Coal Ash Issue

Chatham mine owners cited for violation

State environmental regulators have cited two companies involved in converting an open-air mine in Chatham County into a lined coal-ash storage repository.

Green Meadow and Moncure Land Holdings were given a notice of violation for disturbing at least an acre of land without having a construction stormwater for the Brickhaven No. 2 mine.

A notice of deficiency was also issued to Green Meadow for clearing and grading that was done before required sediment and erosion control devices were installed.

Previously, Chatham County issued a notice of violation against the two companies for violating local ordinances.

Green Meadow has applied to the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources for a permit to allow it to receive coal ash from Duke Energy plants, for longterm storage.

The companies are required to submit a detailed report and stop work in one location, or face penalties of up to $25,000 a day for each violation.