Man used disabled-customer cart for a shoplifting visit to Walmart, Morrisville police say

Jorge Alberto Soler-Perez
Jorge Alberto Soler-Perez CCBI

It wasn't the wine or the cigarettes or the spicy chicken wrap that led to Jorge Soler-Perez facing a felony charge of shoplifting at a Walmart. It was the disabled-shopper electric cart that police say he also stole.

Soler-Perez, 24, who lives on Arringdon Park Drive in Morrisville, was arrested about 5:40 a.m. Monday at the store on Shiloh Glenn Drive, records showed.

Police charged him with one count of felony larceny and said the total value of what was taken was $2,243.50. The bulk of that was not the two bottles of Sutter Home white wine, the Walmart-brand chicken spicy mustard wrap or the three parks of Marlboro cigarettes listed in arrest papers.

Soler-Perez is not disabled, police spokeswoman Stephanie A. Smith said. He "used the conveyance to aid in his theft," she said.

The cart was an Amigo Valueshopper, police said.

Soler-Perez also drew a misdemeanor charge that said he was illegally drinking wine in the store, which does not have a license for anyone to consume alcoholic beverages there.

Soler-Perez was being held on $3,000 bail and was due for a second court appearance on July 10.

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