Good news, singles: Raleigh, Charlotte and Durham ranked among best metros for dating

Good news, singles – North Carolina’s two largest cities also happen to be among the best metro areas in the country for dating.

Using survey responses from nearly 11,000 singles nationwide, Apartment List (an online apartment rental marketplace) compiled its 2018 list of best metros for dating.

Madison, Wis.; Charleston, S.C.; and Denver, Colo. took the top three spots.

More than 56 percent of survey respondents in the Raleigh metro area reported satisfaction with dating opportunities, ranking it No. 5 of the 70 metro areas analyzed.

Charlotte came in at No. 7. Durham took the No. 9 spot.

According to the survey, men were more satisfied with dating opportunities than women – 46 percent of men gave positive responses compared to 41 percent of women.

The share of positive responses was 64 percent for those with a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to 47 percent for those with lower levels of education – explaining high scores in cities with universities like Madison, Raleigh and Durham.

The top 10, in order, were: Madison, Wis.; Charleston, S.C.; Denver, Colo.; Austin, Texas; Raleigh; Washington, D.C.; Charlotte; Rochester, N.Y.; Durham; and Palm Bay, Fla.

For more information, go to www.apartmentlist.com/rentonomics/best-cities-for-dating-2018.