Top 10 ways to get in on the Caniac maniac business

In case any businesses in Raleigh are wondering how to join in the excitement over the Canes, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce has come to the rescue. Here are the chamber's "Top 10 ways to show your support for the Carolina Hurricanes":

10: Change your voice-mail message to include a line such as "Go Canes" or "Home of the Hurricanes."

9: Add a creative "Go Canes" tagline to your e-mail.

8: Add a link on your company Web site to www.carolinahurricanes.com.

7: Post a Carolina Hurricanes Web Banner on your site. [The chamber Web site, www.raleighchamber.org, helpfully provides a link to download the banner.]

6: Download and print out a Carolina Hurricanes poster or pick up one at the Raleigh Chamber, 800 S. Salisbury St. (while they last!) to hang in your lobby/office/cubicle.

5: Provide a message of support for the Hurricanes on your company sign.

4: Paint your car windows with your favorite player's name and number. (And while you're at it, hang some of those posters you downloaded in the windows!)

3: For those of you with playoff tickets, hold a contest for your employees with the best Caniac winning two tickets to a game.

2: Proclaim a Carolina Hurricanes Day and encourage your employees to dress in Hurricanes and/or red apparel.

1: Decorate your building to support the Hurricanes. [Those who sent photos to the chamber had a chance to win tickets to a "We love the Hurricanes" luncheon.]