Apex police fatally shoot armed man; 2nd officer-involved shooting in Wake in 6 days

As of Friday evening, police still had not released the name of a man who was fatally shot during an encounter with Apex police and Wake County deputies late Thursday night.

It was the second fatal shooting by law enforcement officers in Wake County this week.

The Apex Police Department and Wake County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 3000 block of White Cloud Circle in Apex around 11:37 p.m., according to an Apex police news release.

“Responding officers and deputies from the two agencies encountered an armed individual at the entrance of his residence,” according to the release. “The encounter resulted in law enforcement discharging their firearms, and the suspect succumbed to his injuries at the scene.”

The Police Department is following “fatal incident protocols,” which will include an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation.

Wake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Eric Curry directed questions to Apex police..

“We only assisted; we are not the lead agency,” he said. “We did not fire a weapon. We did not do anything.”

It was Apex, he said, that had an officer “engage with this suspect.”

Sound of gunshots

Resident Brian McCrickard said gunshots woke him and his family between 11 p.m. and midnight Thursday. When he looked out his window he saw multiple police and sheriff’s cars with their lights flashing, he said.

He said he opened his door, looked out and saw a body lying in the parking space outside the townhouse at 3033 White Cloud Circle.

The owner of the property is listed as Stanley Edward Thompson, according to Wake County land records. Another neighbor said the person who lived there was named Stan.

McCrickard said a fire occurred after the shooting and that he saw billowing black smoke.

McCrickard said that after looking out his front door and realizing a shooting had occurred, he and his family retreated to the attic of their townhouse to wait until it was safe.

“I am from D.C. and I have seen scenes like this before,” he said. “I wanted to make sure we were safe in case there was more shooting.”

The townhouses back up to a wooded area with a small creek. The community’s pool and lighted tennis courts are about 100 yards away through the woods and across a parking lot.

“We never expected anything like this to happen here,” McCrickard said. “We’ve all lived here a long time. We don’t know what happened. We want to know what happened.”

Police have not provided details of the incident, including who fired shots or how many shots were fired.

The News & Observer called the Apex police’s public information officer on his cell phone and office phone multiple times and did not hear back. The N&O also requested all 911 calls and radio traffic related to Thursday night’s incident.

“We were just going about our business, enjoying the night and I heard five or six what sounded like gunshots, firecrackers, something like that,” neighbor Jerry Hines told News & Observer’s news partner ABC11. “And then it was just a barrage of 10, 12, 15 police cars.”

On Saturday night a Raleigh police officer fatally shot a man at a shopping center near the intersection of New Bern Avenue and North Rogers Lane.

In a five-day report, Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown said Soheil Antonio Mojarrad advanced on the officer with a knife and did not heed orders to stop and drop the weapon. An attorney for Mojarrad’s family said he was shot eight times and that the majority of shots did not enter the front of his body.