Recent developments

U.S. intelligence has been in the news throughout December:

  • Dec. 2 -- The National Intelligence Estimate says Iran stopped its efforts to develop a nuclear weapon four years ago and has not restarted the project -- reversing their 2005 judgment and increasing pressure on the Bush administration to bargain with Iran without the threat of war.
  • Dec. 6 -- CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden admits in a memo to agency employees that interrogation tapes of al-Qaida operatives were destroyed in 2005. He says the tapes were destroyed to protect the interrogators' identities.
  • Dec. 7 -- The White House says President Bush has no recollection of hearing about the tapes' existence or their destruction.
  • Dec. 12 -- In a closed-door meeting with Hayden, bipartisan leaders of the House Intelligence Committee say that the CIA failed to inform Congress that it was videotaping interrogations.
  • Dec. 13 -- U.S. House of Representatives votes to prevent the CIA from using waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods already banned by the U.S. military. The Senate must also approve it.

Source: N&O Research