Cary News

Crime Notes: May 9


• Uri Sanchez Juarez, a Cary man, is accused of strangling a woman and throwing her into a child who was already on the ground late Thursday. The alleged domestic violence resulted in non-life-threatening injuries to the woman, and a felony assault and misdemeanor child abuse charge for Juarez, 24.

• Cary police discovered more than $5,000 worth of fragrances and $5,200 worth of bras from Victoria’s Secret after an officer smelled marijuana in a Motel Six room at 1401 Buck Jones Road. Maria Pozo, 26, and Jeiner Leonardo Quintero, 25, face two counts each of felony possession of stolen goods, and Quintero faces two counts of felony identity theft and a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. The pair said they were from Los Angeles, but held Colombian passports, according to Cary police reports.

• Someone apparently stole a front-end loader from Ready-Mix Concrete Company, but didn’t get far. The CSX railroad company found the $25,000 machine tipped over on the railway just 500 feet from the back of Ready-Mix’s facility at 331 Reedy Creek Road. It was easy to track the 13-ton vehicle back to Ready-Mix thanks to the track it left. Police have made no arrests in the case; they found no signs of tampering with the machine or of a break-in attempt at the site. The incident occurred sometime before Saturday morning.

• Police received a report of a forced-entry burglary on the 400 block of Panorama View Loop that occurred between April 28 and May 4.

Compiled by staff writer Andrew Kenney