Self-Help accomplishments

About $600 million

That's the amount in cumulative loans made by Self-Help since 1984 to 2,931 low-income homeowners and 3,019 small businesses in North Carolina.

338 child-care centers

More than $25 million in cumulative loans have been made since 1985 to 338 child-care centers in North Carolina serving more than 20,000 children.

More than $40 million

That's how much has gone out in cumulative construction loans since 1997 to North Carolina, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington, D.C., charter schools.

$3.6 billion

So far, Self-Help has bought this much in mortgages to mostly low-income homeowners, made by commercial lenders in 47 states, and resold them to the Federal National Mortgage Association -- Fannie Mae. Using a $50 million Ford Foundation grant, Self-Help has assumed the risk of those loans. This partnership has freed lenders to make more loans of this kind.

500,000 square feet

That's the total space in buildings Self-Help has bought and renovated in downtown Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte and other North Carolina cities.