Why NC State’s men’s swim team stripped down to Speedos at a women’s volleyball match

N.C. State swimming and diving

Apparently, compression shorts are not the only spandex to be donned at some N.C. State University volleyball games.

N.C. State’s men’s swimming team showed up in their Speedos-like swimwear last week to support the women’s volleyball team against rival UNC-Chapel Hill at Reynolds Coliseum.

“Doesn't get bigger than vs. UNC, so figured we would show @PackVball some support,” tweeted the official account of the Wolfpack swim and dive team. It was retweeted 96 times and received 385 likes.

The swim team showed up wearing regular clothes, said Elliott Carr, spokesman for the swimming and diving team. The players then disrobed down to the swimwear after the first point.

“They haven’t done anything like that previously, but wanted to make a rival match fun for the volleyball team and thought that would help,” he said.

The idea to show up in their swimming attire came up one evening in the locker room.

The N.C. State women’s volleyball team went on to defeat UNC, 3-2.

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