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Grace Christian School has a close-knit group of graduates

When Grace Christian School seniors made their final steps at the school Friday night, they didn’t leave empty-handed.

They came out of the graduation ceremony with a diploma, fond memories and friends that would last a lifetime. The 32 seniors shared a close bond; many had been friends since grade school.

Valedictorian Lauren Christian managed to make time for friends even with a challenging academic schedule.

“The academics are very strong and competitive,” she said. “But the school really provided a family atmosphere with a lot of support to help us grow as a class. Everyone is really close. It doesn’t matter what group or clique you’re in – we’re all friends.”

Christian will be attending UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall. She plans on becoming an Air Force intelligence officer. “I’m a little nervous about my speech,” she admitted. “I practiced a lot, so I think I’m ready."

Senior Robert Hauser has been attending GCS since first grade. His parents sent him to the school after his older sister left the public school system. “I was just along for the ride,” he said.

Hauser will be attending UNC Chapel Hill next year. “I feel like Grace has prepared me well,” he said. “I never thought it would be a good thing to have so much homework. But it really taught me how to manage my time.”