Power outage closes 4 Johnston County schools

Getty Images/iStockphoto

An electrical outage that knocked our power to about 1,100 customers closed four Johnston County schools in the Micro and Kenly area on Thursday, schools and Duke Energy Progress officials said.

North Johnston High School, North Johnston Middle School, and Glendale-Kenly and Micro elementary schools also had no heat because the power was off, Johnston County Public Schools said in a notice posted on its website.

Most high school and middle school students were dropped at their bus stops, the announcement said.

“We are working with transportation to ensure that students that have no one to meet them at home will be brought back to school,” the announcement said.

Elementary schools had not yet opened when the outage happened, so buses did not pick up those students, the school system said.

Duke Energy Progress said the power went out because of an equipment problem at the company’s Selma substation.

Power was restored, but not until after school officials had decided to cancel classes, the company said.