Breaking her silence for the first time since the slayings, Lauren Sapikowski, Adam Sapikowski's sister, faxed a statement on her lawyer's letterhead to The News & Observer, defending their parents. Her lawyer, Brian Brown, did not return phone calls. Here is the statement: "Initially, I was unable to speak out about the deaths of my parents. I was in shock and frozen in grief: grief at the loss of my parents and shocked that my brother Adam, who I thought I knew, was responsible for their deaths. Our parents were good and caring people, and they were private people. This unbelievable act not only ended their lives, but also brought unwanted attention to our family. "Our parents tried very hard to make our lives happy and full. They loved us unconditionally and were openly and constantly proud of us. We were given every advantage that a child could have, including a good education and the opportunity to develop into contributing citizens. Most importantly, our parents were our best friends. My life and the lives of many others have been shattered by the loss of these wonderful people. I will miss my mother and father every day of my life and will forever stand up for the goodness that they brought to our family and others through their kind, loving hearts."