Dynamite detonated in NC town could be heard for miles around

Fifty pounds of dynamite found in a tobacco pack house went out with a bang that could be heard for miles Thursday in Middlesex.

The dynamite dates back to the 1930s and was located off Highway 231 near Middlesex, 30 miles south of Raleigh, a Nash County Sheriff’s Office release said. It was found by property owner Everette Strickland who now lives in Raleigh.

Strickland told officials that he remembers his grandfather using the dynamite to blow up tree stumps when he was a boy.

After finding the dynamite, Strickland called the sheriff’s office on Thursday morning to tell them about the explosives, the release said.

The Explosive Ordinance Demolition Unit, out of Fort Bragg, and the state Bureau of Investigation Bomb Squad responded to the warehouse to which has been vacant since the 1980s.

The dynamite was found to have begun crystallizing, causing the dynamite to become unstable, the release said. It was then moved it from the pack house to an open field on the property to detonate the dynamite.

The property didn’t have any neighbors nearby, so no homes had to be evacuated, but law enforcement closed S.R. 231 for several hours to make sure passing motorists would be safe from the blast.

Commenters on the sheriff’s office Facebook page said the blast was so loud it could be heard five miles away.