Bring your antiques, collectibles to “Reclamation Roadshow” in Pittsboro Sunday

Chris DiGiovanna
Chris DiGiovanna

When Chris DiGiovanna’s dad gave him a $10 garage-sale Barbie for his new consignment business, DiGiovanna never expected the doll to be worth much.

Within a few months, he had sold the 1959 No. 2 brunette Barbie for $3,938.

On Sunday, DiGiovanna will appraise items from 1:30 to 4 p.m. at Reclamation Home Furnishings’ free “Reclamation Roadshow” at 102 Hillsboro St. in downtown Pittsboro.

DiGiovanna, 33, runs a home-based consignment business out of Pittsboro. He’s done roadshows before and enjoys the interesting things people bring in.

“It’s kind of fun to see what people have hidden away in their homes,” he said.

Even though most items DiGiovanna appraises are “fairly common,” there are always a few with an interesting history that stand out.

“A lot of the appeal of doing these roadshow events is it’s a little bit like treasure hunting,” he said. “And people really enjoy the stories behind the items.”

During the event, people can bring in one item for DiGiovanna to appraise. He’ll have a laptop and a reference book to research the history and approximate value of any unfamiliar items.

While waiting for their turn, people can enjoy light refreshments or shop.

‘Fresh vintage’

Reclamation Home Furnishings is a vintage home décor and collectibles shop.

Owner Elyse Rowley says she got the idea for the shop’s first “Reclamation Roadshow” from PBS’s popular “Antiques Roadshow” program.

Rowley and her four business partners she rents space to decided a roadshow would help promote the store.

“A lot of times people associate antique shops with dark, musty places, and our shop is not like that,” Rowley said.

She tries to capture her personal tagline, “fresh vintage,” through Reclamation Home Furnishings’ big windows, natural light and open hardwood floor.

One of Rowley’s business partners, Brenda Moore, 58, thinks the roadshow will be a fun event for the community.

“We’re crossing our fingers that it’ll be a success, and if it is then maybe we’ll do it more often,” she said.

The women at Reclamation Home Furnishings have worked with DiGiovanna before and bought and sold to his full-time eBay business.

“People that are in this business, we kind of depend on each other,” Rowley said.

DiGiovanna’s business, Trader Chris Consignments, specializes in selling valuable collectibles, jewelry, watches and estate silver.

He started his business in April 2011, only a few months before Rowley opened Reclamation Home Furnishings in June.

Rowley hopes the roadshow will boost DiGiovanna’s exposure too.

“It’s nice when small businesses can help each other,” she said.

After 30 years as an ultrasound technician, Rowley opened the shop to help fulfill her love for items with a history.

She enjoys seeing customers connect with items like she does.

Opening Reclamation Home Furnishings has also allowed her to be around antiques without filling her home with them.

“My shop is what helps me from becoming a hoarder,” she said with a chuckle.

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