A Dick’s Sporting Goods employee in NC quits, citing company’s ‘liberal policies’

A 20-year-old Dick’s Sporting Goods salesman in North Carolina quit his job the same day the company announced it will stop selling assault-style weapons in all of its stores and that it won’t sell guns to anyone under 21.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods employee, Griffin Mccullar, posted a photo of a printed resignation letter on his Facebook page dated Feb. 28, the same day the company’s chief executive officer, Edward Stack, announced the decision on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Mccullar pointed out he could no longer purchase guns from his employer because of his age.

“I cannot be the face of these new gun policies in affect [sic],” Mccullar wrote in the post, which has been shared more than 80,000 times. “I find them morally and constitutionally wrong. I refuse to be a part of a corporation with these liberal policies.”

Stack, the Dick’s CEO, said the retailer would stop selling assault-style weapons in all of its Field & Stream stores. The retailer had already removed assault-style weapons from its Dick’s locations after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.

In addition to the company’s new policies, it asked elected officials to create legislation to raise the minimum age to buy guns to 21 and to have background checks that include relevant mental health information to purchase a gun.

Mccullar, of Swansboro, noted in his resignation letter he’s had no problems with his coworkers nor the management and identified himself as an avid hunter. He signed the letter citing the Second Amendment and a picture of the Gadsden flag.

DICK’S said in a statement on Friday it respected the views of those who didn’t agree with the company’s decision.

“Even as strong supporters of the Second Amendment, we feel now is the time to have meaningful discussion about common-sense reform with the intent of finding a solution,” Stack said in the statement.

At least one other Dick’s employee has resigned because of the company’s recent decision. Alex Degarmo, who identifies himself on Facebook as a 20-year-old living in Greenwood, Neb., posted his resignation letter dated March 2 on his Facebook page.

“I will not take part in the systematic discrimination Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack has arbitrarily decided to implement,” Degarmo wrote.

“It is unfortunate that the CEO Edward Stack decided to alienate a group of individuals throughout our nation, and for that I am resigning.”