*Yinz, for you Southerners, is the Pittsburgh equivalent to "y'all."

Here are some more Pittsburgh words and phrases to sound authentic at Sammy's:

Say, "That ref is a jagoff." Meaning, "That referee is an idiot." (In Pittsburgh, to "jag" means to irritate. Therefore, a jagoff is someone who is irritating by being inept or stupid.)

Say, "Gimme an Ahrn." Meaning, "Give me an Iron City beer."

Say, "Since there ain't no jumbo or chipped chopped ham, give me a Roethlisberger." Meaning, "Since there is neither bologna nor thinly sliced deli ham, give me a burger with onion rings and french fries on it."

For more Pittsburgh sayings, go to http://pittsburghese.com/.