Snake at the party! Copperhead bites NC boy at his 11th birthday celebration

A copperhead
A copperhead jblackmon@thesunnews.com

No day is a good day to be bitten by a venomous copperhead snake, but one Greensboro 11-year-old had it happen at his 11th birthday party in the backyard.

It happened to Cameron Robbins, who was in mid celebration when the snake landed its fangs into his leg, according to TV station WGHP/FOX8. He was in high weeds at the time.

“I was running from my friend who had a water balloon and ... I guess a snake jumped and got me,” Cameron told the station. “I was scared because some snakes are very poisonous.”

The boy, who is a cub scout, went first to the bathroom to check the wound. It had already begun to swell by then, and severe pain set in. Luckily, a former EMT and family friend was nearby and stepped in to help. He called the boy down, slowing the spread of the venom, it was reported.

The family then took him to a nearby hospital and it was determined the boy would not need treatments with anti-venom, WGHP reported.