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Broadwell running for House seat

Former Town Councilwoman Margaret Broadwell, has filed for the N.C. House District 40 seat that represents parts of Morrisville, Wake Forest and Raleigh.

Broadwell, 65, a Democrat, will face off against four-term incumbent Marilyn Avila, a Republican.

Members of the local Democratic caucus and current lawmakers reached out to Broadwell and asked her to run, she said.

“I’ve been a lifelong Democrat,” she said. “While I don’t agree with either party 100 percent, I’m more closely aligned and always expected to be a Democrat. Being elected would give me a greater opportunity to handle issues that affect Morrisville residents and their families on different issues than local government addresses.”

Broadwell said she is most passionate about education, veteran affairs and biomedical research.

“One thing I would love to be able to accomplish is to get more funding for biomedical research,” Broadwell said. “It’s a huge important field for so many families and so many individuals who suffer with various types of illnesses.”

Both of Broadwell’s parents served in the military during World War II. Her father served for the United States, and her mother was a medical transcriber for England.

“I support the armed forces and all the veterans’ issues and whatever we can do at the state level,” she said.

Broadwell served on and off on the Morrisville Town Council since 1984. She became Morrisville’s first female mayor in 1995.

In December, she lost her re-election bid for the District 4 seat to Vicki Scroggins-Johnson.

Broadwell is the co-owner of Leather-Wraps, a business that imports leather shawls from Ecuador.

She isn’t the only former Morrisville council member who has sought higher office. Former at-large Town Councilman Tom Murry won the N.C. House District 41 seat in 2010.

“I’m willing to take up the challenge, and I would like the privilege of serving the citizens of this state,” Broadwell said. “If it’s meant to be, it will be, and I will work hard to make sure it comes about.”