No dangerous blue-green algae or toxin in Cary’s Bond Lake, officials say

The toxin that kills dogs is not in Bond Lake, state and local officials said Tuesday.

The type of algae that produces a toxin that can be dangerous to dogs was found in the lake in late May, the town said in a news release. However, tests of the water at the time showed no toxin. The algal bloom is gone.

A statement from algal ecologist Leigh Stevenson of the state Department of Environmental Quality that was included in the news release said signs were posted around the lake in late May when the blue-green algae was blooming, warning of the possible risk to people and pets.

The lake was sampled again for blue-green algae on June 13, Stevenson wrote. No algae was visible and none was found in the samples. The warning signs were removed, the statement said. If the blue-green algae appears again, DEQ will test the water, the statement said.

Cary said in its news release that boating is allowed in Bond Lake, but people and pets aren’t supposed to get in it.

Three dogs died last week after playing in a pond in Wilmington that was contaminated with toxic algae, McClatchy reported.