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Couple seemed in love before stabbing incident, former neighbor says

Jason Vern Greenlee and Stephanie Cary appeared to be the loving parents of a 3-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son when they moved into a Clayton subdivision nearly a year ago.

Gloria Drolet said Greenlee seemed to really love Cary.

“He was so sweet to her,” Drolet, their former neighbor at Dancing Shoes Court in Clayton said Wednesday.

Drolet said the couple had financial problems that resulted in their furniture being repossessed. Last month, the couple was evicted from the Clayton home.

Greenlee and Cary had been living in a Cary apartment for less than a week when their neighbors on Sunday watched in horror as Cary was stabbed and assaulted in front the two children, police reported.

Police said Greenlee held his family at knifepoint before an emergency response team forced its way into the apartment and placed him under arrest. He remained in custody Wednesday at the Wake County Jail under $3 million bail, a jail spokesman said.

Greenlee, 30, of 105-W Ribbon Lane, is charged with one count of attempted first-degree murder and one count of first-degree kidnapping.

Cary was stabbed, said Maj. Tony Godwin with the Cary police.

Drolet said Greenlee worked a couple of part-time jobs, at Wal Mart and as a truck driver at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Cary started working at the airport about a month ago. Greenlee was quiet, while Cary was “restless” and missed her hometown in Wisconsin.

“Jason told me now that they were both working at the airport they were able to get free flight tickets,” Drolet said. “Stephanie could visit home whenever she wanted to.”

Something broke in the couple’s relationship over the weekend.

A neighbor called an emergency dispatcher at 5:44 a.m. Sunday from an apartment on Ribbon Lane at the Amberwood Apartments at Lochmere.

The caller asked the dispatcher to send the police because her neighbors were yelling that a man who had recently moved into an apartment was trying to kill a woman, according to a copy of the 911 recording from the Cary Police Department.

“All I can hear is them screaming,” the caller told the dispatcher. “Somebody is screaming, ‘He’s trying to kill her. He’s got a knife.’”

Minutes later, excited voices are heard in the background.

“He’s doing what?” the 911 caller asked to her neighbors. “He’s stabbing her.”

The 911 caller later told the dispatcher that the woman told her assailant, “You hit me in my head.”

Stephanie Cary’s cousin, Patrina Lawin Cary, was in the apartment, but managed to get out. The 911 caller told the dispatcher that the right side of Patrina Cary’s face was bloodied.

“She’s my cousin,” Patrina Cary said to the 911 caller. “He’s going to kill her.”

Both children were released uninjured early in the standoff, according to police reports.

Cary returned to the apartment Wednesday morning to pack. She and the children are moving back to Wisconsin, said a neighbor, Bashir Hicks, who helped her move.

Cary told Hicks that she was attacked with a pair of scissors. She had a slash on her hand that required six stitches, along with cuts on her face and ear.