Five arrested in string of Raleigh, Garner street robberies this week

Raul Fernando Velasquez
Raul Fernando Velasquez CCBI

Raleigh and Garner police arrested four men Thursday in a series of armed robberies that cops said were carried out by varying combinations of the members of the group.

Raleigh police also arrested a 16-year-old boy on armed-robbery and conspiracy charges in what appeared to be a separate home invasion Wednesday.

In a third case, Wake County sheriff's deputies had sworn out an arrest warrant earlier this month that charged one of the men with breaking into Trinity Presbyterian Church last July.

The victims in all the robberies this week were individuals, according to the charges. All but one of the robberies netted phones, cash and credit cards.

The robbery that police accused the 16-year-old of committing also involved a pair of Air Jordan shoes.

Police said the robberies happened on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and the robbers had a handgun each time. The charges list three holdups on Monday, two on Wednesday and two on Tuesday.

Each of men, who range from 18 to 21 years old, was charged with multiple counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy.

In the first crime, which happened Monday in Garner, a group in a car robbed a person who was out for a walk, Capt. Joseph Binns said.

Raleigh police said the incidents in the city happened in several locations.

The people charged and the bail amounts set for them were:

  • Raul Fernando Velasquez, 18, who is listed as living in Garner without any permanent address, $500,000

  • Jeovanny Aldair Sanchez-Castello, 20, who lives on Garner Road, $500,000

  • Julio Cesar Sanchez-Castello, 21, who lives at the same Garner Road address, $500,000

  • Anilber Gerardo Barrera-Galicia, 20, who lives on Butler Boulevard, $520,000

  • Gerardo Carbajal-Zavaleda, 16, who lives on Marsh Lane Way, $400,000

It was Barrera-Galicia who was charged with breaking into the church.

All were held for court appearances.

Federal immigration officials said they suspect Velasquez, whom they identified as Velasquez-Maradiaga, is in the U.S. illegally from his native Honduras, and they asked that he be held for them if he is going to be released from state custody.

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