Rodney Wallace Murray's criminal charges stemming from harassment of Gina Ambrosecchia include:

* Driving while impaired, making a harassing phone call, and failure to heed a light or siren -- all stemming from a Christmas Eve incident in which police were called to Ambrosecchia's home because she said he had been calling her. Murray's black 2003 Jaguar drove by, and he refused to stop for a police car. Less than a mile away, officers later found Murray in his car in a ditch. He was impaired, police said.

* A misdemeanor stalking charge on New Years Eve, which led Ambrosecchia to obtain an emergency domestic violence protective order. The orders required Murray to avoid contact with Ambrosecchia.

* On Jan. 13, Murray was charged with two counts of violating the protective order. On Jan. 19, prosecutors gave him a chance to avoid a criminal record if he could stay away from Ambrosecchia. He made it seven days before he was arrested again, charged with driving in her subdivision, which the order had specifically prohibited. He denied the accusation, saying in court that he was home watching television.

* After a trial on the new charge, a judge found Murray guilty. He was ordered to jail for 30 days and placed on probation with the threat of 90 more days in jail hanging over his head. "Simply locking him up is not going to address his addictions," Judge David Q. LaBarre explained. Murray was also to enter a rehabilitation clinic and continue seeing a psychologist.

* The latest charge -- placing a harassing phone call -- came about a week after Murray was released from jail.

(From Staff Reports)