A bird goes missing in Cary, and a $2,000 reward is posted

Have you seen this missing parrot?

A Cary woman is offering a $2,000 reward for the safe return of her African grey parrot, which went missing April 24, 2018, in Cary, NC.
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A Cary woman is offering a $2,000 reward for the safe return of her African grey parrot, which went missing April 24, 2018, in Cary, NC.

Have you seen this bird?

A Cary woman and her husband are offering a $2,000 reward for the safe return of their parrot, no questions asked.

Shraddha Kolluru says Sana, her African grey parrot, went missing April 24 from her home near the intersection of Morrisville Parkway and N.C. 55 in Cary.

Kolluru said she, Sana and the family's dog, Aarya, were playing in her home's sunroom that evening when she opened the door just enough to let the dog out onto the gated deck.

"Just in this moment, Sana took flight through the gap — in a playful mode to get to us," Kolluru said in an email on Monday.

But Kolluru said Sana was unaccustomed to the great outdoors. "She herself did not realize she entered into a foreign territory which was completely unknown to her," Kolluru said. "I saw her and started calling out. She rose in the air flapping her wings with terror in her eyes."

Kolluru said it appeared to her that Sana was looking for a place to perch, but finding none, the bird started in the direction of the front yard. She and her husband looked for Sana, to no avail. Their search continued every morning and evening for 10 days, Kolluru said.

Shraddha Kolluru‎ says Sana doesn't talk much. Courtesy of ‎Shraddha Kolluru‎

Sana could be anywhere, so Kolluru asks that folks be on the lookout — in their neighborhoods, in pet stores, in restaurants, bars, salons, any place that might keep a pet bird.

Kolluru is hopeful after getting a lead on Sunday. A resident of a nearby subdivision said she had spotted what could have been a parrot at her bird feeder a few days before.

"This gives me hope that she is still alive and just needs to be found," Kolluru said.

Sana is pretty easy to identify — she's gray with white around her eyes, a bright-red tail and a crack in her beak. But Sana isn't much of a talker, Kolluru said. She sometimes says "hello," but mostly she whistles and imitates sounds.

"If anyone bought a new African grey recently, in the last two months, please check if she could be my grey," Kolluru wrote in a post on the Cary Community Information Facebook page.

Kolluru said it's possible that Sana has found a home with another family. "Most of the bird rescues I am in contact with re-assure that this bird couldn't have gone far and should have been taken into care by humans ... who are unable to find the owners," she said in her post.

It's possible too that someone found Sana and plans to either keep her or sell her. That's where "no questions asked" comes into play.

Or maybe someone set Sana free, believing that would be better for the bird?

"For others who believe she could have been enjoying her freedom, she most certainly isn't," Kolluru wrote. "Her survival chances in the wild are very low."

This African grey parrot, named Sana, went missing April 24 in Cary. Courtesy of ‎Shraddha Kolluru‎

And if tragedy befell Sana?

"If anyone witnessed anything bad that happened to her, please let us know," Kolluru said. "It will at least bring us a closure."

Kolluru said she understood that some people might think her crazy to still be searching — and offering a high-dollar reward — for a bird that's been missing for more than six weeks. (The $2,000 reward is about twice what a grey parrot of Sana's age would sell for, Kolluru said.)

"But for us, she is our family, and all we want is (to) get her back," she said.

Kolluru can be reached at 919-413-5224.

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