Galled by that blonde in the silver Honda

This speed-blurred highway sequence is still vividly etched in Wade Suddreth's memory:

The silver Honda V-6 coupe suddenly filling his rearview mirror. The dirty blond hair of the woman driving. The tailgating, then the fast blast past his slower car.

And the capper: a baldly worded vanity license plate flaunting her taste for ultra-rapid movement.

Every workday afternoon for the past four years, as Suddreth slogged down U.S. 70 toward his home in the Lenoir County town of LaGrange, he would tense up like a fighter pilot checking his tail for bandits as he passed south of Smithfield.

Almost every afternoon, the blonde in the Honda would catch him and rocket on by.

"She's flagrant," said Suddreth, whose daily commute to a job in Cary totaled 154 miles. "If, by some chance, you're in the left lane, she's right on your bumper, and she just flies by."

Suddreth said he and the other commuters were cruising about 60 mph to 65 mph -- flowing just above the speed limit. By his eye, the blonde in the Honda was clocking 80 mph or higher. "I've never caught up with her -- ever," he said.

The excessive velocity of the silver Honda prompted Suddreth to call state troopers, but a Highway Patrol spokesman says they aren't aware of any complaints and have never flagged her down.

Suddreth recently quit his job at the Cary dealership to go into business for himself in LaGrange. He doesn't miss the commute. And he's glad he no longer gets buzzed by that silver Honda.

"It just galls me," he said. "I speed a little bit because that's the flow of the traffic. But anybody intent on running people off the road and doing 90 mph, there's no excuse for that. She has no regard for anybody else."