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Cary man follows trail of Christmas lights

Naresh Giri isn’t Christian, but he loves Christmas for the lights alone.

At other times of the year, Giri said he can be found helping organize festivities in Cary for the Hindu holiday of Holi, which has its own focus on color and light.

But at this time of year, he said, he scours Cary and Morrisville, documenting the best-decorated yards with photos and videos.

“I go around the whole area,” he said.

Last week, he was videotaping Paul Lowe’s music-and-light display in Cary’s Tatton Place neighborhood. Giri said Lowe’s display isn’t the biggest he’s seen but it’s still one of the most impressive in the area.

Even though he’s a Hindu, Giri said, he has an eye for this kind of thing. He even decorates his own house for Christmas.

“I love all the festivals,” he said. “They all have the same message of happiness and celebration.”