On the federal response to Hurricane Katrina: "If Katrina revealed anything to us it is that we ought to be helping each other, because the government ain't going to help nobody. ... When the hurricanes came to Florida a couple of years ago, (President Bush) was out there giving away checks himself. They overpaid. FEMA gave more money down in Florida -- Republican, white and rich."

On homophobia: "That could be your momma, could be your daddy, could be your uncle, could be your cousin and them and you don't know it. You didn't mind spending their gay money, you didn't mind taking their gay advice, you didn't mind getting their gay love. What they do with theirs doesn't determine what you do with yours."

On blacks who make it then catch amnesia: "Don't get in the door and close it behind you because you want to be the only Negro. Figure out a way to send a ladder down and help somebody else. ... You see, that's the problem I've got with all these affirmative-action Negroes who go across that bridge but want to burn it when they get over it -- who let down the ladder to help them up, and then they want to kick out the rungs when they get on top of it."