoolsD - 50Met42.097
Cerro Gordo ElementaryColumbus County SchoolsC - 59Met55.094
Chadbourn MiddleColumbus County SchoolsD - 51Exceeded41.7100
Chadbourn ElementaryColumbus County SchoolsD - 42Met33.3100
East Columbus HighColumbus County SchoolsD - 54NotMet36.560
Evergreen ElementaryColumbus County SchoolsD - 52Met45.4100
Guideway ElementaryColumbus County SchoolsF - 39Met31.3100
Hallsboro-Artesia ElementaryColumbus County SchoolsD - 49Met40.5100
Hallsboro MiddleColumbus County SchoolsD - 50Met42.178
Nakina MiddleColumbus County SchoolsC - 57NotMet53.971
Old Dock ElementaryColumbus County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded64.071
South Columbus HighColumbus County SchoolsC - 61Met44.349
Tabor City ElementaryColumbus County SchoolsD - 43Met36.3100
CCCA - Fair Bluff /Southeastern CampusesColumbus County SchoolsC - 66Met49.749
Tabor City MiddleColumbus County SchoolsD - 43NotMet36.9100
West Columbus HighColumbus County SchoolsC - 57NotMet40.971
Williams TownshipColumbus County SchoolsC - 57Met51.781
Albert H Bangert ElementaryCraven County SchoolsC - 57Met52.357
Ben D Quinn ElementaryCraven County SchoolsC - 65Met62.958
Bridgeton ElementaryCraven County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded63.563
Brinson Memorial ElementaryCraven County SchoolsB - 70Met68.443
Craven Early College HighCraven County SchoolsA - 85Exceeded72.942
Creekside ElementaryCraven County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded69.628
Vanceboro-Farm Life ElementaryCraven County SchoolsD - 52NotMet48.580
Early College EAST HighCraven County SchoolsB - 81Met70.030
Grover C Fields MiddleCraven County SchoolsC - 60Met54.668
Graham A Barden ElementaryCraven County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded77.067
H J MacDonald MiddleCraven County SchoolsC - 59NotMet58.249
Havelock ElementaryCraven County SchoolsC - 58Met54.766
Havelock HighCraven County SchoolsC - 68Met52.845
Havelock MiddleCraven County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded62.068
J T Barber ElementaryCraven County SchoolsC - 57Met51.285
James W Smith ElementaryCraven County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded45.880
New Bern HighCraven County SchoolsC - 66NotMet53.350
Oaks Road ElementaryCraven County SchoolsD - 51Met43.392
Roger R Bell ElementaryCraven County SchoolsD - 50Met43.472
Trent Park ElementaryCraven County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded52.776
Tucker Creek MiddleCraven County SchoolsB - 72Met70.742
West Craven HighCraven County SchoolsC - 65Met48.157
West Craven MiddleCraven County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded51.572
W Jesse Gurganus ElementaryCraven County SchoolsB - 79Met78.144
Arthur W Edwards ElementaryCraven County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.453
Alma O Easom ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsI - NANANA40
Armstrong ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 70Met67.365
Ashley ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 55NotMet51.159
Loyd E Auman ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 52Met46.669
Beaver Dam ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsA - 85Met84.558
Lillian Black ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 48Met42.476
Jack Britt HighCumberland County SchoolsA - 88Exceeded81.328
Brentwood ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 64Met59.386
Douglas Byrd MiddleCumberland County SchoolsD - 50Exceeded39.784
Douglas Byrd HighCumberland County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded34.078
Cape Fear HighCumberland County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded58.345
Elizabeth M Cashwell ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded45.185
Eastover Central ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 71NotMet71.734
Anne Chesnutt MiddleCumberland County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded44.261
Cliffdale ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 50Met42.279
College Lakes ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 56Met49.569
C Wayne Collier ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 58Met51.263
J W Coon ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded54.883
Cumberland International Early CollegeHSCumberland County SchoolsA - 91Met87.653
Cumberland Mills ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded51.877
Cumberland Road ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.281
Cross Creek Early CollegeCumberland County SchoolsA - 87Met83.655
District No 7 ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded78.051
Grays Creek HighCumberland County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded59.435
Luther Nick Jeralds MiddleCumberland County SchoolsD - 41NotMet36.086
E E Smith HighCumberland County SchoolsC - 64Met46.460
Ferguson-Easley ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 54Met47.087
Grays Creek MiddleCumberland County SchoolsC - 64Met59.749
Glendale Acres ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsI - NANANA67
Alderman Road ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded53.461
R Max Abbott MiddleCumberland County SchoolsC - 59Met54.055
Howard L Hall ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 77Met75.235
Bill Hefner ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 58Met52.362
Hope Mills MiddleCumberland County SchoolsD - 49NotMet46.755
John R Griffin MiddleCumberland County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded69.432
Ed V Baldwin ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded53.256
Ireland Drive MiddleCumberland County SchoolsD - 43NotMet39.083
Lewis Chapel MiddleCumberland County SchoolsF - 38NotMet32.774
Gallberry Farm ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 66Met61.251
Alger B. Wilkins High School PLCCumberland County SchoolsNA - NANA18.170
Grays Creek ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 63Met58.744
Long Hill ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 76Met74.231
Lucile Souders ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 53Met46.979
Mac Williams MiddleCumberland County SchoolsC - 58NotMet56.352
Margaret Willis ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 57Met51.580
Massey Hill Classical HighCumberland County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded74.426
Mary McArthur ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 47NotMet43.175
E Melvin Honeycutt ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 74Met72.239
E E Miller ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 58Met53.362
Montclair ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 52NotMet49.577
Morganton Road ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded52.471
Manchester ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 47Met40.576
New Century International ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded63.149
William H Owen ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 57NotMet56.381
Walker Spivey ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 57Met51.098
Pine Forest MiddleCumberland County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded66.441
Lake Rim ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 60Met57.255
Pine Forest HighCumberland County SchoolsC - 67NotMet51.150
Ponderosa ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 56Met49.776
Reid Ross Classical HighCumberland County SchoolsC - 62NotMet42.448
Raleigh Road ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsI - NANANA33
Pauline Jones MiddleCumberland County SchoolsNA - NANA16.777
Benjamin J Martin ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.472
Rockfish ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 74Met72.649
J W Seabrook ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 60Met54.471
New Century International MiddleCumberland County SchoolsC - 63Met57.944
Seventy-First Classical MiddleCumberland County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded73.240
Reid Ross Classical MiddleCumberland County SchoolsC - 57NotMet54.264
Seventy-First HighCumberland County SchoolsC - 59Met37.560
South View MiddleCumberland County SchoolsD - 43NotMet38.767
Sherwood Park ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 52Met44.978
South View HighCumberland County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded44.454
Spring Lake MiddleCumberland County SchoolsF - 39NotMet32.775
Stedman ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 79Met78.553
Stedman PrimaryCumberland County SchoolsI - NANANA54
Stoney Point ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 73Met70.026
Sunnyside ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 61Met55.476
Teresa C Berrien ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 53Met45.589
Terry Sanford HighCumberland County SchoolsC - 69Met51.341
Vanstory Hills ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded76.238
Ramsey Street HighCumberland County SchoolsNA - NANA9.065
Warrenwood ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 50Met43.677
Westarea ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.585
Westover MiddleCumberland County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded39.575
Westover HighCumberland County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded36.871
William T Brown ElementaryCumberland County SchoolsD - 46Met36.872
Howard Health & Life SciencesCumberland County SchoolsA - 90Exceeded84.747
Central ElementaryCurrituck County SchoolsC - 59Met54.363
Currituck County HighCurrituck County SchoolsC - 59NotMet46.033
Currituck County MiddleCurrituck County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded66.146
Jarvisburg ElementaryCurrituck County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded62.556
Shawboro Elementary SchoolCurrituck County SchoolsC - 64Met62.343
The JP Knapp ECH (i)SchoolCurrituck County SchoolsA - 87Exceeded81.725
Knotts Island ElementaryCurrituck County SchoolsB - 70Met69.747
Moyock ElementaryCurrituck County SchoolsC - 69Met67.126
Moyock MiddleCurrituck County SchoolsC - 63Met60.331
W T Griggs ElementaryCurrituck County SchoolsC - 57NotMet54.564
Cape Hatteras Elementary SchoolDare County SchoolsC - 67Met64.261
Cape Hatteras Secondary SchoolDare County SchoolsC - 56NotMet51.653
Dare County Alternative SchoolDare County SchoolsNA - NANA27.6100
Kitty Hawk Elementary SchoolDare County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded75.624
Nags Head Elementary SchoolDare County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded72.145
Manteo Elementary SchoolDare County SchoolsC - 55NotMet51.461
Manteo High SchoolDare County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded61.543
Manteo Middle SchoolDare County SchoolsC - 63Met59.758
First Flight Elementary SchoolDare County SchoolsB - 71Met69.343
First Flight Middle SchoolDare County SchoolsC - 63NotMet65.335
First Flight High SchoolDare County SchoolsB - 80Met69.427
Brier Creek ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 63Met59.759
Northwest ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 69Met66.336
Southmont ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded60.163
Central Davidson HighDavidson County SchoolsC - 64NotMet49.045
Central Davidson MiddleDavidson County SchoolsC - 55NotMet54.355
Stoner-Thomas SchoolDavidson County SchoolsNA - NANA30.471
Churchland ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 55NotMet52.665
Davidson County High SchoolDavidson County SchoolsNA - NANA37.270
Davidson Early CollegeDavidson County SchoolsA - 91Met90.249
Davis-Townsend ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 64NotMet62.547
Denton ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 55Met48.963
E Lawson Brown MiddleDavidson County SchoolsC - 60Met55.153
East Davidson HighDavidson County SchoolsC - 68NotMet57.340
Fair Grove ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 66Met62.354
Friedberg ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 69Met67.631
Hasty ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded66.959
Friendship ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded71.937
Ledford MiddleDavidson County SchoolsC - 59NotMet58.541
Ledford Senior HighDavidson County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded68.430
Midway ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded68.444
North Davidson HighDavidson County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded69.529
North Davidson MiddleDavidson County SchoolsC - 64Met62.338
Oak Grove MiddleDavidson County SchoolsC - 69Met65.535
Pilot ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded59.756
Reeds ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 64Met61.553
Silver Valley ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsD - 51Met43.078
South Davidson HighDavidson County SchoolsC - 61NotMet46.651
Southwood ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 56Met49.469
South Davidson MiddleDavidson County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded54.461
Tyro ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 67Met62.761
Tyro MiddleDavidson County SchoolsC - 57Met53.751
Wallburg ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded73.735
Welcome ElementaryDavidson County SchoolsC - 59NotMet56.152
West Davidson HighDavidson County SchoolsC - 66NotMet57.444
Yadkin Valley Regional Career AcademyDavidson County SchoolsC - 61NotMet57.955
Central Davie AcademyDavie County SchoolsNA - NANA25.089
Cooleemee ElementaryDavie County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.482
Cornatzer ElementaryDavie County SchoolsC - 69Met65.665
Davie County HighDavie County SchoolsC - 69NotMet59.843
Davie County Early College HighDavie County SchoolsA - 92Met92.744
Mocksville ElementaryDavie County SchoolsC - 65Met63.060
North Davie MiddleDavie County SchoolsC - 69Met64.743
Pinebrook ElementaryDavie County SchoolsB - 70Met69.541
Shady Grove ElementaryDavie County SchoolsC - 65NotMet66.320
South Davie MiddleDavie County SchoolsC - 58NotMet58.360
William R Davie ElementaryDavie County SchoolsC - 63Met59.859
William Ellis MiddleDavie County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded68.430
Eastern NC School for the DeafDeaf and Blind SchoolsNA - NANA24.2NA
Gov. Morehead School for the BlindDeaf and Blind SchoolsNA - NANA35.6NA
NC School for the DeafDeaf and Blind SchoolsNA - NANA13.0NA
B F Grady ElementaryDuplin County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded39.685
Beulaville ElementaryDuplin County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.465
Charity MiddleDuplin County SchoolsD - 51Exceeded42.376
Chinquapin ElementaryDuplin County SchoolsC - 64Met58.962
Warsaw ElementaryDuplin County SchoolsD - 44Exceeded33.893
Duplin Early College HighDuplin County SchoolsB - 78Met62.471
E E Smith MiddleDuplin County SchoolsD - 40NotMet33.476
East Duplin HighDuplin County SchoolsC - 58NotMet42.857
James Kenan HighDuplin County SchoolsD - 52Met30.073
Kenansville ElementaryDuplin County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded55.180
North Duplin ElementaryDuplin County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.077
North Duplin Jr Sr HighDuplin County SchoolsD - 54NotMet47.560
Rose Hill-Magnolia ElementaryDuplin County SchoolsD - 46Exceeded35.195
Wallace ElementaryDuplin County SchoolsD - 49NotMet44.178
Wallace-Rose Hill HighDuplin County SchoolsC - 55NotMet37.364
Warsaw MiddleDuplin County SchoolsD - 42Exceeded31.790
Bethesda ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 45Met38.781
Brogden MiddleDurham Public SchoolsD - 44Exceeded33.273
Burton ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 52Exceeded41.687
J D Clement Early College HSDurham Public SchoolsA+ - 92Exceeded87.558
Eastway ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsF - 33Met21.6100
C E Jordan HighDurham Public SchoolsC - 68Exceeded51.040
Easley ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 64NotMet63.027
The School for Creative StudiesDurham Public SchoolsC - 55Met48.353
Eno Valley ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsF - 37Met27.983
George L Carrington MiddleDurham Public SchoolsD - 52Exceeded42.462
City of Medicine AcademyDurham Public SchoolsA+ - 85Exceeded72.956
Club Boulevard ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 53Met45.860
Creekside ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 66Met62.644
Glenn ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsF - 39Met29.493
Durham's Performance Learning CenterDurham Public SchoolsNA - NANA13.067
Durham School of the ArtsDurham Public SchoolsB - 81Exceeded72.339
Hillandale ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 58Met53.857
Hillside HighDurham Public SchoolsC - 65Exceeded39.565
Hope Valley ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 59Exceeded50.563
Holt ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 53Exceeded43.988
Holton Career and Resource CenterDurham Public SchoolsI - NANANANA
Forest View ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 69Exceeded63.361
DPS Hospital SchoolDurham Public SchoolsF - 0NA<533
James E Shepard MiddleDurham Public SchoolsD - 43Met35.973
Lakewood ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsF - 38Met29.5100
Little River ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 65NotMet66.139
Lakeview SchoolDurham Public SchoolsNA - NANA<5100
Lakewood Montessori MiddleDurham Public SchoolsC - 68Exceeded62.448
Lucas MiddleDurham Public SchoolsD - 47NotMet43.464
Fayetteville Street ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 43Met33.1100
Lowe's Grove MiddleDurham Public SchoolsF - 34NotMet27.978
George Watts ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 60Met56.548
Mangum ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsB - 73NotMet74.426
Merrick-Moore ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsF - 30NotMet20.590
Middle College HS @ DTCCDurham Public SchoolsA - 86Exceeded53.852
Morehead MontessoriDurham Public SchoolsC - 69Met65.340
Neal MiddleDurham Public SchoolsF - 34NotMet26.884
Northern HighDurham Public SchoolsC - 57Met36.659
Oak Grove ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 51Met44.576
Parkwood ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 54Exceeded45.071
E K Powe ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 49Met41.964
Pearsontown ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsB - 75Met75.031
Riverside HighDurham Public SchoolsC - 58NotMet40.852
Sherwood Githens MiddleDurham Public SchoolsD - 42NotMet35.869
R N Harris ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 56Met49.489
Southern School of Energy and SustainabiDurham Public SchoolsD - 44NotMet23.973
Sandy Ridge ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 43NotMet38.358
Rogers-Herr MiddleDurham Public SchoolsC - 67Exceeded62.345
Southwest ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsD - 51Met43.763
C C Spaulding ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsF - 38Met27.7100
Spring Valley ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsC - 56Met50.265
W G Pearson ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsF - 33Met23.288
Y E Smith ElementaryDurham Public SchoolsF - 35Met23.1100
Hillside New Tech HighDurham Public SchoolsC - 68Exceeded45.955
Chowan MiddleEdenton-Chowan SchoolsC - 61Exceeded52.363
D F Walker ElementaryEdenton-Chowan SchoolsD - 54NotMet52.565
John A Holmes HighEdenton-Chowan SchoolsC - 58NotMet39.958
White Oak ElementaryEdenton-Chowan SchoolsI - NANANA72
G W Bulluck ElementaryEdgecombe County Public SchoolC - 57Exceeded49.358
G W Carver ElementaryEdgecombe County Public SchoolD - 54Exceeded44.452
Coker-Wimberly ElementaryEdgecombe County Public SchoolF - 39Met27.464
Edgecombe Early College HighEdgecombe County Public SchoolA - 92Exceeded90.719
North Edgecombe HighEdgecombe County Public SchoolD - 51Met21.661
Phillips MiddleEdgecombe County Public SchoolF - 26NotMet16.057
Princeville ElementaryEdgecombe County Public SchoolF - 33Met23.275
South Edgecombe MiddleEdgecombe County Public SchoolD - 51Exceeded41.550
W A Pattillo MiddleEdgecombe County Public SchoolF - 36Exceeded22.567
West Edgecombe MiddleEdgecombe County Public SchoolD - 40NotMet33.658
SouthWest Edgecombe HighEdgecombe County Public SchoolC - 56Met33.548
Stocks ElementaryEdgecombe County Public SchoolF - 30NotMet21.881
Tarboro HighEdgecombe County Public SchoolC - 55Met22.150
Martin Millennium AcademyEdgecombe County Public SchoolF - 38Met28.858
Elkin ElementaryElkin City SchoolsB - 73Met70.846
Elkin HighElkin City SchoolsB - 79Met71.137
Elkin MiddleElkin City SchoolsB - 70Met66.248
Ashley AcademyForsyth County SchoolsF - 29NotMet20.591
Atkins Academic & Tech HighForsyth County SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded80.840
Bolton ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 52Met43.988
Brunson ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsB - 70Met70.054
Caleb's Creek ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 68Met67.134
Carver HighForsyth County SchoolsD - 44NotMet19.887
Career CenterForsyth County SchoolsI - NANANANA
Cash ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded64.341
Carter High SchoolForsyth County SchoolsNA - NANA45.857
Childrens CenterForsyth County SchoolsNA - NANA7.747
Clemmons ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsB - 81Met80.919
Clemmons Middle SchoolForsyth County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.149
Cook ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsF - 23Met11.197
The Downtown SchoolForsyth County SchoolsB - 83Met84.213
Early College of Forsyth CoForsyth County SchoolsA - 95Exceeded>95NA
East Forsyth HighForsyth County SchoolsC - 69NotMet50.936
East Forsyth Middle SchoolForsyth County SchoolsD - 45Met37.373
Easton Elementary SchoolForsyth County SchoolsF - 29Met17.598
Flat Rock MiddleForsyth County SchoolsD - 43Met32.381
Forest Park ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 40NotMet34.098
Gibson ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsF - 37Met28.492
Robert B Glenn High SchoolForsyth County SchoolsD - 54NotMet35.352
Griffith ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 44NotMet40.592
Main Street AcademyForsyth County SchoolsNA - NANA5.592
Hall-Woodward ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsF - 37NotMet31.998
Hanes Middle SchoolForsyth County SchoolsC - 69Met68.139
Homebound/ Hospital EducationForsyth County SchoolsF - 14NA11.8NA
Ibraham ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 51Met43.194
Jefferson ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsA+ - 85Met85.430
Thomas Jefferson MiddleForsyth County SchoolsB - 76Met74.032
Kernersville ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded53.877
Kernersville MiddleForsyth County SchoolsC - 59NotMet58.239
Kimberley Park ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsF - 31Met18.498
Kimmel Farm ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 56Met50.859
Kingswood SchoolForsyth County SchoolsNA - NANA<589
Konnoak ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsF - 39NotMet32.795
Diggs-Latham ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsF - 36NotMet29.996
Lewisville ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsA+ - 85Met87.224
Lowrance MiddleForsyth County SchoolsNA - NANA37.365
Meadowlark ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded84.523
Meadowlark MiddleForsyth County SchoolsB - 74Met72.923
Middle College of Forsyth CntyForsyth County SchoolsA - 96NANANA
Middle Fork ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsF - 33NotMet27.188
Mineral Springs ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded52.598
Mineral Springs MiddleForsyth County SchoolsF - 34NotMet28.794
Moore Magnet ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 55NotMet53.359
Mount Tabor High SchoolForsyth County SchoolsB - 72Met54.339
Frank Morgan ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsB - 71Met70.335
North Forsyth HighForsyth County SchoolsD - 52NotMet32.371
North Hills ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 42Met33.299
Northwest MiddleForsyth County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded44.871
Old Richmond ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded68.849
Old Town ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 43NotMet39.098
Paisley IB Magnet SchoolForsyth County SchoolsC - 62Met57.557
Parkland HighForsyth County SchoolsD - 51NotMet26.177
J F Kennedy HighForsyth County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded30.489
Petree ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 41Exceeded30.099
Philo-Hill Magnet AcademyForsyth County SchoolsF - 26NotMet17.698
Piney Grove ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsB - 70Met68.631
Ronald W Reagan High SchoolForsyth County SchoolsB - 82Met72.717
R J Reynolds HighForsyth County SchoolsC - 68NotMet55.747
Rural Hall ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 60Met54.451
Sedge Garden ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 61Met56.948
Sherwood Forest ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsB - 83Met84.317
Smith Farm ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 55NotMet52.166
Southeast MiddleForsyth County SchoolsC - 58Met52.445
South Fork ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 44Met36.388
Southwest ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 69NotMet71.646
Speas ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 46Met39.189
The Special Children's SchoolForsyth County SchoolsNA - NANA11.165
Union Cross Traditional AcadForsyth County SchoolsC - 55Met49.251
Vienna ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsA+ - 85Met84.521
Walkertown ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsC - 56NotMet54.677
Walkertown HighForsyth County SchoolsC - 61NotMet46.452
Walkertown MiddleForsyth County SchoolsD - 50Met42.564
Ward ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsD - 54NotMet49.866
West Forsyth HighForsyth County SchoolsA+ - 85Exceeded73.926
Whitaker ElementaryForsyth County SchoolsA+ - 89Met89.915
Wiley MiddleForsyth County SchoolsD - 49NotMet44.375
Winston-Salem Preparatory AcadForsyth County SchoolsF - 36NotMet23.489
Bunn ElementaryFranklin County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded52.651
Bunn HighFranklin County SchoolsC - 66Met47.639
Bunn MiddleFranklin County SchoolsD - 51Met45.942
Cedar Creek MiddleFranklin County SchoolsC - 55NotMet54.330
Edward Best ElementaryFranklin County SchoolsC - 66Met62.856
Franklin County Early CollegeFranklin County SchoolsB - 73Met59.828
Franklinton ElementaryFranklin County SchoolsD - 51Met44.770
Franklinton HighFranklin County SchoolsC - 63Met47.930
Franklinton MiddleFranklin County SchoolsF - 39NotMet35.255
Laurel Mill ElementaryFranklin County SchoolsD - 54Met48.171
Long Mill ElementaryFranklin County SchoolsD - 50NotMet48.741
Louisburg ElementaryFranklin County SchoolsD - 52Met44.470
Louisburg HighFranklin County SchoolsC - 59NotMet39.346
Terrell Lane MiddleFranklin County SchoolsD - 53Exceeded44.754
Royal ElementaryFranklin County SchoolsD - 48NotMet45.653
Youngsville ElementaryFranklin County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded72.432
Ashbrook HighGaston County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded59.253
Belmont Central ElementaryGaston County SchoolsB - 75Met72.929
Belmont MiddleGaston County SchoolsC - 63NotMet63.939
Bessemer City Central ElemGaston County SchoolsD - 43NotMet36.675
Bessemer City HighGaston County SchoolsC - 59Met39.663
Gaston Early College High SchoolGaston County SchoolsA - 89Exceeded88.745
Bessemer City PrimaryGaston County SchoolsI - NANANA75
W B Beam Intermediate SchoolGaston County SchoolsC - 60Met54.554
Brookside ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 64Met60.572
Carr ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded45.778
Catawba Heights ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 57Met51.361
Chapel Grove ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 52Met47.176
Cherryville HighGaston County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded56.738
Cherryville ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 62Met58.364
Warlick AcademyGaston County SchoolsNA - NANA17.189
Costner ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 63Met58.550
Stuart W Cramer HighGaston County SchoolsC - 65Met58.042
Cramerton MiddleGaston County SchoolsC - 65NotMet66.428
East Gaston HighGaston County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded53.833
Edward D Sadler Jr Elementary SchoolGaston County SchoolsD - 41Met31.695
Webb Street SchoolGaston County SchoolsNA - NANA23.745
Forestview HighGaston County SchoolsC - 69NotMet55.733
Gardner Park ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 55Met48.473
W P Grier Middle SchoolGaston County SchoolsD - 48Exceeded37.278
Hawks Nest IntermediateGaston County SchoolsC - 66Met61.639
Highland Sch of TechnologyGaston County SchoolsA - 96Exceeded93.523
Holbrook MiddleGaston County SchoolsD - 51NotMet47.268
Hunter Huss HighGaston County SchoolsD - 51NotMet28.967
J B Page Primary SchoolGaston County SchoolsI - NANANA30
John Chavis Middle SchoolGaston County SchoolsC - 55NotMet53.960
Kiser ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded52.457
Bessemer City MiddleGaston County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded37.476
Lingerfeldt ElementaryGaston County SchoolsF - 36Met25.492
Lowell ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded61.160
McAdenville ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 54NotMet50.960
Mount Holly MiddleGaston County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded54.448
Forest Heights ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded39.788
New Hope ElementaryGaston County SchoolsB - 78Met76.228
North Belmont ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 56Exceeded47.169
North Gaston HighGaston County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded44.148
Pinewood ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 60Met54.849
Pleasant Ridge ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 51Exceeded40.996
Ida Rankin Elementary SchoolGaston County SchoolsC - 64Met59.554
Rhyne ElementaryGaston County SchoolsF - 23NotMet15.789
Robinson ElementaryGaston County SchoolsC - 64Met62.446
Sherwood ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 46NotMet40.772
H H Beam ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 50Exceeded40.490
South Point HighGaston County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded64.821
Southwest MiddleGaston County SchoolsD - 44Met37.178
Springfield PrimaryGaston County SchoolsI - NANANA64
Stanley MiddleGaston County SchoolsC - 56Met49.558
Tryon ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 54Met50.580
W A Bess Elementary SchoolGaston County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded72.334
W C Friday Middle SchoolGaston County SchoolsD - 47NotMet43.963
Woodhill ElementaryGaston County SchoolsD - 49Met41.091
York Chester MiddleGaston County SchoolsF - 34NotMet28.191
Buckland ElementaryGates County SchoolsC - 67Met63.753
Central Middle SchoolGates County SchoolsC - 56Met52.350
Gates County Senior HighGates County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded56.444
Gatesville ElementaryGates County SchoolsC - 63Met58.771
T S Cooper ElementaryGates County SchoolsD - 51NotMet49.260
Robbinsville ElementaryGraham County SchoolsC - 65Met60.767
Robbinsville HighGraham County SchoolsC - 56NotMet42.255
Robbinsville MiddleGraham County SchoolsC - 55Met50.264
Butner-Stem MiddleGranville County SchoolsF - 38NotMet32.465
Butner-Stem ElementaryGranville County SchoolsD - 54Met46.976
C. G. Credle ElementaryGranville County SchoolsF - 34NotMet27.878
Center For Innovative LearningGranville County SchoolsNA - NANANA80
Creedmoor ElementaryGranville County SchoolsD - 45Met35.374
G. C. Hawley MiddleGranville County SchoolsD - 52NotMet50.743
Granville Central HighGranville County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded37.856
Granville Early College HighGranville County SchoolsA - 90Exceeded81.049
J. F. Webb HighGranville County SchoolsD - 50NotMet29.164
Granville Magnet SchoolGranville County SchoolsF - 38Met29.160
Mary Potter MiddleGranville County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded49.666
Mount Energy ElementaryGranville County SchoolsC - 58NotMet58.257
Northern Granville MiddleGranville County SchoolsD - 43Met33.769
Joe Toler-Oak Hill ElementaryGranville County SchoolsD - 44Met35.876
Stovall-Shaw ElementaryGranville County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded46.368
Tar River ElementaryGranville County SchoolsC - 66NotMet68.045
West Oxford ElementaryGranville County SchoolsF - 34NotMet27.480
Wilton ElementaryGranville County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded61.646
JF Webb HS Of Health And Life SciencesGranville County SchoolsB - 77Met63.723
S Granville HS Of Health Life SciencesGranville County SchoolsC - 67Met42.530
S Granville HS of Integ Tech & LeadGranville County SchoolsC - 56Met34.433
Greene Central HighGreene County SchoolsD - 54Met30.067
Greene County MiddleGreene County SchoolsD - 42NotMet35.572
Greene Early College HighGreene County SchoolsA - 86Exceeded76.972
Greene County IntermediateGreene County SchoolsD - 50Exceeded40.477
Snow Hill PrimaryGreene County SchoolsI - NANANA83
West Greene ElementaryGreene County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded39.678
Alamance ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 68Met66.448
Edwin A Alderman ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 59Met53.284
Allen Jay ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 49Met39.9100
Allen Jay Middle, A Preparatory AcademyGuilford County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded53.276
Southern Guilford MiddleGuilford County SchoolsD - 51Met43.977
Allen MiddleGuilford County SchoolsD - 51Exceeded41.093
T Wingate Andrews HighGuilford County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded36.794
Archer ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 56Met48.884
Aycock MiddleGuilford County SchoolsD - 50Exceeded40.288
Middle College High at BennettGuilford County SchoolsA - 87Exceeded81.973
Bessemer ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsF - 39Met29.0100
Bluford ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 40Met32.6100
Brightwood ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 43Met33.098
Brooks Global ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 79Met80.237
Monticello-Brown Summit ElemGuilford County SchoolsC - 64Met60.861
Brown Summit MiddleGuilford County SchoolsA - 96Met>9516
Claxton ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded69.331
Colfax ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 75Met72.836
Ceasar Cone ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsF - 33Met21.8100
James B Dudley HighGuilford County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded32.8100
Eastern Guilford HighGuilford County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded42.565
Erwin MontessoriGuilford County SchoolsC - 62NotMet60.253
Fairview ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 42Exceeded29.6100
Waldo C Falkener Sr ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 40Met30.0100
Ferndale MiddleGuilford County SchoolsF - 36NotMet30.591
Florence ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 72Met71.338
Julius I Foust ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 44Met34.4100
Cyrus P Frazier ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 43Met32.496
Gateway Education CenterGuilford County SchoolsNA - NANA10.061
Gibsonville ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 63Met57.556
Gillespie Park ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsF - 29NotMet21.8100
General Greene ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 72Met69.035
GC Middle College HighGuilford County SchoolsA - 93NANA31
Penn-Griffin SchoolsGuilford County SchoolsC - 56NotMet50.959
Grimsley HighGuilford County SchoolsB - 81Exceeded67.839
Early College at GuilfordGuilford County SchoolsA - 96Met>9511
High School Ahead AcademyGuilford County SchoolsNA - NANA52.2100
Guilford MiddleGuilford County SchoolsD - 53Met47.274
Doris Henderson Newcomers SchGuilford County SchoolsF - 7NA6.586
Middle College at GTCC-GSOGuilford County SchoolsA - 86Exceeded78.257
Guilford ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 55Met47.979
GTCC Middle College HighGuilford County SchoolsB - 81Met69.648
Otis L Hairston Sr MiddleGuilford County SchoolsF - 37Met28.4100
Hampton Elem Univ PartnershipGuilford County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded38.3100
High Point Central HighGuilford County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded42.363
The Academy at CentralGuilford County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded63.773
Middle College GTCC High PointGuilford County SchoolsB - 74Met54.158
Hunter ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 51Met43.2100
Irving Park ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 45NotMet40.977
Jackson MiddleGuilford County SchoolsF - 31NotMet25.6100
Jamestown ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 53Met47.389
Jamestown MiddleGuilford County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded57.657
Jefferson ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 67Met64.076
Jesse Wharton ElemGuilford County SchoolsB - 72Met70.833
Johnson Street Global StudiesGuilford County SchoolsD - 51Met45.787
David D Jones ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 56NotMet55.177
James Y Joyner ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 54Met47.079
Kernodle MiddleGuilford County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded74.625
Kirkman Park ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 48Met39.4100
Kiser MiddleGuilford County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded49.656
Lincoln AcademyGuilford County SchoolsC - 69NotMet71.144
John Van Lindley ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 63NotMet64.153
Madison ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 45NotMet39.465
Herbin Metz Education CenterGuilford County SchoolsNA - NANA5.970
C Joyner Greene Education CenterGuilford County SchoolsNA - NANA9.151
Eastern Guilford MiddleGuilford County SchoolsD - 50Met42.673
McLeansville ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 51Met44.182
Ronald E. McNair ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsF - 39NotMet31.193
Mendenhall MiddleGuilford County SchoolsC - 61Met55.852
Haynes Inman Education CenterGuilford County SchoolsNA - NANA6.549
Millis Road ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded67.344
Montlieu Academy of TechnologyGuilford County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded50.9100
Morehead ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 76Met74.058
Murphey Traditional AcademyGuilford County SchoolsD - 40NotMet32.497
Nathanael Greene ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 57NotMet54.241
Middle College High @ NC A&TGuilford County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded55.367
Northeast Guilford HighGuilford County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded34.565
Northern Guilford ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 78Met78.616
Northeast Guilford MiddleGuilford County SchoolsD - 47Met37.475
Northern Guilford MiddleGuilford County SchoolsB - 76Met74.822
Northern Guilford HighGuilford County SchoolsA+ - 85Exceeded74.317
Northwest Guilford HighGuilford County SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded75.914
EP Pearce ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsA+ - 85Met85.119
Northwest Guilford MiddleGuilford County SchoolsB - 82Exceeded80.615
Northwood ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 51Met45.6100
Oak Hill ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 57Met49.8100
Oak Ridge ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 80NotMet82.811
Oak View ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 49NotMet45.792
Page HighGuilford County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded57.446
Parkview Village ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 45Met36.3100
Clara J Peck ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 52Met44.5100
Peeler Open ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsF - 38Met29.984
Pilot ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 56Met51.357
Pleasant Garden ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 65Met62.648
Lucy Ragsdale HighGuilford County SchoolsB - 70Met54.247
Reedy Fork ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 48Met42.075
Rankin ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 44Met34.8100
SCALE SchoolGuilford County SchoolsNA - NANA10.1100
Pruette SCALE AcademyGuilford County SchoolsNA - NANA22.2100
Sedalia ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 51NotMet48.561
Sedgefield ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 45Met38.7100
Shadybrook ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 68Met65.146
George C Simkins Jr ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 42NotMet39.076
Ben L. Smith High SchoolGuilford County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded30.992
The Academy at SmithGuilford County SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded76.372
Southeast Guilford HighGuilford County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded57.235
Southeast Guilford MiddleGuilford County SchoolsC - 58Met53.943
Southern ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 65Met59.669
Southern Guilford HighGuilford County SchoolsB - 70Exceeded49.966
Southwest ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded78.522
Southwest Guilford HighGuilford County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded59.141
Southwest Guilford MiddleGuilford County SchoolsC - 67Met63.845
Sternberger ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsC - 65NotMet67.015
STEM Early College @ NC A&T SUGuilford County SchoolsA - 96Exceeded>9527
Stokesdale ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 78Met77.920
Summerfield ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded82.222
Sumner ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsF - 37NotMet31.898
Triangle Lake Montessori ElemGuilford County SchoolsC - 57NotMet53.563
UNCG Early/Middle CollegeGuilford County SchoolsA - 88Exceeded82.949
Union Hill ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 44Met34.5100
Vandalia ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsD - 45Met38.396
Washington ElementaryGuilford County SchoolsF - 38NotMet30.8100
Philip J Weaver Ed CenterGuilford County SchoolsA - 91Met88.117
Welborn MiddleGuilford County SchoolsF - 30NotMet25.5100
Western Guilford HighGuilford County SchoolsC - 68Met53.646
Wiley Accel/EnrichmentGuilford County SchoolsF - 36NotMet27.6100
Aurelian Springs ElementaryHalifax County SchoolsD - 50Met42.9100
Dawson ElementaryHalifax County SchoolsF - 33NotMet27.1100
Enfield MiddleHalifax County SchoolsF - 31Exceeded16.7100
Everetts ElementaryHalifax County SchoolsF - 38Met28.9100
Hollister ElementaryHalifax County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded48.6100
Inborden ElementaryHalifax County SchoolsD - 41Exceeded30.0100
Northwest Halifax HighHalifax County SchoolsD - 53Met26.7100
Pittman ElementaryHalifax County SchoolsC - 67Met62.9100
Scotland Neck PrimaryHalifax County SchoolsD - 54Met46.9100
Southeast Halifax HighHalifax County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded26.1100
William R Davie MiddleHalifax County SchoolsD - 43NotMet36.8100
Anderson Creek PrimaryHarnett County SchoolsI - NANANA60
Angier ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded44.975
Benhaven ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsD - 52NotMet48.064
Boone Trail ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded50.162
Buies Creek ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsC - 66Met63.242
Coats ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded49.070
Coats-Erwin MiddleHarnett County SchoolsD - 48NotMet43.967
Dunn MiddleHarnett County SchoolsD - 45Met36.477
Erwin ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded51.866
Gentry PrimaryHarnett County SchoolsI - NANANA74
Harnett PrimaryHarnett County SchoolsD - 42NotMet37.085
STAR AcademyHarnett County SchoolsNA - NANA5.095
Harnett Central HighHarnett County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded52.354
Harnett Central MiddleHarnett County SchoolsD - 50Met45.256
Johnsonville ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsD - 41NotMet36.075
Highland ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsC - 65Met61.444
Highland MiddleHarnett County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.2NA
LaFayette ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsB - 71Met67.542
Lillington-Shawtown ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded38.266
North Harnett PrimaryHarnett County SchoolsI - NANANA78
Overhills ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsC - 56Met49.146
Overhills MiddleHarnett County SchoolsD - 45NotMet42.150
Overhills HighHarnett County SchoolsC - 55NotMet39.446
South Harnett ElementaryHarnett County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded50.864
Triton HighHarnett County SchoolsC - 58NotMet39.759
Wayne Avenue ElemHarnett County SchoolsD - 41Exceeded28.981
Western Harnett HighHarnett County SchoolsC - 62NotMet44.757
Western Harnett MiddleHarnett County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded44.159
Bethel ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsB - 76NotMet80.156
Bethel MiddleHaywood County SchoolsB - 72Met68.948
Canton MiddleHaywood County SchoolsC - 64NotMet64.056
Central ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsC - 66Met62.6100
Central Haywood HighHaywood County SchoolsNA - NANA20.498
Clyde ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded72.669
Riverbend ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsA+ - 88Exceeded88.149
Haywood Early CollegeHaywood County SchoolsA - 86Met81.848
Hazelwood ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsB - 71Met69.261
Jonathan Valley ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsB - 71Met69.752
Junaluska ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsB - 79Met78.747
Meadowbrook ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded67.664
North Canton ElementaryHaywood County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded70.069
Pisgah HighHaywood County SchoolsC - 69NotMet58.447
Tuscola HighHaywood County SchoolsC - 66NotMet58.141
Waynesville MiddleHaywood County SchoolsC - 65Met62.457
Apple Valley MiddleHenderson County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded60.667
Atkinson ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded73.446
Bruce Drysdale ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsD - 53NotMet51.576
Clear Creek ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsB - 79Met77.767
Dana ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsB - 70Met66.579
East Henderson HighHenderson County SchoolsC - 69NotMet57.550
Edneyville ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsC - 57NotMet54.473
Etowah ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsB - 79Met80.457
Flat Rock MiddleHenderson County SchoolsC - 65Met62.166
Fletcher ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded71.044
Hendersonville ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsB - 80Met79.135
Hendersonville HighHenderson County SchoolsB - 84Exceeded73.337
Hendersonville MiddleHenderson County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded71.647
Hillandale ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded63.268
Glenn C Marlow ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsA+ - 86Exceeded86.133
Mills River ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded72.440
North Henderson HighHenderson County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded57.153
Rugby MiddleHenderson County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded73.542
Balfour Education CenterHenderson County SchoolsNA - NANA15.8100
Sugarloaf ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsC - 60Met55.489
Upward ElementaryHenderson County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded59.081
West Henderson HighHenderson County SchoolsB - 78Met70.634
Henderson County Early CollegeHenderson County SchoolsA - 98Exceeded>9557
Ahoskie ElementaryHertford County SchoolsD - 42NotMet35.383
Bearfield PrimaryHertford County SchoolsD - 51Exceeded42.486
Hertford County MiddleHertford County SchoolsF - 36NotMet31.285
Hertford County HighHertford County SchoolsC - 57Met27.273
Hertford Co Early CollegeHertford County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded67.369
Riverview ElementaryHertford County SchoolsD - 40Met30.291
CS Brown HighHertford County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded62.796
Northview MiddleHickory City SchoolsC - 68Exceeded61.057
Grandview MiddleHickory City SchoolsD - 48NotMet44.571
Hickory Career Arts Magnet High SchoolHickory City SchoolsD - 45NotMet24.588
Hickory HighHickory City SchoolsC - 62NotMet51.751
W M Jenkins ElementaryHickory City SchoolsC - 67Exceeded61.948
Longview ElementaryHickory City SchoolsD - 54Met47.0100
Oakwood ElementaryHickory City SchoolsB - 77Exceeded73.456
Southwest ElementaryHickory City SchoolsD - 41Met32.096
Viewmont ElementaryHickory City SchoolsD - 49NotMet46.168
Don D Steed ElementaryHoke County SchoolsB - 70Exceeded64.349
Hoke County HighHoke County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded45.965
J W McLauchlin ElementaryHoke County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded49.5100
West Hoke MiddleHoke County SchoolsD - 48Exceeded38.390
Scurlock ElementaryHoke County SchoolsD - 48Met40.582
Hawk Eye ElementaryHoke County SchoolsD - 50Met42.1100
East Hoke MiddleHoke County SchoolsC - 55Met48.565
West Hoke ElementaryHoke County SchoolsD - 46Met36.2100
Rockfish Hoke ElementaryHoke County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded69.543
J W Turlington SchoolHoke County SchoolsNA - NANA11.4100
Upchurch ElementaryHoke County SchoolsC - 61Met55.878
Sandy Grove ElementaryHoke County SchoolsD - 51Met45.171
Sandy Grove MiddleHoke County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded54.365
SandHoke Early College HighHoke County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded65.849
Mattamuskeet ElementaryHyde County SchoolsC - 60NotMet57.180
Ocracoke SchoolHyde County SchoolsA - 86Met86.468
Mattamuskeet Early College HighHyde County SchoolsD - 50Met33.881
Brawley MiddleIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 77Exceeded72.816
Career Academy and Technical SchoolIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 69Met53.30
Celeste Henkel ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 61Met55.767
Central ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 75Met73.247
Coddle Creek ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 76Met73.929
Cloverleaf ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsD - 51Exceeded41.669
Collaborative College for TechnologyIredell-Statesville SchoolsA - 95Exceeded92.235
Cool Spring ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 75Exceeded70.750
East Iredell ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsD - 49Exceeded39.977
East Iredell MiddleIredell-Statesville SchoolsD - 41NotMet37.070
Harmony ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 68Exceeded61.872
Lake Norman HighIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 81Met71.39
Lake Norman ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 79Met77.513
Lakeshore ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 73Exceeded69.923
Lakeshore MiddleIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 66NotMet65.030
Monticello SchoolIredell-Statesville SchoolsNA - NANA13.083
Mount Mourne SchoolIredell-Statesville SchoolsA - 90Met94.65
N B Mills ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsF - 39Met28.693
North Iredell HighIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 59NotMet47.541
Northview SchoolIredell-Statesville SchoolsA+ - 88Exceeded87.628
Scotts ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 62Met56.369
North Iredell MiddleIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 56Met50.153
Pressly SchoolIredell-Statesville SchoolsNA - NANA7.390
Statesville MiddleIredell-Statesville SchoolsF - 25NotMet18.590
Statesville HighIredell-Statesville SchoolsD - 51NotMet29.159
Visual and Performing Arts CenterIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 83Exceeded76.533
Sharon ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 71Met68.852
Shepherd ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 71Met70.446
South Iredell HighIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 76Met71.830
Third Creek ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsD - 49Exceeded39.886
Troutman ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.055
Troutman MiddleIredell-Statesville SchoolsD - 48NotMet46.758
Union Grove ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 65Exceeded59.562
West Iredell HighIredell-Statesville SchoolsC - 56NotMet35.552
West Iredell MiddleIredell-Statesville SchoolsF - 37NotMet33.963
Woodland Heights ElementaryIredell-Statesville SchoolsB - 80NotMet82.88
Blue Ridge Early CollegeJackson County SchoolsC - 60NotMet51.157
Cullowhee Valley SchoolJackson County SchoolsC - 60Met54.360
Fairview ElementaryJackson County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded60.959
Blue Ridge SchoolJackson County SchoolsD - 48Met39.380
Jackson Co Early CollegeJackson County SchoolsA - 86Met81.743
Jackson Co Sch of AlternativesJackson County SchoolsNA - NANA28.998
Scotts Creek ElementaryJackson County SchoolsD - 52NotMet49.559
Smokey Mountain ElementaryJackson County SchoolsD - 48Met40.276
Smoky Mountain HighJackson County SchoolsB - 71Met55.349
Benson ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsD - 49NotMet45.366
Benson MiddleJohnston County SchoolsC - 58Met51.054
Clayton HighJohnston County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded57.826
West Clayton ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 64Met59.838
Cleveland HighJohnston County SchoolsB - 82Exceeded71.521
Cleveland ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsB - 75Met76.027
Cleveland MiddleJohnston County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded79.122
Cooper ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsD - 51NotMet48.556
Corinth-Holders ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 65Met60.061
Corinth Holders HighJohnston County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded68.822
Dixon Road ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 65Met62.438
East Clayton ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.522
Four Oaks ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 58Met51.158
Four Oaks MiddleJohnston County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded52.952
North Johnston MiddleJohnston County SchoolsD - 52Met47.255
Glendale-Kenly ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 57NotMet54.957
Johnston Co Middle CollegeJohnston County SchoolsA - 99NANA10
McGee's Crossroads ElemJohnston County SchoolsC - 62Met57.939
McGee's Crossroads MiddleJohnston County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded57.434
Meadow SchoolJohnston County SchoolsC - 62Met56.648
Archer Lodge MiddleJohnston County SchoolsC - 66Met61.536
Johnston Co Early College AcademyJohnston County SchoolsA - 93Exceeded90.634
North Johnston HighJohnston County SchoolsB - 70Exceeded51.144
Micro-Pine Level ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 57Met50.461
Powhatan ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsB - 71NotMet73.915
Princeton ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 62Met57.450
Princeton HighJohnston County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded58.042
River Dell ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 66NotMet67.923
Riverwood ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsB - 71Met71.218
Riverwood MiddleJohnston County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded69.721
South Campus Community HighJohnston County SchoolsNA - NANA17.668
South Campus Community MiddleJohnston County SchoolsNA - NANA14.9100
Selma ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded38.988
Selma Middle SchoolJohnston County SchoolsF - 37NotMet30.877
West Smithfield ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsD - 46Exceeded34.592
Smithfield MiddleJohnston County SchoolsD - 54Met46.769
Smithfield-Selma HighJohnston County SchoolsD - 51NotMet38.154
South Johnston HighJohnston County SchoolsC - 68Met50.842
South Smithfield ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsD - 54Met49.279
West Johnston HighJohnston County SchoolsC - 69NotMet57.523
Wilson's Mills ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded65.667
Polenta ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsC - 61Met56.033
Clayton MiddleJohnston County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded57.536
West View ElementaryJohnston County SchoolsB - 73Met70.221
Pollocksville ElementaryJones County SchoolsD - 50Exceeded38.785
Comfort ElementaryJones County SchoolsD - 51Met43.988
Jones Senior HighJones County SchoolsB - 70Met51.678
Jones MiddleJones County SchoolsC - 69Met65.279
Maysville ElementaryJones County SchoolsD - 50NotMet44.781
Trenton ElementaryJones County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded62.882
A L Brown HighKannapolis City SchoolsC - 58NotMet40.561
Forest Park ElementaryKannapolis City SchoolsC - 63Exceeded55.468
Fred L Wilson ElementaryKannapolis City SchoolsD - 45Met37.785
Jackson Park ElementaryKannapolis City SchoolsD - 52Met45.278
Kannapolis IntermediateKannapolis City SchoolsD - 42NotMet39.977
Kannapolis MiddleKannapolis City SchoolsD - 44NotMet37.973
Shady Brook ElementaryKannapolis City SchoolsC - 58Exceeded51.475
Woodrow Wilson ElementaryKannapolis City SchoolsD - 49Met42.685
BT Bullock ElementaryLee County SchoolsC - 56NotMet52.378
Bragg Street AcademyLee County SchoolsNA - NANA10.684
Broadway ElementaryLee County SchoolsD - 50NotMet47.378
Deep River ElementaryLee County SchoolsC - 57Met51.581
East Lee MiddleLee County SchoolsD - 49NotMet44.565
Floyd L Knight Children CenterLee County SchoolsNA - NANA12.260
Greenwood ElementaryLee County SchoolsC - 59Met56.379
Lee Early CollegeLee County SchoolsB - 73NotMet58.451
Lee County HighLee County SchoolsD - 54NotMet35.453
J Glenn Edwards ElementaryLee County SchoolsC - 59Met54.082
SanLee Middle SchoolLee County SchoolsD - 54NotMet52.973
Southern Lee High SchoolLee County SchoolsC - 56NotMet40.557
Tramway ElementaryLee County SchoolsC - 69NotMet70.139
J R Ingram Jr ElementaryLee County SchoolsC - 62NotMet60.663
West Lee MiddleLee County SchoolsD - 52Met48.062
Warren Williams Elementary AlternativeLee County SchoolsNA - NANA33.394
Banks ElementaryLenoir County Public SchoolsC - 65Met60.945
Contentnea-Savannah SchoolLenoir County Public SchoolsD - 47NotMet42.956
E B Frink MiddleLenoir County Public SchoolsD - 46NotMet44.040
Kinston HighLenoir County Public SchoolsD - 44NotMet21.060
La Grange ElementaryLenoir County Public SchoolsD - 54Met46.160
Lenoir County Early College HighLenoir County Public SchoolsB - 74NotMet70.234
Lenoir County Learning AcademyLenoir County Public SchoolsNA - NANA5.052
Moss Hill ElementaryLenoir County Public SchoolsC - 66Met64.655
North Lenoir HighLenoir County Public SchoolsD - 54NotMet32.035
Northeast ElementaryLenoir County Public SchoolsF - 34NotMet25.785
Northwest ElementaryLenoir County Public SchoolsD - 47Met38.460
Pink Hill ElementaryLenoir County Public SchoolsC - 56Exceeded49.054
Rochelle MiddleLenoir County Public SchoolsF - 34Met24.171
South Lenoir HighLenoir County Public SchoolsC - 60NotMet45.232
Southeast ElementaryLenoir County Public SchoolsF - 30Met18.088
Southwood ElementaryLenoir County Public SchoolsC - 57Met51.949
Woodington MiddleLenoir County Public SchoolsD - 48NotMet46.142
Charles England Elementary SchoolLexington City SchoolsC - 58Met51.885
Lexington Middle SchoolLexington City SchoolsD - 47Met40.187
Lexington Senior HighLexington City SchoolsC - 61Met37.178
Pickett Elementary SchoolLexington City SchoolsC - 61Met58.493
South Lexington SchoolLexington City SchoolsI - NANANA92
South Lexington Development CenterLexington City SchoolsNA - NANA73.258
Southwest Elementary SchoolLexington City SchoolsC - 66Met61.891
Asbury SchoolLincoln County SchoolsNA - NANA8.978
Battleground ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsD - 52Met45.9100
Catawba Springs ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded77.931
GE Massey ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsC - 68Met63.579
East Lincoln HighLincoln County SchoolsC - 69NotMet59.435
East Lincoln MiddleLincoln County SchoolsB - 71Met68.235
Kiser IntermediateLincoln County SchoolsC - 56Met50.281
Iron Station ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsC - 66Met61.958
LCSTLincoln County SchoolsI - NANANANA
Lincolnton HighLincoln County SchoolsC - 63NotMet46.766
Lincolnton MiddleLincoln County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded53.272
Love Memorial ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsC - 63Met57.363
Childers ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsB - 75Met73.362
North Brook ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded64.559
North Lincoln HighLincoln County SchoolsB - 81Exceeded71.929
Pumpkin Center PrimaryLincoln County SchoolsI - NANANA43
Pumpkin Center IntermediateLincoln County SchoolsB - 74Met72.337
North Lincoln MiddleLincoln County SchoolsB - 76Met75.533
Rock Springs ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsB - 77Met75.627
S Ray Lowder ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsC - 63Met60.271
St James ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsB - 80Met80.528
Union ElementaryLincoln County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded76.551
West Lincoln HighLincoln County SchoolsC - 66NotMet54.753
West Lincoln MiddleLincoln County SchoolsC - 62Met57.560
Cartoogechaye ElementaryMacon County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded64.070
East Franklin ElementaryMacon County SchoolsC - 58Met52.879
Franklin HighMacon County SchoolsC - 63NotMet49.159
Highlands SchoolMacon County SchoolsB - 72Met64.249
Iotla Valley ElementaryMacon County SchoolsC - 67Met62.779
Macon Early College High SchoolMacon County SchoolsB - 82Met73.448
Macon Middle SchoolMacon County SchoolsC - 61Met55.766
Mountain View IntermediateMacon County SchoolsD - 52NotMet52.069
Nantahala SchoolMacon County SchoolsC - 61Met55.083
South Macon ElementaryMacon County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded67.673
Union AcademyMacon County SchoolsNA - NANA14.890
Brush Creek ElementaryMadison County SchoolsB - 70Met67.069
Hot Springs ElementaryMadison County SchoolsC - 69Met65.881
Laurel ElementaryMadison County SchoolsC - 61Met55.690
Madison Early College HighMadison County SchoolsA - 87Exceeded87.148
Madison HighMadison County SchoolsC - 64NotMet48.357
Madison MiddleMadison County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded55.761
Mars Hill ElementaryMadison County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.661
Williamston PrimaryMartin County SchoolsI - NANANA69
E J Hayes ElementaryMartin County SchoolsD - 46NotMet42.663
East End ElementaryMartin County SchoolsF - 33NotMet25.061
Edna Andrews ElementaryMartin County SchoolsD - 41Met33.559
Jamesville ElementaryMartin County SchoolsD - 51NotMet47.146
South Creek HighMartin County SchoolsC - 66Met50.738
South Creek MiddleMartin County SchoolsC - 56Met49.454
Rodgers ElementaryMartin County SchoolsD - 49Met41.946
Riverside HighMartin County SchoolsC - 58NotMet43.338
Riverside MiddleMartin County SchoolsD - 44NotMet41.255
Eastfield Global MagnetMcDowell County SchoolsD - 49NotMet46.5100
East McDowell MiddleMcDowell County SchoolsC - 56NotMet54.764
Glenwood ElementaryMcDowell County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded63.682
Marion ElementaryMcDowell County SchoolsC - 57NotMet56.190
McDowell Early CollegeMcDowell County SchoolsA - 85Met81.539
McDowell HighMcDowell County SchoolsC - 59NotMet45.354
Nebo ElementaryMcDowell County SchoolsD - 51NotMet48.691
North Cove ElementaryMcDowell County SchoolsC - 62Met59.277
Old Fort ElementaryMcDowell County SchoolsC - 60Met56.388
Pleasant Gardens ElementaryMcDowell County SchoolsD - 50NotMet47.170
West Marion ElementaryMcDowell County SchoolsC - 59Met52.498
West McDowell MiddleMcDowell County SchoolsC - 58Met53.761
McDowell AECMcDowell County SchoolsNA - NANA20.378
Bowman MiddleMitchell County SchoolsC - 65Met60.952
Deyton ElementaryMitchell County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded58.663
Gouge ElementaryMitchell County SchoolsD - 52Met44.262
Greenlee PrimaryMitchell County SchoolsI - NANANA67
Harris MiddleMitchell County SchoolsC - 59Met56.660
Mayland Early CollegeMitchell County SchoolsB - 74Met66.769
Mitchell HighMitchell County SchoolsB - 70Met57.047
Montgomery Learning AcademyMontgomery County SchoolsNA - NANA<587
Candor ElementaryMontgomery County SchoolsC - 59Met54.492
East MiddleMontgomery County SchoolsD - 52Exceeded42.887
East Montgomery HighMontgomery County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded54.469
Green Ridge ElementaryMontgomery County SchoolsC - 56Exceeded45.487
Mount Gilead ElementaryMontgomery County SchoolsD - 54Met47.678
Page Street ElementaryMontgomery County SchoolsC - 66Met60.963
Star ElementaryMontgomery County SchoolsC - 63Met58.073
Troy ElementaryMontgomery County SchoolsI - NANANA66
West MiddleMontgomery County SchoolsD - 50Met43.365
West Montgomery HighMontgomery County SchoolsC - 55NotMet36.960
Aberdeen PrimaryMoore County SchoolsI - NANANA78
Aberdeen ElementaryMoore County SchoolsD - 41NotMet35.078
Cameron ElementaryMoore County SchoolsD - 54NotMet53.458
Carthage ElementaryMoore County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded60.059
Crain's Creek MiddleMoore County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.049
Elise MiddleMoore County SchoolsD - 52Exceeded40.989
Sandhills Farm Life ElementaryMoore County SchoolsB - 76Met74.222
Highfalls ElementaryMoore County SchoolsC - 61NotMet58.842
The Community Learning Center @ PinckneyMoore County SchoolsNA - NANA6.283
New Century MiddleMoore County SchoolsB - 70Met69.336
North Moore HighMoore County SchoolsC - 69Met52.254
Pinecrest HighMoore County SchoolsB - 72Met59.632
Pinehurst ElementaryMoore County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded76.815
Robbins ElementaryMoore County SchoolsF - 39NotMet33.389
Southern MiddleMoore County SchoolsD - 50NotMet47.559
Southern Pines PrimaryMoore County SchoolsI - NANANA55
Southern Pines ElementaryMoore County SchoolsC - 64Met61.350
Union Pines HighMoore County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded57.233
Vass-Lakeview ElementaryMoore County SchoolsC - 63NotMet62.056
West End ElementaryMoore County SchoolsC - 64NotMet63.638
West Pine ElementaryMoore County SchoolsB - 84Exceeded82.733
West Pine MiddleMoore County SchoolsB - 72NotMet74.426
Westmoore ElementaryMoore County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded55.954
East Mooresville IntermediateMooresville City SchoolsC - 69NotMet71.440
NF Woods Adv Tech and Arts CenterMooresville City SchoolsI - NANANANA
Mooresville IntermediateMooresville City SchoolsC - 67NotMet68.640
Mooresville MiddleMooresville City SchoolsC - 65NotMet67.935
Mooresville Senior HighMooresville City SchoolsB - 80Exceeded70.934
Park View ElementaryMooresville City SchoolsB - 83Exceeded81.250
Rocky River ElementaryMooresville City SchoolsB - 82NotMet84.829
South ElementaryMooresville City SchoolsB - 81Exceeded79.360
Bruce H Tharrington ElemMount Airy City SchoolsI - NANANA72
Jones ElementaryMount Airy City SchoolsB - 72Exceeded66.566
Mount Airy HighMount Airy City SchoolsB - 80Exceeded62.644
Mount Airy MiddleMount Airy City SchoolsC - 68Met64.355
Fairview ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsI - NANANA100
Bailey ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsC - 55Met49.581
Baskerville ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 40NotMet35.1100
Benvenue ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 51Met43.276
Cedar Grove ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 54Met47.0100
Nash Central MiddleNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 54Met46.659
Coopers ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsC - 61NotMet59.952
D S Johnson ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsF - 39Exceeded27.2100
Englewood ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 51Met43.868
G R Edwards MiddleNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 54Exceeded46.173
M B Hubbard ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsF - 34NotMet26.280
J W Parker MiddleNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsF - 36Met25.6100
Rocky Mount MiddleNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsF - 38Met29.5100
Middlesex ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsC - 56Exceeded47.3100
Tar River AcademyNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsNA - NANA<5100
Nash Central HighNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 49NotMet28.458
NRM Early College High SchoolNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsB - 84Exceeded77.145
Nashville ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 52NotMet48.162
Northern Nash HighNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsC - 55NotMet36.852
Red Oak MiddleNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 54Exceeded44.559
Red Oak ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsI - NANANA54
Rocky Mount HighNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 49NotMet32.870
Southern Nash MiddleNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 53Exceeded42.859
Southern Nash HighNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsC - 55NotMet36.959
Spring Hope ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 46NotMet40.474
Swift Creek ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsC - 65Met61.656
Williford ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsD - 41Met31.0100
Winstead Avenue ElementaryNash-Rocky Mount SchoolsI - NANANA71
Bradley Creek ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 69Met64.857
Carolina Beach ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded74.436
Castle Hayne ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 68Met65.663
Charles P Murray MiddleNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 66NotMet68.541
R Freeman Sch of EngineeringNew Hanover County SchoolsF - 36Met27.0100
College Park ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded50.477
Edwin A Anderson ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 70Met67.141
Edwin A Alderman ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 58Met53.0100
Emma B Trask MiddleNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 67Met63.648
Emsley A Laney HighNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 70NotMet58.338
Eugene Ashley HighNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 69NotMet58.941
Forest Hills Global ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 62Met56.388
Gregory School of Math Science and TechNew Hanover County SchoolsD - 50Met43.2100
Heyward C Bellamy ElemNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded75.039
Holly Tree ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 83Met84.029
Isaac M Bear HighNew Hanover County SchoolsA - 95Exceeded94.248
John J Blair ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 64Met60.941
John T Hoggard HighNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 77Met69.527
Holly Shelter MiddleNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 63Met57.753
Lake Forest AcademyNew Hanover County SchoolsNA - NANA6.0100
Mary C Williams ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded59.299
Murrayville ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 71Met69.746
M C S Noble MiddleNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 75Met74.132
Myrtle Grove MiddleNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 62NotMet63.846
New Hanover HighNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 66NotMet55.051
Dr Hubert Eaton Sr ElemNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 84Exceeded84.216
LakesideNew Hanover County SchoolsNA - NANA12.090
Mary Sidberry Mosley PLCNew Hanover County SchoolsNA - NANA8.599
Ogden ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsA+ - 86Met87.716
Pine Valley ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded68.048
Roland-Grise MiddleNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 66NotMet68.131
Dr John Codington ElemNew Hanover County SchoolsA+ - 85Met84.926
Sunset Park ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 56Met49.3100
Walter L Parsley ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsA+ - 90Exceeded89.914
A H Snipes Academy of Arts/DesNew Hanover County SchoolsF - 39Met29.6100
Williston MiddleNew Hanover County SchoolsD - 46NotMet43.0100
Wilmington Early College HighNew Hanover County SchoolsA - 87Met79.751
Winter Park Model ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsD - 52Met45.796
Wrightsboro ElementaryNew Hanover County SchoolsC - 55Met47.2100
Wrightsville Beach ElemNew Hanover County SchoolsA - 94Exceeded>9511
D.C. Virgo Preparatory AcademyNew Hanover County SchoolsD - 42Met31.9100
College Road Early Childhood CenterNew Hanover County SchoolsI - NANANA86
Conover Special EducationNewton Conover City SchoolsNA - NANA28.465
Newton-Conover HighNewton Conover City SchoolsC - 65NotMet46.356
Newton-Conover MiddleNewton Conover City SchoolsD - 42NotMet39.765
Shuford ElementaryNewton Conover City SchoolsC - 67Met65.360
South Newton ElementaryNewton Conover City SchoolsC - 56Met52.183
North Newton ElementaryNewton Conover City SchoolsC - 59Exceeded52.382
Discovery High SchoolNewton Conover City SchoolsB - 81NotMet80.145
Central ElementaryNorthampton County SchoolsF - 36Met26.192
Conway MiddleNorthampton County SchoolsF - 32NotMet26.182
Gaston ElementaryNorthampton County SchoolsF - 39Met29.594
Gaston MiddleNorthampton County SchoolsF - 33Met23.788
Northampton County High SchoolNorthampton County SchoolsD - 47NotMet24.081
Squire ElementaryNorthampton County SchoolsI - NANANA92
Willis Hare ElementaryNorthampton County SchoolsD - 49NotMet44.589
Bell Fork ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 65Met61.763
Blue Creek ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 56NotMet52.863
Carolina Forest ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsB - 70Met69.036
Clyde Erwin ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsD - 53NotMet49.374
Dixon ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.635
Dixon MiddleOnslow County SchoolsD - 53NotMet50.744
Dixon HighOnslow County SchoolsB - 70Met54.034
Hunters Creek ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 67Met62.569
Hunters Creek MiddleOnslow County SchoolsD - 45NotMet42.843
Jacksonville Commons ElemOnslow County SchoolsC - 59NotMet57.255
Jacksonville HighOnslow County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded54.937
Jacksonville Commons MiddleOnslow County SchoolsD - 47NotMet43.154
Meadow View ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 61Met54.951
Morton ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded55.651
New Bridge MiddleOnslow County SchoolsC - 67Met62.336
Northwoods ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded47.769
Northside HighOnslow County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded60.141
Queens Creek ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 66Met64.248
Northwoods Park MiddleOnslow County SchoolsD - 41NotMet38.948
Richlands PrimaryOnslow County SchoolsI - NANANA41
Parkwood ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsD - 54NotMet52.841
Richlands ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsD - 51NotMet50.845
Richlands HighOnslow County SchoolsC - 64NotMet52.334
Sand Ridge ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 64Met59.246
Silverdale ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsD - 52Met47.549
Southwest ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 64Met61.851
Southwest HighOnslow County SchoolsC - 68Met52.445
Southwest MiddleOnslow County SchoolsC - 57Met53.255
Summersill ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 59NotMet57.357
Stateside ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsC - 59NotMet59.933
Swansboro ElementaryOnslow County SchoolsB - 70Met67.535
Swansboro MiddleOnslow County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded54.743
Swansboro HighOnslow County SchoolsB - 70NotMet58.933
Trexler MiddleOnslow County SchoolsD - 54NotMet51.439
White Oak HighOnslow County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded53.233
A L Stanback MiddleOrange County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded59.349
Cameron Park ElementaryOrange County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded71.836
Cedar Ridge HighOrange County SchoolsC - 67NotMet57.231
Central ElementaryOrange County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded49.069
Charles W Stanford MiddleOrange County SchoolsC - 65Met63.434
Efland Cheeks ElementaryOrange County SchoolsD - 51Met44.663
Gravelly Hill MiddleOrange County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded55.444
Grady Brown ElementaryOrange County SchoolsC - 65Met61.347
Hillsborough ElementaryOrange County SchoolsB - 71Met71.216
New Hope ElementaryOrange County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded59.863
Orange HighOrange County SchoolsC - 66NotMet53.833
Partnership AcademyOrange County SchoolsNA - NANA36.463
Pathways ElementaryOrange County SchoolsC - 66Met62.045
Fred A Anderson ElementaryPamlico County SchoolsC - 58Met53.264
Pamlico County MiddlePamlico County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded54.469
Pamlico County HighPamlico County SchoolsC - 66NotMet54.253
Pamlico County PrimaryPamlico County SchoolsI - NANANA73
Central ElementaryPasquotank County SchoolsC - 61Met56.159
Elizabeth City MiddlePasquotank County SchoolsD - 44NotMet39.966
H L Trigg CommunityPasquotank County SchoolsNA - NANA9.380
Northside ElementaryPasquotank County SchoolsC - 62Met60.256
J C Sawyer ElementaryPasquotank County SchoolsC - 56Met51.470
Northeastern HighPasquotank County SchoolsC - 64Met42.153
Pasquotank ElementaryPasquotank County SchoolsD - 50Met43.875
Pasquotank County HighPasquotank County SchoolsC - 60Met38.660
P W Moore ElementaryPasquotank County SchoolsD - 41NotMet35.789
River Road MiddlePasquotank County SchoolsD - 48NotMet45.161
Sheep-Harney ElementaryPasquotank County SchoolsD - 53Met46.082
Weeksville ElementaryPasquotank County SchoolsB - 70Met66.647
Burgaw ElementaryPender County SchoolsC - 57Met49.981
Burgaw MiddlePender County SchoolsD - 46Met37.474
Cape Fear ElementaryPender County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded58.567
Cape Fear MiddlePender County SchoolsD - 54Met46.170
Heide Trask HighPender County SchoolsC - 64Met44.466
North Topsail ElementaryPender County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded67.644
Malpass Corner ElementaryPender County SchoolsD - 54Met46.984
Pender HighPender County SchoolsC - 61Met43.073
Pender Early College HighPender County SchoolsA - 89Exceeded83.946
Penderlea ElementaryPender County SchoolsC - 59Met53.362
Rocky Point ElementaryPender County SchoolsD - 52Exceeded43.385
Topsail HighPender County SchoolsB - 81Exceeded69.426
Topsail ElementaryPender County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded76.831
Topsail MiddlePender County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded69.831
South Topsail ElementaryPender County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded73.526
West Pender MiddlePender County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded39.386
Perquimans CentralPerquimans County SchoolsI - NANANA66
Hertford GrammarPerquimans County SchoolsC - 62Met58.866
Perquimans County HighPerquimans County SchoolsC - 60NotMet44.554
Perquimans County MiddlePerquimans County SchoolsD - 43NotMet41.363
Helena ElementaryPerson County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded80.146
North ElementaryPerson County SchoolsD - 41Met30.8100
North End ElementaryPerson County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded60.283
Northern MiddlePerson County SchoolsD - 46NotMet43.279
Oak Lane ElementaryPerson County SchoolsB - 70Met65.743
Person HighPerson County SchoolsC - 62NotMet46.855
Stories Creek ElementaryPerson County SchoolsB - 74Met71.484
South ElementaryPerson County SchoolsD - 40NotMet32.9100
Southern MiddlePerson County SchoolsD - 50NotMet47.766
Woodland ElementaryPerson County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded77.752
A G Cox MiddlePitt County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded55.843
Ayden ElementaryPitt County SchoolsC - 56Met51.362
Ayden MiddlePitt County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded52.966
Ayden-Grifton HighPitt County SchoolsD - 52NotMet32.758
Belvoir ElementaryPitt County SchoolsD - 47Exceeded37.4100
Bethel ElementaryPitt County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded45.864
C M Eppes MiddlePitt County SchoolsD - 46Met37.577
Creekside ElementaryPitt County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded49.350
ChicodPitt County SchoolsB - 72Met68.935
D H Conley HighPitt County SchoolsB - 72Met60.035
Falkland ElementaryPitt County SchoolsF - 37NotMet31.477
Eastern ElementaryPitt County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded61.567
E B Aycock MiddlePitt County SchoolsD - 53Exceeded43.866
Elmhurst ElementaryPitt County SchoolsD - 53NotMet51.472
Farmville MiddlePitt County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded47.068
Farmville Central HighPitt County SchoolsC - 61Met39.462
GriftonPitt County SchoolsD - 42Met31.776
G R WhitfieldPitt County SchoolsC - 57Met51.456
H B Sugg ElementaryPitt County SchoolsI - NANANA69
Hope MiddlePitt County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded74.932
Junius H Rose HighPitt County SchoolsC - 66Met47.052
Lakeforest ElementaryPitt County SchoolsD - 46Exceeded34.6100
North Pitt HighPitt County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded38.867
Northwest ElementaryPitt County SchoolsD - 47NotMet43.7100
PactolusPitt County SchoolsD - 46Exceeded34.1100
Vidant HealthPitt County SchoolsF - 15NA15.469
Ridgewood ElementaryPitt County SchoolsB - 74Met71.846
W H Robinson ElementaryPitt County SchoolsC - 56Met49.351
Sam D Bundy ElementaryPitt County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded54.166
South Central HighPitt County SchoolsC - 63Met46.749
South Greenville ElementaryPitt County SchoolsF - 35NotMet26.8100
StokesPitt County SchoolsD - 51NotMet49.056
Wahl Coates ElementaryPitt County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.077
Wellcome MiddlePitt County SchoolsD - 51Met43.4100
Wintergreen IntermediatePitt County SchoolsB - 76Met74.037
Wintergreen PrimaryPitt County SchoolsI - NANANA41
Tryon Elementary SchoolPolk County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded76.375
Polk Central Elementary SchoolPolk County SchoolsB - 82Met81.479
Polk County Early CollegePolk County SchoolsB - 83Met76.250
Polk County High SchoolPolk County SchoolsB - 74NotMet65.546
Polk County Middle SchoolPolk County SchoolsB - 71Met69.457
Saluda Elementary SchoolPolk County SchoolsA - 85Met85.666
Sunny View Elementary SchoolPolk County SchoolsC - 68Met66.185
Archdale ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded56.165
Braxton Craven MiddleRandolph County SchoolsC - 59Met56.349
Coleridge ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded54.962
Eastern Randolph HighRandolph County SchoolsC - 55NotMet36.463
Farmer ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 60Met54.145
Franklinville ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 67Met64.867
Grays Chapel ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 59NotMet57.758
Hopewell ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded76.143
John R Lawrence ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 62Met57.643
Level Cross ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 55NotMet53.854
Liberty ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 58Met51.666
New Market ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 69Met66.056
Northeastern Randolph MiddleRandolph County SchoolsC - 57Met52.555
Providence Grove HighRandolph County SchoolsC - 68Met50.240
Ramseur ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsD - 52Met45.490
Randleman ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 56Met49.674
Randleman HighRandolph County SchoolsC - 62NotMet43.858
Randleman MiddleRandolph County SchoolsD - 49NotMet45.465
Randolph Early College HighRandolph County SchoolsA+ - 89Exceeded81.944
Seagrove ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 65Met60.063
Southeastern Randolph MiddleRandolph County SchoolsF - 39NotMet35.170
Southwestern Randolph HighRandolph County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded55.352
Southmont ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 55NotMet52.065
Southwestern Randolph MiddleRandolph County SchoolsD - 51NotMet47.561
Tabernacle ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.264
Trindale ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsB - 76Met75.348
Trinity ElementaryRandolph County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded58.159
Archdale-Trinity MiddleRandolph County SchoolsC - 55NotMet53.946
Trinity HighRandolph County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded58.845
Uwharrie MiddleRandolph County SchoolsD - 52NotMet49.350
Wheatmore HighRandolph County SchoolsB - 71Met55.937
Northeast Regional School - Biotech/AgriRegional SchoolsB - 71Met71.2NA
East Rockingham ElementaryRichmond County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded54.5100
Cordova SchoolRichmond County SchoolsNA - NANA52.4100
Ellerbe MiddleRichmond County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded49.4100
Fairview Heights ElementaryRichmond County SchoolsC - 64Met59.698
Hamlet MiddleRichmond County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded46.086
L J Bell ElementaryRichmond County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded61.890
Leak Street HighRichmond County SchoolsNA - NANA6.4100
Mineral Springs ElementaryRichmond County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded49.3100
Monroe Avenue ElementaryRichmond County SchoolsD - 47Met40.8100
Richmond Senior HighRichmond County SchoolsC - 61NotMet38.266
Richmond Early College HighRichmond County SchoolsA - 86Met81.464
Richmond 9th Grade AcademyRichmond County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.875
Rockingham MiddleRichmond County SchoolsC - 56NotMet53.777
Rohanen MiddleRichmond County SchoolsD - 52Exceeded43.599
West Rockingham ElementaryRichmond County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded48.9100
Washington Street ElementaryRichmond County SchoolsC - 55Met47.993
Belmont ElementaryRoanoke Rapids City SchoolsC - 55Met48.788
Chaloner MiddleRoanoke Rapids City SchoolsC - 57Exceeded49.559
Roanoke Rapids HighRoanoke Rapids City SchoolsC - 60NotMet44.547
William L Manning ElementaryRoanoke Rapids City SchoolsC - 68Exceeded61.360
Deep Branch ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsF - 34NotMet27.290
East Robeson PrimaryRobeson County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded65.989
Fairgrove MiddleRobeson County SchoolsD - 45Met36.587
Fairmont HighRobeson County SchoolsC - 60Met33.281
Fairmont MiddleRobeson County SchoolsD - 44Met34.994
Green Grove ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsC - 58Met52.091
Janie C Hargrave ElemRobeson County SchoolsF - 36Met25.395
L Gilbert Carroll MiddleRobeson County SchoolsD - 44NotMet38.974
Robeson Co Career CtrRobeson County SchoolsI - NANANANA
Littlefield MiddleRobeson County SchoolsD - 41NotMet36.780
Long Branch ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 46Met36.689
Lumberton Junior HighRobeson County SchoolsF - 37NotMet32.681
Lumberton Senior HighRobeson County SchoolsC - 56NotMet37.169
Magnolia ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsF - 35NotMet26.992
Orrum MiddleRobeson County SchoolsD - 40NotMet33.582
Oxendine ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 42Met34.091
Parkton ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 49Met41.086
Pembroke ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 42NotMet35.581
Pembroke MiddleRobeson County SchoolsF - 39NotMet33.082
Peterson ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsF - 38Met27.892
Piney Grove ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 46NotMet40.787
Prospect ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 49Met42.473
PSRC Early College at RCCRobeson County SchoolsA - 91Exceeded87.051
R B Dean ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsF - 34Met23.193
Red Springs HighRobeson County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded50.384
Rex-Rennert ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 43Exceeded30.795
Red Springs MiddleRobeson County SchoolsD - 42Exceeded30.991
Rosenwald ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsF - 33Met23.891
Rowland MiddleRobeson County SchoolsD - 46Met37.394
Rowland Norment ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 51Met43.594
Saint Pauls ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 45Exceeded32.593
Saint Pauls HighRobeson County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded39.979
South Robeson HighRobeson County SchoolsD - 51NotMet27.888
Saint Pauls MiddleRobeson County SchoolsD - 49Exceeded35.784
Tanglewood ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsC - 65Met61.553
Southside/Ashpole ElemRobeson County SchoolsF - 36NotMet29.494
Townsend MiddleRobeson County SchoolsF - 26NotMet16.291
Union Chapel ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsD - 50Exceeded41.783
Union ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsC - 57Exceeded48.283
W H KnucklesRobeson County SchoolsF - 36Met24.798
West Lumberton ElementaryRobeson County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded75.796
Purnell Swett HighRobeson County SchoolsC - 57NotMet33.772
Bethany ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 65Met63.343
Central ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded62.061
Dalton McMichael HighRockingham County SchoolsB - 71Exceeded53.253
Douglass ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.969
Draper ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded46.087
Huntsville ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 64Met59.467
J E Holmes MiddleRockingham County SchoolsD - 51NotMet45.967
John W Dillard ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded57.679
Leaksville-Spray ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 62Met56.182
Lincoln ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 58Exceeded50.664
Monroeton ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 59NotMet56.858
John M Morehead HighRockingham County SchoolsD - 53NotMet35.657
Moss Street ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsD - 52Exceeded43.495
New Vision Sch.of Math/Sci/TecRockingham County SchoolsB - 74Met71.737
Reidsville HighRockingham County SchoolsC - 55Met36.062
Reidsville MiddleRockingham County SchoolsD - 44Met35.776
Rockingham County HighRockingham County SchoolsC - 67Met51.236
Rockingham Co Early College HighRockingham County SchoolsA - 92Exceeded87.943
Rockingham County MiddleRockingham County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded58.245
South End ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 65Met60.175
Stoneville ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded46.174
The SCORE CenterRockingham County SchoolsNA - NANA9.094
Western Rockingham MiddleRockingham County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded51.061
Wentworth ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 67Met63.347
Williamsburg ElementaryRockingham County SchoolsC - 56Met49.778
Henderson HighRowan-Salisbury SchoolsNA - NANA10.086
Bostian ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 64Met61.945
Erwin MiddleRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 42NotMet39.951
Overton ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 41NotMet34.080
China Grove ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 50Met44.366
China Grove MiddleRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 47NotMet45.949
Cleveland ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 55Met49.061
Corriher Lipe MiddleRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 40NotMet37.365
East Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 59NotMet45.242
Koontz ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsF - 36NotMet31.091
Shive ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 57NotMet54.358
Enochville ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 56Met51.561
Faith ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 63Met60.051
Granite Quarry ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 60Met54.863
Isenberg ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 41Met30.782
Dole ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 40Met29.686
Hurley ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 45NotMet40.474
Carson HighRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 68Met53.146
Knollwood ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsF - 38NotMet32.481
Knox MiddleRowan-Salisbury SchoolsF - 34NotMet27.386
Landis ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 43NotMet38.770
Millbridge ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 58Met53.451
Morgan ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 59Met52.858
Mt Ulla ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 66Exceeded59.659
North Rowan ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsF - 37Met28.380
North Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 45NotMet22.469
North Rowan MiddleRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 45Met36.681
Rockwell ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 63Met59.354
Rowan Co Early CollegeRowan-Salisbury SchoolsB - 82Met70.266
Salisbury HighRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 54NotMet34.567
Southeast MiddleRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 44NotMet41.957
South Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 57NotMet36.751
West Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury SchoolsC - 59NotMet43.350
West Rowan MiddleRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 49NotMet47.058
Woodleaf ElementaryRowan-Salisbury SchoolsD - 49NotMet46.469
Chase High SchoolRutherford County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded49.556
Chase Middle SchoolRutherford County SchoolsD - 51NotMet49.570
Cliffside Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsB - 74Met71.681
Forest City-Dunbar Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsC - 58Met53.195
East Rutherford High SchoolRutherford County SchoolsC - 61Met43.565
East Rutherford Middle SchoolRutherford County SchoolsC - 55NotMet53.169
Ellenboro Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsB - 70Met69.967
Forrest W Hunt Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.078
Harris Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsB - 70Met67.869
Mt Vernon-Ruth Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsC - 63Met59.574
Pinnacle Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsB - 73Met73.366
R-S Middle SchoolRutherford County SchoolsD - 51NotMet49.865
R-S Central High SchoolRutherford County SchoolsC - 59NotMet41.557
Rutherford Early College High SchoolRutherford County SchoolsA - 87Met82.947
Rutherford Opportunity CenterRutherford County SchoolsNA - NANA5.4100
Rutherfordton Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsC - 69Met66.866
Spindale Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsC - 65Met60.387
Sunshine Elementary SchoolRutherford County SchoolsB - 74Met71.768
Roseboro ElementarySampson County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded61.484
Clement ElementarySampson County SchoolsC - 61NotMet59.769
Sampson Early College HighSampson County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded69.555
Hargrove ElementarySampson County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded64.184
Hobbton ElementarySampson County SchoolsB - 71Met69.179
Hobbton MiddleSampson County SchoolsC - 55NotMet55.077
Hobbton HighSampson County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded53.567
Lakewood HighSampson County SchoolsC - 60Met42.672
Midway ElementarySampson County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded68.765
Midway HighSampson County SchoolsC - 67NotMet52.951
Midway MiddleSampson County SchoolsC - 60NotMet60.057
Plain View ElementarySampson County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded74.458
Union MiddleSampson County SchoolsD - 50Met44.683
Roseboro-Salemburg MiddleSampson County SchoolsC - 61Met56.377
Salemburg ElementarySampson County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded53.677
Union ElementarySampson County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded71.391
Union IntermediateSampson County SchoolsC - 62Met59.791
Union HighSampson County SchoolsC - 59Met36.978
Carver MiddleScotland County SchoolsD - 47NotMet44.165
Covington Street ElementaryScotland County SchoolsC - 64Met62.056
Shaw AcademyScotland County SchoolsNA - NANA6.982
I E Johnson ElementaryScotland County SchoolsF - 39NotMet32.184
Laurel Hill ElementaryScotland County SchoolsB - 80Met79.458
North Laurinburg ElementaryScotland County SchoolsC - 58Met55.088
Scotland High SchoolScotland County SchoolsC - 58NotMet44.750
Pate-Gardner ElementaryScotland County SchoolsC - 64Met59.575
Scotland Early College HighScotland County SchoolsA - 90Exceeded87.940
Spring Hill MiddleScotland County SchoolsC - 61Met55.249
Sycamore Lane MiddleScotland County SchoolsC - 55Exceeded46.857
South Scotland ElementaryScotland County SchoolsC - 63NotMet64.052
Wagram ElementaryScotland County SchoolsD - 52NotMet48.964
Washington Park ElementaryScotland County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded60.156
Albemarle HighStanly County SchoolsD - 52NotMet32.669
Albemarle MiddleStanly County SchoolsC - 56Exceeded47.680
Aquadale ElementaryStanly County SchoolsC - 68Met67.058
Badin ElementaryStanly County SchoolsC - 66Met61.464
Central ElementaryStanly County SchoolsD - 51NotMet48.080
Endy ElementaryStanly County SchoolsB - 71NotMet72.750
East Albemarle ElementaryStanly County SchoolsC - 56Met49.279
Locust ElementaryStanly County SchoolsC - 64NotMet64.642
Millingport ElementaryStanly County SchoolsD - 52NotMet48.257
North Stanly MiddleStanly County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded60.647
North Stanly HighStanly County SchoolsC - 57NotMet47.247
Norwood ElementaryStanly County SchoolsD - 48NotMet42.766
Oakboro ElementaryStanly County SchoolsD - 54NotMet51.451
Richfield ElementaryStanly County SchoolsC - 62Met58.151
West Stanly Middle SchoolStanly County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded60.243
South Stanly HighStanly County SchoolsC - 66Met54.449
South Stanly MiddleStanly County SchoolsD - 54NotMet52.253
Stanfield ElementaryStanly County SchoolsC - 60NotMet61.751
Stanly Early College HighStanly County SchoolsB - 80NotMet72.153
West Stanly HighStanly County SchoolsC - 69NotMet57.736
Stanly Academy Learning CenterStanly County SchoolsNA - NANA18.488
Chestnut Grove MiddleStokes County SchoolsC - 63NotMet61.447
Francisco ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.375
Germanton ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 55Met50.448
Mount Olive ElementaryStokes County SchoolsB - 74Met71.946
King ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 68Met64.863
Lawsonville ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 64Met59.953
Meadowbrook AcademyStokes County SchoolsNA - NANA12.883
Nancy Reynolds ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 62Met58.265
North Stokes HighStokes County SchoolsB - 71NotMet53.044
Pine Hall ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 57Met50.569
Piney Grove MiddleStokes County SchoolsD - 53NotMet51.956
Pinnacle ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 56Met51.964
Poplar Springs ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 64NotMet63.251
Sandy Ridge ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 65Met59.560
Southeastern MiddleStokes County SchoolsC - 58Met52.055
South Stokes HighStokes County SchoolsB - 72Met55.444
London ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 63NotMet61.657
Walnut Cove ElementaryStokes County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded54.672
West Stokes HighStokes County SchoolsC - 68NotMet53.634
Stokes Early CollegeStokes County SchoolsA - 86Met76.947
Cedar Ridge ElementarySurry County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded71.071
Central MiddleSurry County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded61.870
Copeland ElementarySurry County SchoolsC - 67Met63.672
Dobson ElementarySurry County SchoolsC - 66NotMet65.664
East Surry HighSurry County SchoolsB - 73NotMet59.543
Flat Rock ElementarySurry County SchoolsB - 71Met67.9100
Franklin ElementarySurry County SchoolsC - 64NotMet62.672
J Sam Gentry MiddleSurry County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded64.959
Meadowview Magnet MiddleSurry County SchoolsD - 47NotMet45.776
Mountain Park ElementarySurry County SchoolsC - 56Met51.777
North Surry HighSurry County SchoolsC - 63NotMet49.155
Pilot Mountain ElementarySurry County SchoolsC - 63NotMet63.056
Pilot Mountain MiddleSurry County SchoolsC - 68Met66.455
Rockford ElementarySurry County SchoolsC - 62Met58.875
Shoals ElementarySurry County SchoolsB - 84Met84.347
Surry Central HighSurry County SchoolsC - 64NotMet51.060
Surry Early CollegeSurry County SchoolsA+ - 92Exceeded86.555
Westfield ElementarySurry County SchoolsC - 68Met65.664
White Plains ElementarySurry County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.261
Swain County High SchoolSwain County SchoolsC - 61NotMet45.856
Swain County Middle SchoolSwain County SchoolsC - 57Met51.266
Swain County East ElementarySwain County SchoolsC - 56Met50.167
Swain County West ElementarySwain County SchoolsC - 69Met65.865
Liberty Drive ElementaryThomasville City SchoolsD - 52Met47.392
Thomasville PrimaryThomasville City SchoolsC - 55Met48.894
Thomasville MiddleThomasville City SchoolsD - 45NotMet41.590
Thomasville HighThomasville City SchoolsC - 60Met39.483
Brevard ElementaryTransylvania County SchoolsC - 65NotMet63.368
Brevard HighTransylvania County SchoolsB - 74Met61.445
Brevard MiddleTransylvania County SchoolsC - 68Met64.758
Pisgah Forest ElementaryTransylvania County SchoolsB - 71NotMet72.061
Davidson River SchoolTransylvania County SchoolsNA - NANA31.294
Rosman ElementaryTransylvania County SchoolsB - 72Met69.875
Rosman HighTransylvania County SchoolsB - 70Met59.060
Rosman MiddleTransylvania County SchoolsC - 60Met57.763
T C Henderson ElementaryTransylvania County SchoolsB - 77Met76.270
Columbia HighTyrrell County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded57.757
Columbia MiddleTyrrell County SchoolsD - 43Met35.877
Tyrrell ElementaryTyrrell County SchoolsC - 56Met49.778
Antioch ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsA+ - 87Met88.211
Rea View ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsA - 85NotMet90.02
Benton Heights ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsD - 42NotMet36.590
New Town ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsA+ - 88Exceeded87.78
East ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsF - 36NotMet29.298
Rocky River ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 76Exceeded73.061
East Union MiddleUnion County Public SchoolsD - 52NotMet48.374
Cuthbertson MiddleUnion County Public SchoolsA - 91Exceeded88.511
Cuthbertson HighUnion County Public SchoolsA+ - 92Exceeded86.212
Fairview ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 75Met72.830
Monroe MiddleUnion County Public SchoolsD - 48NotMet42.992
Forest Hills HighUnion County Public SchoolsC - 64Met44.269
Hemby Bridge ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 77Met76.230
Indian Trail ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 77Exceeded74.035
Kensington ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 77NotMet79.58
Marshville ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsC - 58NotMet56.770
Marvin ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsA - 86Met87.74
Monroe HighUnion County Public SchoolsD - 51NotMet34.289
New Salem ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 78Met79.227
Porter Ridge ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 70Exceeded65.744
Porter Ridge High SchoolUnion County Public SchoolsB - 75Met68.527
Porter Ridge Middle SchoolUnion County Public SchoolsB - 71Met68.233
Parkwood HighUnion County Public SchoolsC - 64NotMet55.241
Parkwood MiddleUnion County Public SchoolsC - 62NotMet63.447
Poplin ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsA+ - 85Exceeded83.327
Piedmont HighUnion County Public SchoolsB - 84Exceeded79.126
Piedmont MiddleUnion County Public SchoolsB - 72Met71.030
Rock Rest ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsC - 67Met65.392
Prospect ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsC - 63Met58.349
Sandy Ridge ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 83Met83.43
Sardis ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsC - 66Met61.359
Shiloh ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 78Exceeded76.443
Stallings ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 81Met80.222
Sun Valley HighUnion County Public SchoolsB - 72NotMet67.536
Sun Valley MiddleUnion County Public SchoolsC - 66NotMet67.939
Sun Valley ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 80Met78.735
Union ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 70Met67.162
South ProvidenceUnion County Public SchoolsNA - NANA6.494
Central Academy of Technology & ArtsUnion County Public SchoolsA+ - 95Exceeded94.625
Union County Early CollegeUnion County Public SchoolsA+ - 93Met91.141
Unionville ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 83Exceeded81.037
Walter Bickett ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsF - 39NotMet33.793
Waxhaw ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsC - 64Met60.241
Weddington ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsA - 92Exceeded93.87
Weddington HighUnion County Public SchoolsA+ - 89Met88.48
Weddington MiddleUnion County Public SchoolsA+ - 93Exceeded93.310
Wesley Chapel ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsB - 83Met82.916
Western Union ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsC - 65Met63.554
Wingate ElementaryUnion County Public SchoolsC - 57Met53.687
Marvin Ridge MiddleUnion County Public SchoolsA - 93Exceeded92.53
Wolfe SchoolUnion County Public SchoolsNA - NANA13.647
Marvin Ridge HighUnion County Public SchoolsA - 93Exceeded91.12
Aycock ElementaryVance County SchoolsB - 72Met70.866
Carver ElementaryVance County SchoolsD - 53NotMet49.570
Clarke ElementaryVance County SchoolsC - 60Exceeded54.071
Dabney ElementaryVance County SchoolsC - 56Met50.268
Eaton-Johnson MiddleVance County SchoolsF - 37Met26.167
Henderson MiddleVance County SchoolsF - 35NotMet29.167
New Hope ElementaryVance County SchoolsD - 46Met37.076
E O Young Jr ElementaryVance County SchoolsD - 44NotMet37.270
Pinkston Street ElementaryVance County SchoolsC - 61Met55.182
E M Rollins ElementaryVance County SchoolsD - 42NotMet37.175
Southern Vance HighVance County SchoolsD - 49NotMet27.157
Western Vance HighVance County SchoolsNA - NANA7.073
Northern Vance HighVance County SchoolsD - 46NotMet25.955
L B Yancey ElementaryVance County SchoolsD - 44Met37.180
Zeb Vance ElementaryVance County SchoolsC - 60Met54.565
Vance Co Early CollegeVance County SchoolsB - 77Met66.036
STEM Early HighVance County SchoolsC - 62NotMet64.7100
River Bend ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 60Met55.962
Adams ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 73Met73.040
Herbert Akins Rd ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 70NotMet73.225
Alston Ridge ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 81NotMet85.37
Apex ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 69NotMet71.635
Apex MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 78Met80.121
Apex HighWake County SchoolsA+ - 86Met82.711
Athens Drive HighWake County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded59.437
Aversboro ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 63Met60.053
LongviewWake County SchoolsNA - NANA<592
Banks Rd ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 75Met74.530
Baileywick Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 60NotMet58.451
Ballentine ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 67NotMet68.433
Baucom ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 80Met79.415
Barwell Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 46Met39.470
Brassfield ElementaryWake County SchoolsA+ - 86Met85.614
Brentwood ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 55NotMet51.674
Briarcliff ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 69NotMet69.939
Brier Creek ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 67NotMet69.922
Brooks ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 70NotMet70.326
Needham Broughton HighWake County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded59.837
Bugg ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 44NotMet40.266
Carnage MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 68Met66.936
Carpenter ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 71NotMet74.120
Carroll MiddleWake County SchoolsD - 46NotMet43.152
Carver ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 59Met55.357
Cary ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 74Met72.943
Cary HighWake County SchoolsB - 80Exceeded68.535
Cedar Fork ElementaryWake County SchoolsA+ - 87Met88.79
Centennial Campus MiddleWake County SchoolsD - 53NotMet51.845
Combs ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 75Met73.630
Conn ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 63NotMet61.444
Creech Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 57Met50.280
Daniels MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 60NotMet60.340
Davis Drive ElementaryWake County SchoolsA+ - 86NotMet92.05
Davis Drive MiddleWake County SchoolsA - 86Met87.59
Dillard Drive ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 64Met59.553
Dillard Drive MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 63Met58.149
Douglas ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 61NotMet63.734
Durant Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 69NotMet69.934
Durant Road MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 60NotMet59.842
Reedy Creek MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 60Met56.851
East Cary MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 65NotMet68.129
East Garner ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 53Met46.973
East Garner MiddleWake County SchoolsD - 50NotMet45.563
East Millbrook MiddleWake County SchoolsD - 51Met46.166
East Wake MiddleWake County SchoolsD - 47NotMet41.469
William G Enloe HighWake County SchoolsB - 76Met68.636
Forestville Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 63Met57.756
Farmington Woods ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 75Met74.129
Fox Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 52Met45.975
Fuller ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 68Met65.238
Forest Pines Drive ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 65NotMet66.034
Fuquay-Varina ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 69Met68.737
Fuquay-Varina MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 58NotMet57.850
Fuquay-Varina HighWake County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded64.932
Garner HighWake County SchoolsB - 70Exceeded55.047
River Oaks MiddleWake County SchoolsNA - NANA23.290
Green Hope ElementaryWake County SchoolsA - 87Met88.010
Green ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 56Met49.754
Green Hope HighWake County SchoolsA+ - 91Exceeded87.68
Hilburn Drive AcademyWake County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded73.027
Highcroft ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 84NotMet91.34
Heritage MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded81.517
Heritage HighWake County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded65.927
Hodge Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsF - 37NotMet31.476
Holly Springs ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 82Met81.915
Hunter ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 61NotMet60.641
Holly Ridge ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 70NotMet72.923
Holly Ridge MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 66NotMet68.225
Harris Creek ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 64NotMet64.831
Jeffreys Grove ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 71NotMet73.832
Jones Dairy ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 80NotMet84.215
Heritage ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 78NotMet81.915
Holly Springs HighWake County SchoolsA+ - 85Exceeded75.519
Joyner ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 74Met73.124
Holly Grove ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 80NotMet84.711
Holly Grove MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 71Met69.623
Kingswood ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 69Met66.648
Knightdale ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 52NotMet47.965
Knightdale HighWake County SchoolsC - 56NotMet37.257
Laurel Park ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 76NotMet79.011
Lacy ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 72NotMet74.027
Leesville Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 69NotMet70.728
Lead Mine ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 58NotMet57.935
Leesville Road MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded70.926
Ligon MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 66NotMet68.034
Leesville Road HighWake County SchoolsA+ - 85Exceeded75.522
Lake Myra ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 56NotMet55.846
Lincoln Heights ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 46NotMet42.965
Lockhart ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 57Met51.251
Lufkin Road MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded81.516
Lynn Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded56.150
Martin MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 76Exceeded72.928
Middle Creek ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 74NotMet76.817
Middle Creek HighWake County SchoolsB - 84Exceeded73.330
Millbrook ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 52NotMet48.864
Millbrook HighWake County SchoolsB - 81Exceeded66.533
Mills Park ElementaryWake County SchoolsA - 88Met88.88
Mills Park MiddleWake County SchoolsA - 86Exceeded85.39
Morrisville ElementaryWake County SchoolsA+ - 87Met90.47
Moore Square Museum Magnet MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 59Met52.947
Mount VernonWake County SchoolsNA - NANA20.367
North Garner MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.452
North Forest Pines ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 72NotMet73.024
North Ridge ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 61NotMet60.739
Northwoods ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 71Met67.339
Oak Grove ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 81Met80.517
Olive Chapel ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 77NotMet81.96
Olds ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 72NotMet75.424
Partnership ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 63Met61.030
Panther Creek HighWake County SchoolsA+ - 88Exceeded81.812
Phillips HighWake County SchoolsNA - NANA12.783
Penny Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 79Met78.826
Pleasant Union ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 79NotMet81.27
Poe ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 54Met49.460
Powell ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 57Met52.152
Rand Road ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 67NotMet67.230
Reedy Creek ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 69Met65.351
Richland Creek ESWake County SchoolsC - 59NotMet59.243
Rolesville ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 74Met72.637
Rolesville MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 62NotMet61.937
Rolesville HighWake County SchoolsD - 48NotMet46.643
Root ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 78Met77.925
Salem ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 70NotMet72.926
Salem MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded75.916
Sanderson HighWake County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded59.532
Sanford Creek ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 68Met66.926
Smith ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 55Met48.671
Southeast Raleigh HighWake County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded46.459
Stough ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 55NotMet51.846
Swift Creek ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 68Met66.041
Sycamore Creek ElementaryWake County SchoolsA+ - 85Met86.14
Timber Drive ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 58NotMet57.842
Turner Creek ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 76NotMet79.515
Underwood ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 81Met81.021
Vance ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 60NotMet58.842
Vandora Springs ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 54NotMet51.549
Vernon Malone College and Career AcademyWake County SchoolsC - 60Met53.643
Wake STEM Early College High SchoolWake County SchoolsA - 93Exceeded>9534
Wake Early College of Health and ScienceWake County SchoolsA - 91Exceeded85.131
Wake Forest ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 66NotMet68.437
Wake Young Men's Leadership AcademyWake County SchoolsC - 67NotMet65.936
Wake Young Women's Leadership AcademyWake County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded75.435
Wake Forest High SchoolWake County SchoolsB - 81Exceeded65.730
Wake Forest Middle SchoolWake County SchoolsC - 62Met59.540
Wakefield ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 57NotMet56.435
Wakefield MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 73Exceeded69.328
Wakefield HighWake County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded64.130
Washington ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 73Met70.029
Wakelon ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 60Met54.570
Weatherstone ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 79Met77.427
Walnut Creek ESWake County SchoolsD - 53Met45.878
Wendell ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 60Met55.554
Wendell MiddleWake County SchoolsD - 50Met44.262
West Cary MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 74Met74.523
West Lake ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 73Met72.817
West Lake MiddleWake County SchoolsB - 72Met71.522
West Millbrook MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 63Met59.540
Wilburn ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 47Met41.166
Wildwood Forest ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 62Met57.549
Wiley ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 63NotMet63.228
Willow Springs ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 83Exceeded82.030
Yates Mill ElementaryWake County SchoolsB - 71Met68.951
York ElementaryWake County SchoolsC - 69Met65.945
Zebulon ElementaryWake County SchoolsD - 53NotMet52.163
Zebulon MiddleWake County SchoolsC - 55Met48.365
East Wake School of Health ScienceWake County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded48.152
East Wake School of Integrated TechnologWake County SchoolsC - 63Met41.065
East Wake School of Arts Education and GWake County SchoolsC - 68Exceeded47.965
East Wake School of EngineeringWake County SchoolsC - 59Met35.151
Mariam Boyd ElementaryWarren County SchoolsD - 44NotMet37.695
Northside K-8Warren County SchoolsD - 43Exceeded31.2100
South Warren ElementaryWarren County SchoolsC - 56Exceeded48.298
Vaughan ElementaryWarren County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded57.893
Warren County HighWarren County SchoolsD - 46NotMet20.679
Warren County MiddleWarren County SchoolsD - 40Met31.782
Warren Early College HighWarren County SchoolsC - 62NotMet50.057
Warren New Tech HighWarren County SchoolsC - 58NotMet37.764
Creswell ElementaryWashington County SchoolsD - 47Met38.484
Creswell HighWashington County SchoolsC - 58Met43.075
Pines ElementaryWashington County SchoolsD - 40Met31.697
Plymouth HighWashington County SchoolsC - 55Met26.196
Washington County UnionWashington County SchoolsD - 52Exceeded40.496
Bethel ElementaryWatauga County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded56.059
Blowing Rock ElementaryWatauga County SchoolsB - 81Met80.721
Cove Creek ElementaryWatauga County SchoolsC - 67Met65.257
Green Valley ElementaryWatauga County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded60.953
Hardin Park ElementaryWatauga County SchoolsB - 76Met74.940
Mabel ElementaryWatauga County SchoolsC - 62Met57.958
Parkway ElementaryWatauga County SchoolsB - 74Met72.140
Valle Crucis ElementaryWatauga County SchoolsB - 74Met73.640
Watauga HighWatauga County SchoolsB - 74NotMet66.831
Brogden MiddleWayne County Public SchoolsF - 35Met24.8100
Brogden PrimaryWayne County Public SchoolsF - 38Met29.3100
Carver ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsD - 51Exceeded42.0100
Carver Heights ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsF - 35Met23.0100
Charles B Aycock HighWayne County Public SchoolsB - 70Met55.639
Dillard MiddleWayne County Public SchoolsF - 23NotMet14.6100
Eastern Wayne ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsD - 46Met36.8100
Eastern Wayne HighWayne County Public SchoolsC - 64Met43.050
Eastern Wayne MiddleWayne County Public SchoolsD - 53Exceeded43.963
Edgewood Cmty DevelopmentalWayne County Public SchoolsNA - NANA63.084
Fremont STARS ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsC - 60Met54.7100
Goldsboro HighWayne County Public SchoolsD - 43NotMet18.1100
GranthamWayne County Public SchoolsC - 62Exceeded54.264
Greenwood MiddleWayne County Public SchoolsC - 59Exceeded50.269
Meadow Lane ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsC - 67Exceeded60.765
Mount Olive MiddleWayne County Public SchoolsD - 48Met39.572
Norwayne MiddleWayne County Public SchoolsC - 65Exceeded58.852
Rosewood ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsC - 57Met52.953
Rosewood HighWayne County Public SchoolsC - 69Met49.837
Rosewood MiddleWayne County Public SchoolsC - 59Met53.950
School Street ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsD - 42Met31.7100
Southern Wayne HighWayne County Public SchoolsD - 51NotMet30.468
Spring Creek ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsC - 59Exceeded50.5100
Spring Creek HighWayne County Public SchoolsD - 53NotMet39.565
Tommy's Road ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsC - 55Met48.361
North Drive ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsD - 50Met41.8100
Northeast ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsC - 57NotMet54.957
Northwest ElementaryWayne County Public SchoolsC - 63Exceeded56.743
Wayne Middle / High AcademyWayne County Public SchoolsNA - NANA11.0100
Wayne Early / Middle College HighWayne County Public SchoolsA - 92Exceeded87.639
Wayne School of EngineeringWayne County Public SchoolsB - 83Met81.031
Roanoke Valley Early CollegeWeldon City SchoolsB - 77Met71.131
Weldon ElementaryWeldon City SchoolsF - 36Met24.174
Weldon HighWeldon City SchoolsD - 54Met21.059
Weldon MiddleWeldon City SchoolsF - 32Met21.973
Central MiddleWhiteville City SchoolsC - 63Exceeded57.068
Edgewood ElementaryWhiteville City SchoolsC - 64Exceeded56.880
North Whiteville AcademyWhiteville City SchoolsNA - NANA12.991
Whiteville HighWhiteville City SchoolsC - 61NotMet47.657
Whiteville PrimaryWhiteville City SchoolsI - NANANA86
Boomer-Ferguson ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsC - 56Met50.762
C B Eller ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded64.147
C C Wright ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsD - 51Met43.360
Central Wilkes MiddleWilkes County SchoolsC - 63Exceeded55.249
East Wilkes HighWilkes County SchoolsC - 61NotMet45.331
East Wilkes MiddleWilkes County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded59.840
Millers Creek ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded59.349
Moravian Falls ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsB - 74Exceeded70.360
Mount Pleasant ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsC - 60NotMet58.245
Mountain View ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsC - 66Exceeded61.553
Mulberry ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsC - 62Met58.162
North Wilkes HighWilkes County SchoolsC - 62NotMet50.638
North Wilkes MiddleWilkes County SchoolsC - 56Met48.943
North Wilkesboro ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsD - 52Met43.579
Roaring River ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsC - 61Exceeded53.847
Ronda-Clingman ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsC - 55Met50.338
Traphill ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsD - 49Met44.054
West Wilkes HighWilkes County SchoolsB - 78Exceeded63.331
West Wilkes MiddleWilkes County SchoolsC - 69Exceeded62.340
Wilkes Central HighWilkes County SchoolsC - 59NotMet43.237
Wilkesboro ElementaryWilkes County SchoolsB - 72Met68.943
Wilkes Early College HighWilkes County SchoolsB - 76Met64.671
Milton M Daniels Learning CntrWilson County SchoolsNA - NANA<594
B O Barnes ElementaryWilson County SchoolsF - 35NotMet27.8100
Charles H Darden MiddleWilson County SchoolsD - 42Exceeded30.992
Beddingfield HighWilson County SchoolsD - 54NotMet32.871
Elm City ElementaryWilson County SchoolsC - 61Met54.578
Elm City MiddleWilson County SchoolsC - 55NotMet53.048
Fike HighWilson County SchoolsC - 64Met48.749
Forest Hills MiddleWilson County SchoolsD - 52Met45.064
Gardners ElementaryWilson County SchoolsB - 77Met75.380
James Hunt HighWilson County SchoolsC - 57NotMet43.39
John W Jones ElementaryWilson County SchoolsD - 54NotMet51.460
Lee Woodard ElementaryWilson County SchoolsD - 47Met39.570
Lucama ElementaryWilson County SchoolsC - 69Met69.182
Margaret Hearne ElementaryWilson County SchoolsD - 45Met35.5100
Vick ElementaryWilson County SchoolsF - 28NotMet19.3100
New Hope ElementaryWilson County SchoolsB - 75Exceeded71.835
Rock Ridge ElementaryWilson County SchoolsB - 75Met72.443
Speight MiddleWilson County SchoolsC - 59Exceeded51.075
Springfield MiddleWilson County SchoolsC - 55NotMet53.158
Stantonsburg ElementaryWilson County SchoolsD - 54Exceeded45.581
Toisnot MiddleWilson County SchoolsD - 40NotMet36.775
Vinson-Bynum ElementaryWilson County SchoolsD - 46NotMet41.468
Wells ElementaryWilson County SchoolsC - 59Met52.875
Wilson Early College AcademyWilson County SchoolsA - 87Exceeded80.956
Winstead ElementaryWilson County SchoolsD - 46Exceeded36.6100
Boonville ElementaryYadkin County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded57.163
Courtney ElementaryYadkin County SchoolsB - 75Met73.367
East Bend ElementaryYadkin County SchoolsC - 60Met54.069
Fall Creek ElementaryYadkin County SchoolsC - 67Exceeded61.553
Forbush ElementaryYadkin County SchoolsB - 79Exceeded75.933
Forbush MiddleYadkin County SchoolsC - 60NotMet60.651
Forbush HighYadkin County SchoolsB - 72Met56.841
Jonesville ElementaryYadkin County SchoolsC - 60NotMet58.883
Starmount MiddleYadkin County SchoolsC - 65Exceeded58.357
Starmount HighYadkin County SchoolsB - 70Met56.048
West Yadkin ElementaryYadkin County SchoolsC - 64Exceeded57.679
Yadkin Early CollegeYadkin County SchoolsA - 91Exceeded88.054
Yadkinville ElementaryYadkin County SchoolsC - 62Exceeded54.481
Yadkin Success AcademyYadkin County SchoolsNA - NANA12.474
Bald Creek ElementaryYancey County SchoolsA+ - 85Met85.355
Bee Log ElementaryYancey County SchoolsC - 69Met67.253
Burnsville ElementaryYancey County SchoolsC - 61Met55.971
Cane River MiddleYancey County SchoolsC - 60NotMet59.060
Clearmont ElementaryYancey County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded65.865
East Yancey MiddleYancey County SchoolsB - 72Exceeded67.861
Micaville ElementaryYancey County SchoolsB - 77Exceeded73.662
Mountain Heritage HighYancey County SchoolsB - 72NotMet65.444
South Toe ElementaryYancey County SchoolsB - 80Met79.663

Source: NC Department of Public Instruction