FEMA jobs available to help with Matthew recovery

North Carolinians can find temporary work assisting recovery efforts after Hurricane Matthew.

North Carolina Works, in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is advertising positions in its joint field office in Durham. Jobs can be found by using the keyword “FEMA” and setting the location as “Durham” at www.ncworks.gov. Applicants may also call 919-560-6880.

“There are all types of jobs that will support the mission of the joint field office – which is to help FEMA’s recovery efforts throughout the state,” said Mike Wade, a FEMA spokesperson. “They’re not permanent, full-time jobs. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t lead to something else.”

Wade said that in the aftermath of storms such as Matthew, local residents are hired to fill positions so that full-time FEMA employees can resume work in other areas. He added that temporary employees will be kept on as long as the work they are doing is needed. The positions will be posted as need arises.

FEMA is providing individual disaster assistance for 38 counties in Eastern North Carolina, as well as public assistance for 42 counties.

“Every section in the joint field office looks at what they can do to hire local people,” Wade said. “But there are certain jobs that regulations prevent them from doing, including driving a rental car.”

He said jobs that are available for temporary employees include positions with external affairs and FEMA’s mapping division.

Applicants for jobs with FEMA must be U.S. citizens who are at least 18 years old. They must have a valid government identification card, such as a driver’s license or military ID. Before hiring, prospective employees will be subject to a complete background investigation and fingerprinting.

Rachel Chason: 919-829-8946

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