Patriotism: How do we define it today?

The war in Iraq is lurching along in its fourth year, with the rhetoric between supporters and detractors getting increasingly ugly. Questioning a fellow American's patriotism has almost become a sport. "He's wrapping himself in the flag" is now a barb, a phrase to question another's motives. With July Fourth upon us, Q wondered what people consider true patriotism in 2006.

- North Raleigh News columnist Kinea White Epps: Patriotism

- N&O book editor J. Peder Zane: Patriotism

- N&O Metro columnist Ruth Sheehan: Patriotism

- N&O Life columnist G.D. Gearino: Patriotism

- N&O Metro columnist Dennis Rogers: Patriotism

- Durham News columnist Flo Johnston: Patriotism

- How N&O readers define patriotism

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