Some of the major developer-financed roadway improvements recommended by Kimley-Horn if the shopping center is built at Rock Quarry and Sunnybrook roads. These improvements would be made to sections of the two roads that run in front of, alongside of and just beyond the shopping center.

* Build a second eastbound left-turn lane on Rock Quarry Road.

* Lengthen the eastbound left-turn lane on Rock Quarry Road.

* Add a northbound lane to Sunnybrook Road between Rock Quarry Road and the shopping center's main driveway on Sunnybrook Road.

* Create a second southbound left-turn lane on Sunnybrook Road.

* Widen Rock Quarry Road east of the intersection to receive the dual turning lanes on Sunnybrook Road.

* Restripe northbound Sunnybrook Road to include an exclusive left-turn lane and a lane in which traffic can continue or turn right onto Rock Quarry Road.

* Widen Sunnybrook Road south of a Sunnybrook Road shopping center entrance to make room for the dual turning lane traffic.

* Create a through-traffic-only southbound lane on Sunnybrook Road.

* At Rock Quarry Road intersection, restripe the existing two-way, left-turn lane on Sunnybrook so that it becomes a southbound left-turn lane.

* Install a traffic signal at the shopping center's main Sunnybrook Road entrance "when warranted."