Raleigh police arrested a man under one name, then found out he was someone else

Roberto Carlos Catalan-Bocanegra
Roberto Carlos Catalan-Bocanegra CCBI

Police said Alex Garcia Soria was driving while impaired and had empty beer bottles in his SUV.

Then they checked his fingerprints and charged Roberto Carlos Catalan-Bocanegra with the offenses and others — driving with a revoked license, identity theft and giving an officer false information.

Federal officials now want Raleigh police to hold Catalan-Bocanegra due to a pending order to deport him to Mexico.

The incident began in the parking lot of East Millbrook Middle School on Spring Forest Road in North Raleigh. Officer C.A. Mise saw a Chevrolet Tahoe that looked like one that might have been involved in a call about shots fired on Saratoga Drive about 6 a.m. Saturday.

In arrest documents, Mise said he was heading from the parking lot when the Tahoe pulled in.

The driver had red, glassy eyes and slurred speech and fumbled to find a driver’s license, the officer said.

There were three open Corona beer containers and four empty Modelo beer bottles in the vehicle, Mise wrote.

The driver passed an alcohol breath test, but he failed one physical sobriety test and refused to do others. Mise charged the man based on the name on the driver’s license — 33-year-old Soria.

When the driver’s fingerprints were submitted for identification at the Wake County Detention Center, however, a computer said he was actually Catalan-Bocanegra, 33.

Catalan-Bocanegra was convicted of driving while impaired in Orange County in 2011 and of three violations of a domestic protection order in Orange that year.

Also, a 2012 indictment in Orange County accused Catalan of not showing up for court in October 2012 in connection with a protective order. That was seven months after his conviction.

In addition, when Wake County sheriff’s deputies checked the man through the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement database, it told them he is the man in an existing deportation order for Catalan-Bocanegra.

Some confusion remained Monday, however. City County Bureau of Investigation online records showed the arrested man’s name as Carlos Roberto Catalan.

Ron Gallagher is a member of the News & Observer’s Breaking News team and has been writing and editing news for 45 years.